Their Little Trouble Maker

It was a warm afternoon, the sun was shining bright and there was not a cloud in the sky. Kensi Blye was enjoying the rare warmth of the sun as she walked to get the team's lunch. It was her turn to get the lunch and due to no active cases Kensi decided to walk there. She had decided on gourmet pies from a local café, a decision she hoped the team would accept more gracefully than Deeks' lunch choice yesterday of peanut butter and jam or whatever that sandwich was called.

As she approached the café, Kensi decided to put in her order for the pies and then get some ice-cream from the 711 up the road from the cafe while she waited.

Walking into the 711 she noticed that there was only one other person in the store, whom was standing at the check-out. Not really caring, Kensi made her way to the back of the store where the ice-cream was and picked out her favourite tub of 'Rocky-Road' that came with a special spoon before making her way to the check-out where the man still was.

As she got closer she noticed the man was holding a gun and whispering to the owner, who was understandably scared out of his mind. As the robber turned slightly he noticed Kensi standing there.

"How'd you get in here?" He asked roughly.

"Through the door." Kensi replied automatically, without thinking. She should be careful not to anger him.

"You think you're funny?" He asked getting annoyed as Kensi realised he didn't hear or see her enter the shop in the first place.

"Yeah I do. Federal Agent; drop the gun." Kensi said sternly as she held up her gun with one hand and inched her way closer to the man, all without dropping her special package. There were now only a couple of metres between them as he had been too distracted by her presence to notice she had been subtly moving closer the whole time.

"Huh, good joke honey." The man replied, obviously unhappy that now he had two witnesses instead of the original one.

"Do not call me 'honey'!" Kensi almost yelled in anger. Pet names from criminals or people that she didn't know were one of her pet peeves, and this was no exception. Dropping her bundle, she quickly knocked his gun away and kicked him in the family jewels. As he bent down in pain, Kensi took the opportunity to knee him in the back to get him on the floor, face first, before grabbing his arms and placed them behind his back.

As she was about to handcuff him, however, LAPD swarmed through the store, making their presence known.

"LAPD! Slide your gun towards me and then stand up and turn around. Put your hands where I can see them!" The head of the group yelled.

"I'm with NCIS, I've got this." Kensi replied, not moving from the man.

"Gun on the floor and hands where I can see them now! Now!" He yelled back not believing her.

"Fine!" Kensi replied as she complied with his orders.

"Scott, cuff the guy on the floor. I've got this pretty thing." The man in charge, who still hadn't revealed his name, instructed as he put his gun away and walked towards Kensi.

"Once again, I'm with NCIS. My name is Special Agent Kensi Blye." Kensi said exasperated.

"Oh yeah? Then where is your badge and ID?" He asked cockily.

"I dropped my badge and ID when I left work to get lunch for my team." Kensi replied. She realised half-way to the shops that she had dropped her badge but didn't think it would matter. Of course the one day she forgets it is the one day she needs it most.

"Nice try. Hands behind your back." He ordered as he roughly grabbed Kensi's arms and tightly put the cuffs around her wrist. After he took her phone and gun he led her outside. Once she was beside a cop car he started to quiz her,

"Who's your partner then?"

"LAPD-NCIS liaison; Detective Marty Deeks."

"Nice try, honey. But he swore never to work with a female partner again after his last one was killed. So tell me, why are you faking to be federal agent? Or better yet, why are you carrying a gun?"

"I'm not and a) because I AM a federal agent, we all carry guns and b) its L.A. that's reason enough." Kensi replied being a bit smart with him.

"Let's say I believe you, who's your team leader?"

"Special Agent G. Callen."

"Special Agent G. Callen, hmm. Well let's see, I'll just give him a call then and see what he says." He said as he got the number from Kensi's phone and dialled it in his own.

"Sure, go ahead." Kensi replied smugly. She was over the entire situation, all she wanted was to get her food and then pick up the stupid pies. Then eat and watch TV for the rest of the day. The team was never letting her live this one down.


"Is this Special Agent G. Callen?"

"Who is this?"

"Head Detective Joseph Lloyd, LAPD. Do you have an agent missing from your team?"

"Define missing."

"Not there."

"I have an agent picking up our lunch, how does this concern you?"

"What is the agent's name?"

"Special Agent Kensi Blye. Seriously man, what's your angle?"

"I have your agent under arrest for assault on a civilian; I need you down here straight away."

"Where are you?"

"711 on Parkers Street, know the place?"

"I'll be there in 5."

"Who was that?" Sam asked when Callen hung up his phone.

"LAPD Head Detective Joseph Lloyd, know him Deeks? Callen asked as he stood up from his desk and grabbed his phone, badge, gun, and keys.

"Yeah, kind of. Not my biggest fan but haven't really had much to do with him either." Deeks replied confused, "Why do you want to know about him?"

"He just rang me, he has Kensi under arrest. I don't think he believes she is a Federal Agent for some reason." Callen replied as he walked past Kensi's desk as Sam and Deeks stood up, grabbed their things and began to follow him, "Hold up. This would be why."

