It's funny how day by day, nothing changes.

But when you look back, everything is different.

The sky was clear with that sun shining brightly and practically trying to burn every poor soul who dared to step out of their house. And here they were, two girls walking hands on hand. Talking about anything and everything, giggling once in while.

Both of them had brown hair, though one girl's hair was bushier than the other. Their height seemed same, around 5 '3 feet.

"Hey Hermione" one of then said as if she remembered something.

"Yea mikan" replied Hermione as she faced Mikan "what happened? "

"Nothing, just thought of something."

"What ?"

"Remember our 9th grade ? the year 2012 ? " Mikan said with a smile.

"oh. can we ever forget that ?" Hermione said as if she was in a trance.


"It was the beginning. where all the things started..."

" 'mione..."

"Mikan i never thought i would change this much..."

"Well neither did i, but look viola! changed!" Mikan said giggling


"Hey remember our annual day ?" Mikan asked with reminiscing smile.

"Well duhh. of course i remember! "

"You remember that time when-"

"Oh and that time-"

"And when we-"

"that moment!-"

Both of them looked at each other and burst out laughing. After spending some time laughing, reminiscing their old days, they started to calm down.

"Ahh the good old memories" Hermione said with a smile.

"Well yeaa you bitch"

"ohhh you pussy!"

"hehehe" Mikan couldn't help but laugh. "You are the angel and i am the devil, remember ?" she said.

"Yeaa...Mikan everything changed from there, isn't it ?"

"Well sweet heart its done. No use thinking of that now and anyway its not as if everything was that bad"

Hermione gave Mikan a look. "Well ok ok, some bad times were there and hey there were good times too!"

"Hmmmmmmm i guess so"

"But hey we had each other and now here we are"

Both of them smiled at each other.