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Chapter 2 – Truths revealed

Dining Hall

Afternoon Meal

"Is everything ready?" Lavnna the head elf servant asked.

"Yes, only the finest of severing dishes are placed. Brand new linen was brought in. The fruit is freshly picked. The wine is of anient vinage. All servants are formally dressed." Mainna informed her as he pull on the tight collar of his best attire. "Though I do not see why all this is need for human."

"This is a grand event if all happens as Lord Elrond expects it to." Lavnna replied.

"Lavnna! Lavnna!" A young male elf called out as he races into the grand hall.

"You do not need to yell Naian." Lavnna informed him as he ran up to her. "Now tell me what has happened that has gotten you all worked up.

"I witnessed the former slave Shan-non about to be crowned the new Alfa-Princess but it was inrupted by Laurian challenging for the right. Laurian than had to face the Former Alfa-Princess Eric-can, now known as Erica of the Black Braidage, who was choosen as Shannon champion, in combat. The battle was inspiring for they didn't use weapons they used bracers. These women are almost if not as strong as an elf for I saw Erica crack and break boulders that Laurian had landed against. Laurian just barely avioded Erica's blows." Naian relayed.

"By Valar what happened?" Mainna asked.

"It seemed that the battle last all day if Lady Shan-non commanded Erica to finish the fight. A few simple moves and Lady Erica knocked Laurian out. Then Shan-non was crowned as the new Alph-princess. In requirements with thier laws Shan-non had to decide the fate of Laurian who lost her heirage the moment she lost to Erica. Princess Shan-non out of respect made Laurian a gaurd until for a time with a chance to earn her place back." Naian told them.

"What generous intelligent woman." Lavnna remarked.

"They are on their way back now." Naian informed her.

"Everyone to your places!" Lavnaa commanded with a gentle clap of her hands.

The elf servants just managed to get to their places before the Hobbits were the first to hurriedly enter. Shortly thereafter came Gimli, Aragron who escorted Lady Arwen shortly followed by Legolas and Gandalf. Lord Elrond was escorting the newly crowned Princess all the severants clapped their hands then bowed before them. With a gentle smile and knod of her head Lady Shan-non humblely but gracely acknowledged each one of them for their actions.

As Lord Elrond escorted Lady Shan-non to her seat he quietly remaked to her. "You make a fine Princess."

"Thank you, my Lord." Shan-non replied with gentle smile.

All while Erica, who had place much of her armor and weapons back in her quarters, tried but failed to suppress a few strangled laughs which got her a few passing dirty looks from Ganalf.

"You know she's going to make you pay." Gandalf informed her who knew that Erica was enjoying Shan-non hidden disconfort at all the attentions she was recieving.

"Nah this is pay back for the times I had to indure it." Erica snorted with a smile. "Anyways she can handle it better then me.

"My Lady I have never seen women or men fight such as you and Lady Laurian did. Where did you learn such?" Legolus inquired.

"All of our people learn how to fight at a young age. Each house of the court, pesants and slaves uses different fighting styles. The Black Brigade is a clan made up of the mixture different houses. They range from peasants and even former slaves, so we learn to use each. For example pesants and slave most of the time don't pocess or have access to more well known weapons so they learn to use what they have to defend themselves. The first and for most weapon we all pocess is our hands and feets so that is where the pesants and slave focus their fighting skills in. Some of the greatest fighters I have had the honor to fight along side where that of the slaves and pesants who to be honest some surpass my skill in hand to hand." Erica informed him.

"I noticed that you have and use many different weapons but I did not see a bow amoung them." Legolas stated.

"I take it you are wondering about my skill with one. Well to be honest I am always willing to improve my skill." Erica honestly replied.

"Than maybe after meal we could meet at the arching range and I could show you how elves use the bow." Legolas inquired.

"I see no problem in you show me how to use your bow." Erica answered with a very suggestive smile. Without anyone realizing it Shan-non threw a grape at Erica but she turned to catch it easily in her mouth. "Hmmm nice." Erica said as she ate the grape. Shan-non gave her a disapproving look.

"You allow slaves to learn to fight." Seadom Boromir's advisor snapped.