"Why he doesn't believe her?" Sam questioned his partner.

"Yeah, she dropped her badge and ID." Callen replied as he picked it up and continued to walk out of the bull pen and towards their cars.

"She really is our little trouble maker, isn't she?" Sam asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"She certainly is Sam, she certainly is." Callen replied smirking at his and Sam's nickname for Kensi.

"Wait. How is Kensi you're little trouble maker?" Deeks asked, confused as the trio headed out towards Callen's car.

"It all happened on her first day at NCIS…"

"Mr. Callen, Mr. Hanna; I would like you to meet your new team member, Miss Kensi Blye. Miss Blye, Mr. G. Callen, your team leader and Mr Sam Hanna, senior field agent." Hetty said as she walked into the bull pen with a pretty brunette behind her.

"Where did you come from?" Callen asked, sizing her up.

"Jail." She answered simply, slightly shrugging her shoulders as she looked at her two new partners.

Sam and G looked at each other, slightly confused.

"I will be in my office if you need me." Hetty said as she exited the bull pen and retreated back to her office.

"Jail, huh?" Callen asked, wanting to know the full story.

"Yeah, jail. Where do I sit?" Kensi replied, obvious she didn't want to reveal the full details of her arrest.

"Next to me." Callen replied, pointing the right hand side of his double desk.

"C'mon, Kensi, what did you do? No secrets here!" Sam tried.

"I'm sure you both have plenty secrets that you haven't shared." Kensi replied as she sat down at her desk.

"Nope. Open books we are! How are we meant to trust each other if we keep secrets?" Callen asked.

Kensi considered his answer, he had a point! She thought. Taking a deep breath, she decided to reveal to story that led to her arrest,

"It's not very interesting, but you make a point G." Kensi started, using Callen's nickname. Callen knew he was going to like her already, "I was at a bar and a couple of guys came up to me and started hitting on me, ya know pickup lines, talking dirty. Anyway, they were disgusting creeps and I have morals – I'm not easy! So I told them to get lost… several times… and when they didn't I kicked them both in the nuts. Other people whom were watching then ganged up on me and a massive bar fight started. As we were fighting, me winning of course,"

"Of course." Callen interrupted with a smirk. Smirking back at him, Kensi continued her story.

"The police turned up and arrested me because I apparently started it. Hetty got me out three days later. That's it." Kensi replied, looking at the two boys for their reactions.

"Well, aren't you a little trouble maker?" Callen asked, still smirking.

"She will always be our little trouble maker, G." Sam said, also smirking.

"Great. First day and I already have a nickname." Kensi muttered underneath her breath.

"And that is how our dear Kensi got the nickname." Callen concluded.

"She hasn't changed a bit, has she?" Deeks asked with a grin.

"Nope. And has lived up the name quite a few times. You do not know how many times we have had to bail her out of a situation, both day and night!" Sam told Deeks, thinking back to the time when Kensi started another bar fight at 3 in the morning and Sam and Callen got the call to bail her out.

"Life is never dull with the Little Trouble Maker!" Callen said as he continued to drive to the 711 to bail Kensi out, once again.

"NCIS. Joseph Lloyd called us." Callen said, flashing his badge to the LAPD cop guarding the scene.

"He's over there." The cop replied as he lifted the tape and pointed towards the front of the shop where Lloyd was talking to another cop.

"Thanks." Callen replied as the trio ducked under the rope and walked towards him.

"G. Callen?" Lloyd asked as he saw the trio approaching, Callen just ahead of the other two.

"That's me. What did she do?" Callen asked.

"Assaulted a civilian."

"Where's the civilian?"

"Over there, we are getting his version of the events as we speak."

"Did you get Kensi's?"

"Don't need to. We entered the shop with her on top of him trying to arrest him and claiming to be a fed. Got all the evidence we need."

"Yeah, okay. Where is she?"

"Over there. You can't speak to her."

"Yes we can." Callen replied as he turned and walked towards his little trouble maker, ignoring the protests of Lloyd, "Deeks?"

"On it." Deeks replied as he stepped in front of Lloyd to stop him from following Sam and Callen, "I think we need to have a little talk Lloyd, wouldn't you agree?" Deeks knew how Lloyd worked and what buttons to push to get Lloyd to follow every one of his instructions, and today was no different.

"Get lost Deeks." Lloyd replied, trying to follow and stop Sam and Callen.

"Yeah, Lloyd remember when…" Deeks said as he whispered the memory into his ear.

"What do you want to talk about Deeks?" Lloyd replied, obviously unhappy but not going past Deeks.

"Little Miss Trouble Maker has lived up to her name yet again, I see." Callen said smugly.

"Get me out of here Callen or I swear to God!" Kensi said angrily.

"Missing something?" Callen replied with a smirk, showing her her dropped badge and ID.

"So I can go?" Kensi asked, sounding relieved.

