A harsh, chesty cough echoed through the OSP centre for the seventh time in three minutes and the team had had enough. They had been listening to the stupid cough for a week now and they knew that they had to take action now. Sitting and waiting for her to take action herself was not an option anymore.

"Alright, that's it!" Callen said, throwing his pen down and turning his chair to face the woman in which the cough belonged to, "you are going to the doctors right now."

"I'm fine!" Kensi replied before breaking into another fit of chesty coughs.

"Sure." Sam said, also siding with Callen.

"I am!" Kensi replied indignantly.

"Nope. We are going right now. Let's go!" Callen instructed as he put all his paperwork into a pile on his desk and stood up, showing her he meant it.

"You can go if you wish, but I'm not." Kensi replied confidently as she turned back to her paperwork and was engulfed in another coughing fit.

"Kens. You cannot keep going like this! You have been sick for over a week now and you are only getting worse – especially that pesky cough of yours!" Callen attempted to reason with the defiant junior agent.

"It's just your basic, not-to-worry-about cold G. I'm getting better and I have hardly been that sick! You boys are over-exaggerating!" Kensi replied as she kept changing her eye contact between the two men in the bullpen before returning to her mound of paperwork.

Callen and Sam looked at each other and realised that this battle was lost. They were not going to get her to the doctors; unless they pulled a fast one on her. Communicating through their eyes, Callen and Sam quickly "discussed" a plan of action to get their sick team mate to the doctors.

Giving Sam a quick nod, the plan was put into action as Sam walked quickly – but quietly – over to the sick agent and without a second thought pulled her out of her chair and over his shoulder.

"SAM! PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!" Kensi yelled as she banged her fists into his back whilst kicking and trying to get out of his grip.

"Ready?" Sam asked casually as if he didn't have a screaming, yelling, squirming human on his shoulder.

"Lead the way!" Callen replied, also very casually as he followed Sam and the extremely annoyed Kensi out to where their cars were parked.

"They didn't get Kensi to the doctors, did they?" Nate asked Hetty in disbelief as he observed the suddenly quiet bullpen.

"They did, they just used more… elaborate… techniques." Hetty replied before walking away.

In Sam's car…

"I cannot…" Kensi paused as she lapsed into a coughing fit, "… believe you just did that!" Kensi complained angrily as she coughed once more. Her coughing was dramatically getting worse and worse and the boys were glad that they were on their way to the doctors. Eric had texted them saying a doctor was waiting for them, Hetty's doing. Of course.

"Believe it. Because it really did just happen." Sam replied, as he briefly looked into the rear view mirror to quickly glance at the junior agent sitting in the back with Callen next to her. Sam had shoved her in the backseat with Callen next to her so if she tried to pull some kind of stunt he would be able to stop her. Sam also locked all doors and windows electronically which meant Kensi could not 'subtly' break out of her car prison. She was stuck.

Kensi's reply came in a string of nasty sounding coughs.

As they arrived at the doctors, the defiant Kensi was stubborn yet again. Sam and Callen swore they had a three year old in the back that was not at all happy about getting needles.

"Kens. We have an appointment and you can't be late. C'mon, scoot your butt outta the car!" Callen attempted.

"Okay, I'll be waiting here. Have fun at your doctor's appointment boys!" Kensi replied with a huge grin and little wave.

"Kensi Marie Blye. You are sick and you need to go to the doctors. You are here so let's go! The quicker you go the quicker we can leave!" Callen replied getting frustrated. Maybe it was a good thing he would never settle down to have kids?

"G. Callen. How about I'm fine and no!" Kensi replied as she stayed where she was with her arms crossed across her chest. She knew she probably should go to the doctors because she could not stop coughing but that would mean admitting weakness, something she could not afford to do in an environment majority made up of guys, and besides, she didn't take medication, hadn't since her Father died and that's all the doctors could do so really it was a waste of time being here!

"I'll buy you a box of your favourite donuts?" Callen said in an attempt to persuade her.

"I'll buy you a life so you don't have to keep your nose in mine." Kensi retorted easily.

"Alright, that's it. I give up." Callen said as he stepped away from the car and looked at Sam who received the message loud and clear.

"Good. So can we – Hey! Put me down! Seriously Sam? Second time today?" Kensi asked in protest as Sam had quickly opened the door she was closer to and pulled her out and threw her over his shoulder like he had done earlier that morning.

"Right?" Sam asked Callen, ignoring the hitting and yelling and threatening coming from the woman strewed across his shoulder.

"Yep. Let's go." Callen replied as he locked the car and walked into the doctors with Sam and Kensi.

