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PS This is before The Heroes of Olympus so Percy still has the Curse of Achilles

Harry POV:

I woke up late today while Ron, for once, was actually up and ready. We both ran down to breakfast where Hermione, surprise surprise, was waiting for us. She had a large leather bound book out in front of her.

"I've been doing some research," she said as we sat down next to her.

"What, no hello?" grumbled Ron. I nudged him and motioned for Hermione to carry on. She opened the book which was called 'The A-Z of Greek Mythology'

"I found this under the Muggle section in the library; it's called the A-Z of Greek Mythology. I looked under the C section and found that name, Chiron."

"Why would it be in a Greek mythology book?" I asked. Hermione shushed me with a wave of her hand and opened the book.

"Chiron, In Greek mythology was the eldest centaur, son of the titan king Kronos, the trainer of heroes. He trained many heroes, most notably Heracles (Hercules), Jason and Achilles. He was shot with an arrow coated in Hydra blood by Heracles. It is said he was given a place in the stars by Zeus making the constellation Centaurus"

"Who?" asked Ron.

"The point is this Chiron died a few thousand years ago, even if he did exist this has absolutely nothing to do with those Americans," said Hermione with a sigh "Though it is very interesting."

"What about Grover and Mr D?" I asked

"Nothing, I couldn't find anything."

I let out a sigh, Looks like the trails gone cold. Speaking of the Americans where are they?

I voiced the thoughts to my friends. Ron shrugged, "I haven't seen them since last night."

"I wonder what they're up to," said Hermione, with a thoughtful expression on her face. I shrugged in response. I flelt myself frown as the whispering around us got louder and I turned to look at two second years down the table. They turned away when they saw me look.

"What was that about?" suddenly a voice asked behind me. I jumped and spun around. Nico di Angelo stood there by himself, his Hogwarts robes were ripped with what looked like claw and scorch marks at the bottom but he didn't seem to notice. He was twirling his wand in his bony pale hand.

"Um, what happened to you?" asked Hermione suspiciously, her eyes narrowed. She quickly hide the book in her robes though it was obvious something was there.

Di Angelo shrugged and sat down next to Ron, causing Ron to scoot away slowly. "Um spell gone wrong." he answered, though he sounded unsure himself.

"Right... where are your friends?" asked Ron, who had moved over so a large gap was in between him and Nico.

"They'll be here soon, probably," he whispered the last part to himself. My eyes widened but I kept quiet.

Just then the doors of the Great Hall opened a crack and the other American students crept in trying to be unnoticed. Of course it didn't work. There robes were in slightly better shape than Nico's though theirs were still ripped.

"What's up guys?" said an out of breath Percy, trying to sound casual.

"What in Merlins name happened to you?" exclaimed Hermione. The Americans exchanged looks.

"Um, we went exploring?" offered Thalia. She looked at Hermione and saw the bump in her robe where our mythology book was. "What's that?" she said with a nod at Hermione.

"What's what?" replied Hermione trying to act dumb. Thalia raised an eyebrow.

"That thing you're trying to hide," she said. Asking us what we were hiding? Wow irony.

"It's nothing," I said quickly, "Come on guys." I literally grabbed my friends by the collars and hauled them out of the Great Hall.

"The nerve of those Americans," said Hermione in an irritated voice, "Asking us what we were hiding? What about them?"

Ron shrugged, "Whatever it is it can't be good."

"We should head to class," Hermione said with a sigh and we made our way to our first lesson double charms.

Flitwick gave us loads of homework and told us about our upcoming OWL exams. The American students came in late looking completely normal in non ripped robes. They avoided our curious gazes and questions. After a few more lessons we had Care of Magical Creatures taught by Professor Grubbly-Plank. I'll admit it, I was a bit annoyed that people preferred these lessons to the ones taught by Hagrid.

"I bet that half giant fool will be sacked now that Professor Umbridge is here," said Draco not so quietly.

I glared at him, "Will you shut up Malfoy."

He smirked, "I suppose now Umbridge is here Dumbledore has competition for that position of his." His two goons snorted and grunted behind him like apes.

The exchange students exchanged glances as if wondering if they should intervene. They shrugged and turned back to their creatures.

I turned my back on Malfoy.

"He's a bloody git that guy," hissed Ron and Hermione nodded in agreement.

The day went quickly and before long it was time for my detention with Umbridge and the Americans.

"Good luck Harry, you'll need it," my friends said to me with grimaces on their faces. I sighed and met the Americans outside Umbridges office. After an awkward silence Percy knocked on the door hesitantly.

"Come in," hummed Umbridge and Percy pushed open the doors.

