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Just a short one as I know many stories starting like this.

What happened at last. The GR had exploded and Bulma had run to Vegeta to look for him if he where injured seeing at the ruins trying to stand by himself. He just yelled at her „Get away Woman" as he knew she wanted to help him but before he could move he fainted to the ground. She run to him and brought him in the infirmity. She stayed the whole time in the infirmity and hold his hand anytime he shouted out in pain. She looked out the whole time.

She thought in here mind "Gosh, I wish I could help him, but it´s a wonder he is still alive this SAYAINS are really tough and he is so handsome when he does shut is mouth!" Shocked from herself thinking about him "the Monkey of all stupid is handsome?" she felt warm but telling herself that is such a favour she does him so that he might not die but with a feeling she experience at the beginning with Yamcha. Confused on such wired thought she decided to take a sit next to the bed and put the plans for the GR on a wooden table as she wanted to find out why the GR had exploded


Vegeta open up is eyes and felt some heavy pain on his chest "What happened?"he thought in his head and held his right hand on is chest. He put all his strength together to get up and sit on the side of the bed. He looked up and saw something he never expected "SHE" was sitting on the chair not far from his bed and had slept off her head to the wooden table. He was a minute touched by the fact she seemed to care for him. But come back to his self with a Humph and muttered "As if I CARE!" Walking out the room till he reached the door he take a brief look on her again and turned and forced him self to got to see the GR up for training.


Bulma woke up and saw the empty bed where he had laid in. Afraid he could laying some where again wounded she run the only place where he could had gone to. As she was running to the GR to find Vegeta she where stopped by someone who she almost forgot it was Yamcha her Boyfriend. Pissed off because she had forgotten there date last night. He had waited in the restaurant for more than 2 hours hoping she will still come or even give him a call that she wouldn´t make it. "OH JEEZ..Kami the date" she had totally forgotten after that Accident.

Yamcha knew in his heart that it was again because of that Monkey Prince. Since he had shown up and stayed at Bulma´s house and walked around half naked around his girlfriend... Jealousy arouse in him as he think on it. He roared at her with a bad look: "You forgot me didn´t you?!" She faced her head down to the ground not able to look at his eyes she just said in a sadly tone "Yes, but there was a good reason Ve- Vege . But before she could finish explaining he said in a frustrated tone: " I have enough Vegeta Vegeta always that Monkey crap you cares about him more than me? What is about me? What about your own boyfriend you don´t even thought one single second how I feel do you?" She was feeling guilty knowing he was right and she felt how some tears had run down her cheek she just stammered: I -I a-m so-orr –y!

He looked her saw her tears but felt how his heart and mind do not wanted to admit this time with a cold quite tone he said "I am sorry but I can´t be together with someone who cared more for a JERK than me I gotta go." He gave her a short kiss on her cheek and headed to his car.

As she heard the car-door slammed behind her she start to cry and run back to her room.

Vegeta headed to the GR as he just see the ruins of them. "What the fuck had happened " he roared inwardly trying to remember what had happened. He know that he had trained as usual till on of is ki balst went to the reflector robot and then "argg" he can´t remember all was gone. He noticed the woman had recognized his disappearance at the infirmity and that she headed down to look for him. He smirked at the thought that she would really care because of him.

But decided to fly up to the terraced of his room instead to wait to avoid her yelling. He was not in that mood also was the pain he felt to immense that he knew that he will not be able long to stand again and he didn´t want to be again in such a weak moment with the woman. One humiliation a day was enough for him and he could not carry another one that he would fainted again in her arms.