As they walked into the doctors, they got weird looks from everyone that they passed but ignored them as they walked up to the reception.

"We are here for an appointment for Kensi Blye." Callen said to the receptionist.

"Ummm… Sorry, I can't find her name on here. Are you sure?" The receptionist asked after a few moments of typing.

As Callen was about to respond he was interrupted,

"It's okay, Karlee. Boys, you can follow me." The doctor said as he motioned for them to follow him as he headed down the hallway to his office. He looked to be in his mid-fifties; a kind man, with greying hair and wrinkles that showed a life time of happiness with an undertone of stress from his profession.

"How may I help you boys? I heard a certain Miss has been rather sick for the past week but has refused to get a professional opinion?" The doctor said with a smirk as he sat down behind his desk.

"You heard correctly." Sam replied as carefully placed Kensi down on one of the chairs as Callen sat in the other one and Sam stood behind the two chairs.

"Kensi, what's the problem?" The doctor asked kindly.

"There is no problem." Kensi replied smugly as she lapsed into another coughing fit and then crossed her arms, obvious she wasn't happy she was there.

"Uh-huh. Let's say I be the judge of that." The doctor replied, smiling at the difficult patient as he stood up and walked towards Kensi, "Come and sit on the bed."

Kensi obliged after Sam and Callen pulled her up and gave her a push towards the bed in which she reluctantly sat on.

The doctor then proceeded to do a standard check-up: breathing, heartbeat, ears, temperature, blood-pressure, etc.

Once the doctor finished, he sat back down at his desk as Kensi retreated back to her original chair.

"Kensi, I can't be 100% sure so I'm going to send you off to get some scans of your chest but it looks like you have pneumonia." The doctor said gravely as he filled out a scan form.

"What does that mean?" Callen asked the doctor, concerned at the possible diagnoses.

"If it is, it will mean plenty of bed rest, water and medication, but let's first concentrate on getting the diagnosis 100% correct, shall we? If you go left and then follow the hallway down to the end and then turn right you will find the place where Kensi can get her scan done. Once you have the images, just wait in the seats just outside and we can then look at the results and discuss a diagnosis." The doctor instructed as he stood up and opened the door for the trio.

"Thanks Doc." Sam said as they headed down the hallway for the scan, Callen and Kensi just in front of him.

"Do I have to get the scan done?" Kensi asked as they were walking down the hallway.

"Yes, we need to know how sick you are so you can get better." Callen replied, grabbing her hand and giving it a squeeze, "And so you can get rid of your pesky cough! It's driving me insane!" Callen added, smirking. She was now constantly coughing all the time and it was driving both the boys up the wall.

"Well do you want me to breathe?" Kensi asked in response with a twinkle in her eye.

"No. I want you to hold your breath for the rest of your life." Callen replied easily as he opened the door for her and they walked into the office together, neither letting go of each other's hands.

30 minutes later, the trio were back in the doctor's office waiting for the results of the tests.

"I have looked over the results." The doctor started, as he clasped his hands together on top of his desk, "I'm afraid it isn't the best news, Kensi."

The trio looked at each other before looking back at the doctor expectantly, the minds automatically thinking of the worst possible scenario.

"These test results show that my earlier diagnosis was indeed correct. You have a severe case of pneumonia. To be honest, it is a miracle that you are here breathing on your own! I'm not sure how all the results and tests show your pneumonia to be at such a mature level but you are breathing as you are!" The doctor exclaimed.

"What does this mean?" Callen asked.

"Bed rest and lots of it! Normally patients with severe pneumonia are hospitalised but you seem to be doing okay on your own. However, if you take a turn for the worst you need to go to the hospital immediately. For now, I do not want you out of your bed, plenty of water and taking your medication that I am prescribing you. Try to sleep as much as you can as well. It is the quickest way for your body to recover."

"No. Please. What about desk duty? I'll be at a desk all day. It will be just like being in a bed!" Kensi begged.

"Mmm, Henrietta did warn me you would be a difficult one to summon away from the office but my original answer stands. Really, you should be in hospital so I would be counting my blessings if I were you. No work, no desk duty, no nothing. Sleep, bed, water, medicine. I would like to see you in a week and we shall see how you are. From there we will dictate when you can return to work." The doctor concluded as he stood indicating his word was final.

"Thank-you for your time doctor." Sam said as he shook hands with the doctor and received the prescription for Kensi's medication.

"No problem. I'll give Henrietta a buzz now to fill her in on the results and other requirements. I shall see you in a week." The doctor said as he shook Callen's hand.