The inside was horrible. The walls were painted a bright pink, so bright I saw Nico flinch. Plates with moving cats on decorated almost every square inch of the walls. Her desk was in the centre of the room, a picture of the minister of magic stood in its frame near her pink tea cup. Thalia raised an eyebrow at the d├ęcor and exchanged a disgusted look with Nico.

"Come and sit down," said Umbridge gesturing to chairs and desks in the corner.

She wore her horrible pink coat and fuzzy hat. Her toad-like face was trying to hide a smirk.

We made our ways to the desks and sat down. Thalia leaned back in her chair and put her feet up. Nico and Percy copied her actions with matching smirks while Annabeth sat straighter twirling the quill in her hand boredly.

"Soooo," said Thalia, "Ever considered painting this place black?"

"Yea I mean it's like you're trying to scare your own cats away with all this pink." Nico said in agreement.

Thalia turned to him, "Maybe play some Green Day."

"Add some skull stickers."

"And this place wouldn't be so bad."finished Thalia.

Umbridge turned pink, "Stop trying to give me interior design tips!" she exclaimed before lowering her voice, "You're here to serve detention for your disgraceful actions yesterday in my lesson."

Like what, I thought to myself, telling the truth?

"Pick up your quills please, Mr Potter you shall write 'I must not tell lies'. Do you understand?"

"Yes Professor," I said trying not to sound angry.

"Mr Jackson and Miss Chase you must write 'I will not help spread rumours'." Umbridge said with a strained smile. They glared at her but nodded stiffly.

"And you two," she said turning to Nico and Thalia, "You will also write the same as Mr Jackson and Miss chase but add to it 'or try to be interior designers' Understand?"

They exchanged smirks and they both nodded.

"How many times?" asked Annabeth.

"Let's just say, as many times as it takes to sink in."

I looked up and down the desks for an ink pot.

"You haven't given us any ink," I told her.

She kept that silly smile on her face, "You won't need any." She said and turned around to look at her cats.

I frowned but started writing 'I will not...' before I felt a painful burning on the back of my other hand. I looked down and I gasped as I saw the faint words 'I will not' written in blood on the page. I looked at my hand seeing faint words engraved into my skin.

I looked down the desk to the Americans and by the gasps they had noticed to. That cruel woman! This must be a form of torture!

I scowled at the quill but I kept writing, I winced and gasped at the pain that flared in my hand.

Percy coughed awkwardly and I looked at him. He was looking at his paper but it had no writing on it.

"Um Professor?" called Percy. The said professor turned around with her sickly smile still on her face. "My quill isn't working." He said

The Professors eyes widened in shock and she grabbed his piece of paper and examined it closely. There were no words written in blood just dents where he'd pressed on the paper. She put it down and grabbed his other hand and examined it. I felt my own eyes widen, there were no scars!

Gathering her composure she straightened and cleared her throat, "Now Mr Jackson, would you kindly tell me what spell have you used to prevent my...punishment?"

Percy frowned and leaned over to look at Annabeth's paper. I saw his eyes widen and fists clench. He checked Thalia and Nico's as well. "This is your punishment!" he exclaimed furiously. "Making us write in our own blood!"

Umbridge kept her stiff smile, "Mr Jackson I would appreciate it if you answered the question."

He hesitated, "I have tough skin" he said firmly. Tough skin? I thought to myself. What does he mean by that? Maybe it's an enchantment?

Umbridge glared at Percy, "Fine then if you refuse to give me a proper answer, you can watch your friends carry on with their punishment." She said firmly and turned her back on all of us. Percy tried to protest but Umbridge ignored him.

"Just do it," I whispered so only the Americans could hear. "Or she'll probably make us do a harsher punishment."

Annabeth took Percy's hand in her own and squeezed it gently, "We'll be fine, just stay silent." Percy opened his mouth to protest but Thalia shook her head.

"Listen to your girlfriend Kelp Head." She said with a confident grin and began to continue writing. The others and I did the same.

After an hour of horrid pain it was finally over. I rushed back to the Gryffindor common room, the Americans following quickly behind me.

"Harry, hey," called Ron and he beckoned me over. "How was it mate?" he asked.

I quickly hid my hand in my pocket, "Fine," I murmured.

The Americans had gone to sit by the fireplace and were whispering together suspiciously.

"Harry, you OK?" asked Hermione as she sat next to Ron on the sofa.

I nodded silently but Hermione didn't look convinced. "Whats wrong with your hand?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said showing her my un-scarred hand. She just stared at me with her eyebrow raised. The look on her face said: I wasn't born yesterday. I swore in my head. Sometimes I wished she wasn't so smart. I sighed in defeat and showed her my scarred hand.

"Oh, Harry!" my friends exclaimed.

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