Not because of his question but because of the tone of his voice, Erica start to literally growl at him when Shan-non saw fit to answer his question

"You must understand that our land is in a constant state of war with the Easterns and other creatures you don't know of. Starting as soon as possible all are taught to defend their life and protect their home." Shan-non answered thankful for the change of subject. Shan-non quick action suppressed Erica tempter.

"It surpise me to learn you have slaves." Argorn stated with honest.

"Slaves have been a way of life for our people long before our first Queen. You must understand many children loose everything to the war. They have no food, no homes, no family and no way to make it in the land without help. So the First Queen made provisions for slaves, many of which are the ophans of the war. Those that have the means may purchase them. Much of that money is used to take care of the ones that are not bought. There are requirements when purchasing or owning a slave. For example you must be able to provide proper shelter, nourishment and other basic necessities, no matter if the slave is native or foreigner. No slave can own another slave. Resident slaves can in time purchase their own freedom if they show they can take care of themselves without the aid of their master. Slaves that are non residence can never purchase their own freedom or be set free to reside in our land. The children who are born in our land of non residents Slave are considered slaves too. But they can purchase or earn their own freedom and purchase their parents as slaves if they follow the laws of our land. Most slaves are taught skills that they take with them as they earn their freedom. There are many laws put into place to protect not just the Masters but the Slaves." Shan-non explained. "It is up to the Main house who has a seat at the Cousil to judge if any complaints of the treatment of the slaves.

"Sounds fair enough." Sam remarked.

"For some." Shan-non hesitantly replied.

"It must feel strange to go from being a slave to an Alph-Princess." Bormir remarked with a gentle smile to the new Alpha-Princess.

"There are more rules on etiquette but it still is the same for I still sever just many instead of one." Shan-non answered with a gentle smile.

"You have the makings of a true ruler." Lady Awen stated.

"Thank you my Lady. I just hope I am up to the task." Shan-non humbly replied.

"I believe you were always better suited for the politics then I." Erica said.

"You seem very fit for both." Legolas said to Erica. To which both women laughed openly.

"True Erica is a grand warrior but she has a very onside very of the politics of the counsel." Shan-non replied.

"That would be?" Aargorn asked.

"If they argue with me I kick their sorry behinds out." Erica answered with a smile.

"I beg to differ for I had to prevent several times from removing the heads of certain disagreeable members of the counsel." Shan-non countered.

"True but now you must deal with those slimy worms." Erica spat.

"Maybe I should have let you." Shan-non laughed.

"I am surprised to hear you speak so about someone of status of your people." Seadom Bormirs advisor remarks to Erica.

"I don't deal well those that would abuse those under them. Or who try and force their way into the Royal house physically assaulting me or my servants. It's a very dishonorable and those that do it have their both their head remove and stake out for an example to those that would try." Erica stated as she glared directly Seadom as if to say "I know you are like that if I had the chance that is what would happen to you."

Ignoring her glare Seadom Bormirs advisor counters with, "I have looked into your land but none can find it on any map." To which Bormir gave him a disapproving look.

"I have seen many of your male human maps and none show our home land for it in far beyond Mountains of Angmar, or Ered Mithrin also known as the Grey Mountains into the Forodwairth and as you males call it." Erica stated as her hand moved for her sword under the table but was held face by Gandalf.

"It is in the frozen heart of the Northern Waste that you would find our home. For thousands upon thousands our people have not just fought back the bitter cold to make our once small village into Grand Country." Shan-non spoke before Erica could react that way she prevent her anger.

"How can you fight the cold?" Sam inquired.

"We learned long ago not to fight it but to work with it. Throughout land there are natural small hot springs. Over the thousands our people cut through the ice to allow the warm water to flow on to the next hot spring then from that hot spring out people cut through to the next hot spring and so on. As the warm water of the earth warmed the land it revealed it was very fertile land so our people began to plant and grow. When the Easterns saw that our land fertile had become. They like most males' decided it should belong to them so they tried to take it. That is when the First Queen appeared and taught us to fight." Shan-non continued.

"So teaching your people to fight is all it took to become their queen." Seadom mumbled to which his leader gave him a hard kick to the shins underneath the table. At hearing the kick Erica smiled in approval to Boromir but she was sure he didn't see it for his eyes were intently on Shan-non.

