Chapter 1

This is my first ever serious sojourn into writing fanfics. This piece is going to be a Five parter, with an additional epilogue.

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Robert Langdon sighed contentedly, closing the book he had just finished reading, and placing it on the cabin's coffee table. It was a book written by a well known author, about groundbreaking theories on ancient Mayan symbology, and how they pertained to their Aztec counterparts.

Checking his Mickey Mouse wristwatch, he took note of the time.

'9 p.m.,' Langdon thought, still amazed that Elizabeth had somehow managed to recover one of his most prized possessions.

'Hard to believe that it's been almost a year.'

It had been several months since Langdon's adventures Florence. It was currently mid semester break at the university, and in a move that took those who knew Langdon well aback, he had chosen to spend the break away from the campus, and rented out a remote cabin in the New England countryside.

Admittedly, part of Langdon's impromptu vacation was in no small part due to the hectic nature of the previous semester.

'I still can't believe that they managed to do that to the dean's office...'

The other reason, however, was that Langdon wanted some time alone to come to terms with the events of his latest adventure.

While the news of Zobrist's vector virus did indeed send shock waves through the public, the majority of it had died down by this point, and the world populace had developed a begrudging acceptance for what Zobrist had done. While most were still appalled by his methods, they could also see the reasoning behind it. Langdon had once heard a famous politician address the issue:

"Personally, I have no problem with what Mr. Zobrist did to our race, but if he had asked us first, we might have been more inclined to willingly accept his plan. The human race is one of choice; we don't like choices - especially those that concern our entire race- to be made on our behalf without our consensus."

Admittedly, the Vatican was still in a fervor over the issue, claiming, as they have always done, that any form of contraceptive was to be frowned upon. The fact that Zobrist's virus changed human DNA to randomly render a third of Earth's population sterile was, to them, nothing short of spitting in God's eye.

Thinking of the Vatican's stance on contraception reminded Langdon of the time when he had told Sienna that a bunch of celibate old men had no place to tell the world how to have sex.


Turning his thoughts away from Zobrist, Langdon instead started thinking yet again of Sienna Brooks. Although he had heard nothing from her for the past several months, Langdon still could not help but think of the pretty doctor who he had first met in that Florentine hospital.

'I wonder how she's doing?'

Upon arriving back in New England, Langdon had immediately started watching the news for Elizabeth's press conference from Geneva. Although Sienna had never appeared on camera, Elizabeth had mentioned that she would be working with "An individual who understands this virus better than anyone else on the planet. She will be assisting the World Health Organization in the coming months to come up with stratagems for dealing with this crisis."

Suddenly, a sharp knock on the cabin's door jarred Langdon from his thoughts.

"What in the world?"

Virtually nobody knew where this remote cabin was located, and Langdon couldn't imagine anyone willing to make the journey here in the middle of Winter, in the dead of night no less. New England was famous for its snowstorms, and even a few inches of powder at a place like this could strand its occupants for days at a time. Looking outside the cabin's large windows, Langdon could already see that snow was indeed starting to fall outside.

'Hopefully it doesn't get any worse; I'd hate to send this person back home in it.'

As the knocking continued, Langdon stood, and stretching his 6 foot frame briefly, leisurely made his way to the door.

"Hold on! I'm coming. I'm coming."

Reaching the door, Langdon undid the deadbolt, unlocked the door, and slowly opened the heavy wooden door.

Immediately, Langdon found himself engulfed not only by a blast of icy New England air, but also by a figure covered entirely in winter clothing, their face obscured by numerous bits of cloth designed to protect the face from the bite of Winter.

"What the-?!"

For a few seconds, Langdon struggled with the figure, trying to throw them off. However, a soft voice suddenly spoke in the relative silence.

"Hello, Robert."

Langdon froze; he knew that voice, although he hadn't heard it for several months. Not since they had last spoken in the airport in Turkey.

"S-Sienna?" Langdon asked, hardly daring to believe his ears.


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