"Kens, you heard the doctor. Bed!" Callen said sternly as he tried to get the difficult agent to rest.

"Is that an offer?" Kensi asked, wiggling her eyebrows before collapsing into another coughing fit.

"Now." Callen replied as he gave her a little push towards her bedroom as Sam went to the kitchen to get her medication.

"Fine, fine. I'm going!" Kensi said exasperated. She didn't want to go to bed; she didn't need to go to bed! She just had a pesky cough that everyone was over-reacting about! She should be at work, chasing down bad guys and saving the day not going to bed, sleeping and taking some disgusting, stupid medicine!

As Kensi was getting into bed, Sam came in with her medicine which with combined efforts from both men, they managed to get Kensi to take the medication as prescribed.

"Sleep Kens, we'll see you in a little bit, okay? Just try to rest as much as you can!" Callen said as he started to walk out of her room after giving her a light kiss on her forehead.

"Yeah." Kensi replied sounding dejected.

"Hey, the more you rest, the quicker you can get back to work!" Callen replied with a smirk that managed to get a small laugh out of Kensi before he quietly closed the door and retreated to Kensi's couch.

The next day, Sam honked the horn out to indicate to Callen he was waiting to take him to work.

"Kens, you need to stay in bed today, okay? Sleep lots, take your medication and Sam and I will be back tonight to check on you. If you need anything at all, and I mean anything just call me. I can be here before you know it." Callen lectured. Kensi had had little sleep the night before because of all her coughing and Hetty had said that someone was to stay with her that night to make sure she was okay which meant that Callen, who had volunteered to stay, had little sleep also.

"Yeah, yeah. Got it, G. Go. Work! Have fun!" Kensi replied sadly with a hint of frustration.

"Won't be too long and you'll be joining us again." Callen replied with a smile before placing a quick kiss on her forehead. "See you later, Kens." Callen said over his shoulder as he walked out of her bedroom and out of her apartment to Sam who was waiting in his car.

"See ya." Kensi replied under her breath to the now closed door as she rolled over in her bed to get comfy before succumbing to dream land once again, determined to get better quickly.

It was around 1 o'clock in the afternoon when Kensi Blye had had enough of bed rest, medication and water. Actually, scratch that, rest and water. She hates being on medication so she 'forgot' to take them. She doesn't need them. Getting out of bed, she got changed, grabbed all her work gear and keys and walked out of the house. She knew she wasn't allowed to work but she was going stir crazy at home and besides, she didn't feel sick. She just had an annoying cough that drove everyone crazy! Of course, the same cough was also driving her crazy. She couldn't do anything without coughing every two seconds.

Arriving at OSP's, Kensi attempted to get rid of all her coughing in the car so we she showed up they had no reason to send her home. She, however, forgot about her little 'family', especially the two male field agents that were extremely over protective towards her. She also forgot how they would not let her stay at work no matter how much she protested she was better and didn't need to stay at home.

"Kensi Marie Blye, get your butt back in your car and drive yourself home." Callen said as he heard her enter the bullpen. He knew she would come in; he just didn't think it would be today. Tomorrow, probably, hence why he was going to hide the keys then. Not that she wouldn't hot wire the car, but it would take her a sufficient time longer with her coughing every two seconds whilst doing it.

"I'm fine, G. Serious!" Kensi replied as she swallowed a cough. Not now you don't!

"The doctor said bed rest for a minimum of a week. You are to follow that to the letter!" Callen replied, looking up from his laptop where he was working.

"But there is no need when I am all better!" Kensi said as she dropped her bag and sat down at her desk, indicating to her team she wasn't going anywhere.

"But you're not! I can hear your wheeze from her, stop covering your cough and go home!" Sam said, entering the conversation and siding with his partner.

"Really? You're going to gang up on me again?" Kensi replied, sounding angry.

"Miss Blye. I thought the doctor made it very clear that it was bed rest for you for the next week." Hetty said as she came into the bull pen and spoke before Callen or Sam could respond.

"Hetty." Kensi reasoned as she turned in her chair away from Callen to now face their tiny, but terrifying leader, "I'm all good. No cough, no nothing."

"How much longer until I have to call the ambulance because you have passed out from loss of oxygen?" Hetty coolly replied.

All she got in response was a glare from Kensi and two smirks from Callen and Sam.

"For goodness sakes child! Cough! And then Mr Callen and Mr Hanna are going to escort you home." Hetty declared as she turned and walked back out of the bullpen.

Sam and Callen just looked at Kensi expectantly,

"I don't need to cough." Kensi replied, giving each one of the boys a cold stare.

