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Bulma awoke in the morning next to her a empty bed no Vegeta she was a little disappointed but heard the droning noise which came from the GR. "At least he is not gone and had run away!"she sighed. She went to the bathroom got herself clean up and went to the kitchen where she prepared some meals for Vegeta. As it was almost 3 pm already he is normally never late for dinner and she was tired to wait again so she ate a little and started to work on her new project. But before that she would fixed the bed which Vegeta had broke down by there action This was done in some minutes "Thanks to the Capsule ´s !"she thought. She knew that the GR was not enough for Vegeta there was not enough space as he always complained. So she started constructing a new training room for him a while ago. She would use the old basement which was under the garden so that if he blew this also up at least the house would still stand. She stood up and went to the basement and stared to work on it. "He will be so surprised I can´t wait to see his face"she cheered. The time run she was so busy focusing on the work that when she took a brief look on the watch she almost disbelieved her own eyes. "What it is already 1 am? I should rest for today and beside Vegeta might be angry or worried that I did not showed up till now. When she head to the kitchen she saw that the plates where empty. She went to Vegeta´s room and opened the door carefully by the moon light she was able to saw that no one was inside. "That weird where is he?" she asked herself and went to her room. Also here no Vegeta she looked outside the window where she was able to see the GR. "No the GR is also shoot down already?! So where is he?" Worried she went to his room and laid on top of his bed. "Kami where is he?" tear drops formed in her eyes and let out a whimper"Vegeta" She cried till her tiredness overtook and she slept off. The next morning still no sign from Vegeta. Her eyes where still red and swollen from crying the whole night. She went to the bathroom. "No I will not cry again because of this monkey!"she said confidently to herself. "Pah..Prince of all Sayains what a jerk" Should be better named Prince of all APE LAIRS"she mocked and turned the shower on. She continued with her mockery "How ridiculous..oh yeah you would be with me stuck forever.. How stupid was I? Believed when he said it was forever that he wouldn´t leave..and now I am alone but still..."she sighed and some tears run down her cheek "Who do I want to fool? Myself? I love him" she whimpered. She asked herself "VEGETA where the heck are you? Would you leave me here broken? In agony?" She couldn´t hold her tears back and started to cry. "I guess that my love wasn´t enough. I think I was wrong he might be in love with me?"she whispered. "Was it all just a dream? A One sided love?" she whimpered. "But I couldn´t blame him he warned me and I want that he reach is goal I don´t want to hinder him to achieve them. Also if that means I couldn´t be with him or lose him" she tried hard to got herself again.


He stood in front of the bathtub only the shower curtain between his lover and him. He could heard the pain in her voice. He heard every word every whisper every cry and tear she dropped because of him. He could felt the way she felt about him it broke his heart to heard her crying. Every tear drop teared him from inside. He wished he could let go his pride for once hold her and confess the way he felt. He loved her for good not able to deny it again he had choose to accepted the fact and the nightmare had made it once more clearer to him. It was not that worse after all to fell for her as she was worth it. But his pride was once more on his way he couldn´t shown his true emotions to her He couldn´t been a weakling like Kakarot after all. He was unable to move unable to speak. But he had to stop her from suffering herself. "I can´t take any more" he thought. He removed the shower curtain stepped in the bathtub put his hand around her face and kissed her gently. Her tears stopped to running when she recognized it was him. He felt relieved a little but the guilt he felt was still there. He whispered in her ear "I am a Prince who keeps his word so let me... release you from that pain you feel know!" She moaned under his touches and by every new touch her pain reduced. It was much easier to control himself this time. They both came both exhausted trying to caught the breath again. He supported her as she wasn´t having any strength to hold herself on his body. Finished he put a towel around her carried her and put her gently on his bed. He laid next to her and put his arms around her body. He smirked and asked "So only 2 days and you curse me already Woman I thought you would take longer!"


She wasn´t sure if she was dreaming or awake. She looked in his onyx eyes she lost herself in them till she realised that she was awake that he had came back. She asked him "Tell me ...why?" He looked her with a puzzled face back and answered "What do you mean?" She pulled herself from his hold and sat up so that he couldn´t saw her face. She whimpered "I thought you were gone for good! That you and me …" But before she could complete her sentence two strong arms where wrapped around her. He whispered in her ear "But now I am here..Not leaving you..What makes you think I would do that anyway?" She blushed so she tried to find a other topic but found none so she continued "At least you should have left a note for me! Something like I will be back soon or No need to wait or at least I will come back!" She was hurt by his action and she couldn´t held it back. She leant against his body and felt the arms tighten. He replied a little annoyed "But neither did you ..left one!" If I couldn´t be able to sense Ki I might be also worried about you?! Didn´t thought of that one? You can not blame me for doing the same as you did. You aren´t better than me Bulma ? Or are you?" She wasn´t sure what shocked her the most that he was right or that he had used her real name the first time. He was right she didn´t left one for him neither. She realised that he might really scared for a moment when she wasn´t around. Both leant down at the bed still attached to each other. He knew that he had hurt her and because of his guilt was not yet swallowed by the "pay back" he had made before with her. He said "Humpf fine I will sleep now and later train again for a while but I promise tomorrow I will be fully yours!" She turned around so that they where face to face and gave him a kiss and answered "Thank you Vegeta you do not know how much that means to me I promise you will not regret for miss training" He just gave her a humpf back and both slept away till he started training. She prepared thing for the tomorrow as it should be something special for both of them.

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