"Maybe, depends if I decided to give this to Lloyd or not." Callen said, continuing to tease the cuffed agent.

"G!" Kensi replied, getting angry and annoyed at him whilst trying to get out of the cuffs.

"Chill Kens, Deeks is talking to Lloyd now. You'll be out in no time." Callen replied as he grabbed her arms to stop her twisting in the cuffs and inflicting more injuries on herself.

"What happened, Kensi?" Sam asked.

"I was buying Rocky Road ice-cream with a special spoon when I noticed a guy with a gun talking to the owner. We got into a fight when I tried to stop him and just as I was arresting him LAPD stormed in and arrested me along with the robber saying I was lying about being a fed. Oh gosh, my food!" Kensi exclaimed in realisation that it was dropped in the store.

Callen and Sam laughed at Kensi and her worried expression of dropping her goods.

"It's okay Kens, we'll pick it up when you get out of the cuffs. And we'll pick up lunch as well – I'm starving!" Callen said, taking his arms off of her arms but staying right next to her.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that…" Kensi replied.

"What were you getting? Please be something better than Deeks supposed lunch yesterday." Sam asked.

"Yeah, gourmet pies from the café down the road. I got everyone's favourite; just have to pick it up." Kensi said

"Nice Kens! You pick well!" Sam said excitedly.

"Sam, can you pick the pies? We'll meet you at the park across the road from the café. Deeks is hopefully almost done." Callen asked.

"Sure, I'll meet you and the little trouble maker there." Sam said winking at Kensi. Kensi rolled her eyes in response.

"On behalf of the LAPD, I apologise for the confusion in this matter." Lloyd said approaching Kensi and Callen.

"Eh-hem." Deeks said, clearing his throat.

"And your name will be erased from this case so you are not connected or involved." Lloyd continued.

"Annnd…" Deeks prompted.

"And you can go. Once again I apologise." Lloyd finished as he undid the cuffs on Kensi's wrist.

"Yeah, yeah." Kensi replied, rubbing her sore wrists before looking at Lloyd like she could kill him. Callen and Deeks picked up on this look.

"Let's go, Sam's waiting with our lunch." Callen said quickly as he grabbed Kensi's hand and dragged her away from Lloyd before she killed him.

"G! My ice-cream!" Kensi said as she caught up with Callen.

"Getting it." Callen said as he turned around with Kensi's hand still in hers and walked back towards the shop.

"You know you can let go of my hand right?" Kensi asked.

"Yeah, no. 'Cause then we would have to bail you out of jail for murder and I am really not in the mood for another run in with the law today." Callen replied with a smirk, "And besides, you know it's the rules."

"Funny." Kensi replied as they reached the freezer section of the store and Callen reached in a pulled out a tub of Rocky Road ice-cream (making sure a special spoon was attached) before walking to the counter and put some money on it before walking back out.

Once after bailing Kensi out of a situation that was not completely her fault (it was probably the most ridiculous bail out the pair had to do) Kensi had tried to attack the officer in charge. Luckily, Callen saw the look and grabbed her as she started to run towards the offending man. Ever since then, whenever Kensi was bailed out she had to leave holding Callen's hand to stop her from attacking anyone. Kensi hated it because she said it made her feel like a little girl but Callen told her it's the rules and considering Sam and Callen had to drag their butts out of bed (most of the time) to bail her out she is going to obey the rules they lie down. She knew they were only looking out for her but it didn't mean she liked it. She also knew that she couldn't complain because he was right, they do drop everything to bail her butt out.

As they walked out of the scene, Deeks caught up with them.

"Where we heading?" He asked, ignoring the fact that Kensi and Callen were holding hands.

"The park; couple of hundred metres away. Sam is meeting us there with our lunch. It seems Kensi can pick a decent lunch. Unfortunately her partner is a different story…!" Callen said, sneaking a look at Deeks who was doing his infamous grin that he does when someone picks on him.

"Took your time!" Sam complained as the rest of the team approached the table he had reserved in the park.

"Forgot the trouble maker's ice-cream." Callen explained, shrugging his shoulders as he led Kensi in front of him to sit at the table across from Sam before sitting down next to her and letting go of her hand. Deeks sat next to Sam and pulled the bags containing the pies towards him to hand out everyone's.

"Here ya go Kens." Callen said, handing Kensi her ice-cream and special spoon.

"Thanks G!" Kensi said excitedly as she dug into the ice-cream.

As the team dug into their pies and Kensi her ice-cream, they spent the rest of the afternoon talking and spending time with each other before deciding to head back to OSP to finish the last hour of their day.

"Kensi, Kensi, Kensi." Sam said as he climbed into the driver's seat of the challenger.

"Our little Trouble Maker. Life would certainly be dull without her!" Callen replied, getting into the passenger's seat.

"It certainly would!" Sam agreed before starting the car and driving towards OSP, with the four of them laughing.

Because despite all the trouble Kensi seemed to cause and bring, she was like family to them and they loved her because she would always be their little trouble maker.

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