"Yep. Sure, Kens. We'll believe you –" Callen was saying before he was interrupted by a loud, chesty cough that echoed around OSP.

"There it is. Feel better now?" Callen replied with a smirk.

"No." Kensi replied stubbornly, "And wipe that stupid smirk off your face!"

Laughing, Callen and Sam stood up as they quickly packed up their things.

"Ready, Kensi?" Sam asked as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

"Fine." Kensi replied grumpily as she also stood and grabbed her bag, dragging it along the floor, before heading out of the bull pen with her two partners in toe.

As they got into the car park, Callen grabbed Kensi's bag she was still dragging along the floor before also grabbing her hand to guide her to another car.

"My car, not yours." He said simply.

"Why? You guys just follow me home?" Kensi replied, slightly confused.

"Nope. Your car is staying here, keys please. In case I have to move it or anything." Callen said as he held out his hand.

"Fine." Kensi replied as she unhappily placed her car keys in his hand before he grabbed her hand once more and lead her to his car.

"Follow us there?" Callen called to his partner who was unlocking the door to his challenger.

With a nod of the head, Callen unlocked his car and climbed in as Kensi mimicked his actions.

"Bed young lady." Callen instructed firmly as the trio walked into Kensi's apartment.

"Can I get a drink of water first, please?" Kensi asked innocently and sweetly, something extremely "Out Of Character" for her.

"Bed. Oldest trick in the book Kens, I have kids. I know." Sam said immediately as he pointed towards her bedroom.

"What happens if I really am thirsty?" Kensi asked, stalling. Why was she stalling? Good question. Kensi was trying to figure that out herself but she didn't feel sick, she just had an annoying cough that made it hard for her to breathe and stole all her energy! She didn't need to go to bed; she should be fighting bad guys! So in her unhappiness, Kensi decided to stall for the 'LOL's' of it.

"You get water when you have your tablets. Get changed for bed and I'll get your medication." Callen said as he watched Kensi unhappily walk towards her bedroom before walking to her kitchen in search of her medication and a glass of water.

"She's never going to get better, damn her stubbornness." Callen said under his breath as he held up the sheet of tablets showing clearly she had missed a couple of doses.

"Miss her, G?" Sam asked with a wink, despite the fact he was as annoyed as Callen was about her missing her medication. When will she learn not to mess around with her health?

"Of course! I'm stuck with you!" Callen replied with a smirk.

"You know you love me!" Sam replied.

"I'm sorry I have indicated that to you!" Callen responded, but before Sam could rebuke Kensi came out in her PJ's looking at the two men,

"Do I need to give you two a moment before calling the marriage counsellor?" Kensi asked as she strode over the couch and sat down.

"Nice try, bed!" Callen said, turning to look at his favourite agent sitting coolly on her couch.

"Seriously, G. You want me in bed that much I think you actually want to join me!" Kensi replied easily, wasting time like a pro.

"I thought I was married?" Callen replied with a smirk.

"It's called an affair, duh!" Kensi replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Callen and Sam just looked at each other, shaking their heads before Callen asked his partner,

"Do you want to do the honours?"

"It would be my pleasure!" Sam replied rubbing his hands together to warm them up.

"Hon-honours? Guuuys… What are you doing?" Kensi asked worried, as she watched Sam slowly approach her.

Before either male agent could reply, Sam once again lifted Kensi with ease and hoisted her over his shoulder as he walked towards her bedroom.

"Sam! Put me down this instant! What is with you lifting me like this everywhere?!" Kensi yelled, smashing her fists into Sam's back but it did nothing.

Gently, Sam lowered Kensi onto her bed and then proceeded to pull the covers over her and tuck her in tightly so she couldn't move or get out of the bed as if she was his six-year-old daughter. Kissing her head gently, Sam whispered to her,

"Sleep tight, my little Kensi." Before walking out of the room as Callen walked in.

Callen crouched down by the side of the bed where Kensi's head was currently lying so he could talk to her,

"You missed some medication today Kens. Not good if you want to get better as soon as possible." Callen lectured her gently as he put the sheet of tablets and water on her bed side table before looking her in the eyes. She knew that was about as much as she was going to get about the matter, but she knew he was disappointed in her and that hurt and made her regret her actions. She hated it when her 'brothers' were mad or disappointed in her.

"Sorry G." Kensi whispered back. She felt like she was 15 again when she got pneumonia and her dad had the same struggles Sam and Callen were facing now to get her to take her medication and rest up. She remembers the day where her dad had had enough of her mucking around and delaying time to go to bed, similar to what she had done just before, and he also picked her up and carried her to her bed before also tucking her in tightly, giving her a soft kiss on her head before whispering 'Sleep tight baby girl' and walking quietly out of the room. He was murdered two months later. Ever since then, whenever Kensi had been sick she did what she wanted because she had no one looking after her, no one caring about whether she slept the proper amount or took her medication or anything like that.