"Actually she did far more. She brought with her a way of life that has served our people down to this day. All of our people have an education to most things like Reading, Writing, Mathematics and History. By our laws there is a school for all to attend with a library in every city, town and village. The taxes collected pay for that school and library. Next the taxes pay for repairs on any public building such as healing houses that is not privately owned. The armies, peace keepers, other public servants such as teachers, and historians, then the House that the city, town or village falls under is paid. Finally a percentage is sent to the Royal house for the same as other cities, towns or villages." Shan-non explains.

"House that they fall under I don't understand." Sam remarked.

"It's while simple each area of our home is slightly different from the other and so that area are represented by different house and that house holds a position on the Council at the Round Table where each has an equal voice to be heard. Only the Queen who is a true blood of the First Queen has final say but she must back her decisions with the laws of the land or actions of the First Queen." Shan-non continued between small bites of her lunch.

"Who determines the House?" Frodo asked.

"They usually are direct descendants from the original family who fought the ice back so they claimed the land as their own. But when the war with the Easterns started and the First Queen arrived she gathered the tribes at the time and unified them as a nation." Erica answered them. "But over time the Houses have changed because of the war so if no direct blood of the house is alive the people of the city, town or village can vote in a house to the Council seat."

"What are peace keepers?" Pippin inquired.

"They keep peace in the cities, towns or villages. They arrest or bring to justice those that break the laws of our land weather they are from our land or not." Erica replied.

"What does it mean to be bonded to one of those dinommo animals Shan-non spoke of?" Legolas asked.

"To be bonded with a dinommo animal can be a blessing and a curse. For if it is done correctly two become one in mind, heart and soul. But if done incorrectly or for selfish gain you mind, heart and soul are open for any creature of good or evil to invade." Erica explained.

"Sound disgusting." Seadom Boromir's advisor remarked while Boromir again kicks him under the table.

"Why do you say that?" Shan-non asked as she places a hand on Erica in warning.

"Not to be rude my lady but it sounds like you are have inmate relations with a beast instead of a man." Seadom explained while rubbing his leg under the table.

"It is not a physical bond but that of mind, heart and soul. It is where you cannot hide the truths of you are and what you seek. To seek selfish gain when trying to bond with a dinommo animals usually leads one to going insane but that person is not ready to face who they truly are." Erica explained through gritted teeth.

"What happens if the person who is bonded to a dinommo wish to marry?" Lady Arwen asked as she gives Aragron a gentle loving smile.

"If that person they are going to marry is worthy a dinommo will accept them as family." Erica answered. "But they will never have the link of minds that their marriage partner has with their bonded animal."

"Lady Erica, Lady Shan-non said that we should ask you what it means to be to be a member of the Black Brigade?" Sam asks

"Well unlike a regular army or guardsman's the Black Brigade only consist of 300 active members at one time the rest either retired or have died in battle. But even when you retired from active service of the Black Brigade if the need requires it you can and will be called back because when you clan calls for help all come. I was an active member for over 14 years." Erica replied.

"But I thought that you met with Lady Shan-non after 15 years?" Sam asks.

"I guess this means I tell the tale of my arrival and training with the Black Brigade?" Erica asked.

"Yes, please." Merri and the others answered in unison.

"Well then Master hobbit it began after I arrived at Black Ridge that is carved out of the base of Black Death Mountain. I was brought before Den-na Black Brigade Captain of Great Bear Clan Deen-natha and Her Brother Alexan-nerth Jamth Black Brigade Captain of the Grand Elk Clan. They placed with a group of other want-to-be trainees to learn. Over the next 4 months of living nightmarish training trainees went from 300 down to 5. Even though I was one of the remaining 5, I lacked something the others had that I did not to become a full member of the Black Brigade. They had already bonded with a Dinommo animal. None of the local Dinommo animals seemed interested in me and I felt no pull to them. Den-na was going to send me away but Alexan-ner came up with a challenge for me. I was sent up Black Death Mountain." Erica explained.

"Sounds scary." Pippin remarks.

"It was very scary for the mountain it's self is at every moment is trying to kill you. The air is poisonous to breathe. Black Death Mountain is a sheer climb most of the way up. Deen-natha felt that to truly be a member of the Black Brigade that I was not allowed take any weapons or any provisions and that if I didn't bond with an dinommo animal I sould not return. To add to it I didn't know how to bond with a dinommo animal." Erica stated.

"What happened? Merri asked.

"How did you survive?" Pippin inquired.