Thinking back to the similarity between her dad and Sam and Callen, Kensi's eye's started to well up with tears without her permission and started cascading down her face before she could stop them.

"Hey, hey, shh… it's okay, Kens, it's okay." Callen said worried at her sudden tears as he wiped her tears away and caressed her cheek.

"Sorry, it's just no one has cared about me this much since my dad died. Whenever I got sick after he was murdered, no one cared how much sleep I got or if I took my medication or not so I didn't." Kensi whispered as she blinked to try to get rid of the final tears.

"Of course we care about you Kens, Sam and I, we love you more than anything in this world and when you are sick or hurt it breaks our heart and we just want you to be healthy again. We do all of this because we care and we love you and we want our Bad-Ass-Blye back." Callen replied softly, continuing to caress her cheek.

"Thanks G." Kensi replied, sniffing.

"Here, take your medication and then get some sleep. Sam and I will be right outside if you need anything. Hetty already gave us the rest of the day off since 'business' is slow." Callen said as he untucked her a little so she could sit up to take her medication before handing her a couple of tablets and a glass of water and answered her unasked question.

"Okay…" Kensi answered as she slid back down to original position of lying on her side and facing Callen who sitting on the floor next to her bed facing her, "G…"

"It's okay, I won't leave until you are asleep and then we will be right out there so if you need anything just shout and we'll come." Callen said with a smile as he grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Thanks." Kensi replied as she closed her suddenly heavy lids and attempted to fall into dream land. She was unsure as to why she wanted Callen to stay in her room until she fell asleep but bringing up the memory of dad and then openly crying about it was a first for her and being so open made her want human contact more than normal. It also made her feel vulnerable but whenever Callen was there, she felt safe.

A week later, Kensi, Sam, and Callen were back in the doctor's office waiting for the results of her tests that she re-took to see if her pneumonia was gone or at least gotten better. Her coughing decreased dramatically on the third day, after Hetty ensured that someone was with her at all times to look after her, to give her her medication and what not. Most of the time it was Callen with her, and he stayed every night. But Sam came in during the day sometimes if Callen had to go into work; Eric, Nate, and even Hetty had their turn as well but now the moment of truth had arrived.

"Okay, so I just looked over the results of the tests you just took, Kensi, and there is a massive improvement in the lung area." Doctor Kennett said as he pointed to the two scans, one of them a week old, the other minutes old, "If you compare the two you can see the amount of mucus and infection that has decreased dramatically and is almost none existent."

"So what does this mean?" Kensi asked, getting a bit excited at the news that she could most likely return to work.

"This means, my little bumblebee, that you may return to work tomorrow. I am going to request desk work only though for the first week because this is a crucial time for your body in the healing process. During this next week, you are almost 100% better but your immune system is still quite weak from the antibiotics and other drugs you were on and from fighting the infection. If you can get through the next week without relapsing then you can return to the field the week after. I trust you boys keep an eye out for relapsing?" The doctor asked looking at Callen and Sam.

"Absolutely." Callen replied.

"Good. Now, Kensi I want you to take some probiotics for the next month as they repair the damage the antibiotics have caused to your stomach and help you to not get sick, I also need you to start taking multi-vitamins. They help you not to get sick as well and strengthen your immune system. You should be taking multi-vitamins daily from now on." The doctor concluded as he signed the prescriptions and stood.

"Thank-you for your time, doctor." Sam said, shaking the doctor's hand.

"Thank-you." Callen said, shaking the doctor's hand after Sam.

"No problems, and Kensi," The doctor started as he handed her the prescriptions, "I mean this in the most polite way possible but I hope I don't have to see you again."

"Me too. Thank you" Kensi replied with a big smile on her face at the good news as the trio walked out of the doctor's office and towards the front door.

"Aww, who are we going to babysit now?" Callen asked with a wink as he slung his arm around Kensi's shoulder and gave her a brotherly hug. He was also super happy with the news.

"Who knows, she might relapse." Sam said with a wink as he unlocked his car.

"Hey! Don't jinx it!" Kensi replied, punching Sam's shoulder and climbing into the back seat of his car.

"Would never think of doing such a thing!" Sam replied with a smile.

And the truth is, he wouldn't. But whenever someone is sick, and it generally is Kensi, the team know they will be there for each other 100% of the way because that is what families do.

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