"Before leaving I had made friends with several of the Black Brigade who gave me pointers on types of plants that were eatable and which weren't. They also told me about the glory rose which only thrives on the mountain and how by eating one peddle a day my body would filter the poisons air. I was just barely able to find the rose before the air killed me. While waiting for the rose to filter out the poison I used some of the skills taught to me by the Black Brigade's Blacksmiths and fasten a rock spear and braid together some rope climbing equipment from the grasses I found. I was also able to find some Gen-ri root that helps to sustain the body. I was just a few days up the mountain when I came across a young dinommo cub who trying to get back up the sheer cliff while trying to fend off vultures. I was going to help but it bit as if to say I can do this on my own. However the vultures started to go after me and it at the same time. I told it we can work together and have bird tonight for dinner or die separate. The cub seemed to like the idea of food. I placed it on my pack so it would watch my back as I made our way up the mountain. We made it up the mountain with dinner too. Before they became dinner the littler pest cut the rope and the kitten and I fell. I ended up with a broken leg but that was all." Erica explained.

"So you bonded with the kitten?" Sam asked.

"Actually you may think that but it was not old enough to bond. Night had fallen and the kitten and I had stopped to eat and tended to my broken leg. All seemed peaceful until I heard strange noises from the darkness. The kitten who had been purring contently suddenly began to growl and hiss at the darkness around us. I grabbed up my spear to fight off whatever was in the darkness. I used a small branch to light the area beyond the flames and saw…." Erica said the passed for brief moment to drink some of the water.

"What did you see!" Fordo asked.

"A creature that I had believed to be something adults would make up to scare children into staying their beds at night. Surrounding the kitten and me were giant black hard scale creatures that many legs allow them to climb the sheer rock of Black Death Mountain. To my people they called Ebb'a Flawla but you may have a different name for them." Erica explained.

"What are Ebb'a Flawla?" Pippin asked he is literally on the edge of his seat.

"They basically are ants the size of war horses." Shan-non explains with a smile.

"Who's telling this story?" Erica gleefully snapped.

"I notice that you didn't bother to tell them that the Ebb'a Flawla's are usually peaceful creatures that feed on molten rocks on the mountain." Shan-non said. To which several of the guests laughed.

"I was getting there." Erica said as she continued. "Ebb'a Flawla and the kitten seem to have a conversion because next thing I knew I was riding one of their backs and travel up the mountain then into a dark cave out of cold night. After several hours of traveling deep into the cave they brought me to a beautiful world inside of the mountain. It was here many of the dinommo lived in peace with one another. Here is where the kitten found it's parents. I was brought before their leaders and the kitten seemed to speak for me. Even though I couldn't understand them it was clear some did not mind my presence while others like the old pack leader of the wolves made very clear he was just going to tolerate my presence but if I made one wrong move he would eat me. I spent several days healing and walking on a crutch amongst them. It is place of such peace and calm where time seemed to stop, expect a far dark cave that the herds, packs and families avoided but I was drawn to it. I couldn't stop myself as each day drew me closer and closer until I could not resist. I went into the dark cave without thinking even though the dinommo's animals tried to prevent me. The deeper I went the emptier my mind became." Erica explained.

All grew quite as Erica continued her tale as they were afraid to breathe. Even Shan-non who had heard the tale before froze as she intently listened to Erica next words.

"There before me was a true ancient mutli-eye demon that looked like a cross between a man and spider had been magically trapped and bond in chains to the walls of the cave. I was being control by the creature and it was forcing me to release it. As I started to unchain it one Alpha Snow Cat attacked me. We fought. Strike for Strike. Plow to plow. We met. The battle went on all day. The cat saw that I would die before I would give up and it would die before it would allow this ancient demon its freedom. It was at that point the cat changed its attacks and when it had me convinced I had the upper hand it turned the tables and force me to the ground on my back. I could not think at that moment I was lost in the fog of the control from the demon. The snow cat held me down and roared loudly into my face then our eyes met. For several long intense hours neither of us blinked or moved. It was over those hours that Cra-zer the snow cat reached into my mind found my true self within. That is where she explained that she was the last of her clan honor bond to stand guard over the demon to prevent it's escape back into the world until her's or the demon's death. Cra-zer explained that only human bonded to her clan could have a chance to kill it. I knew that I had to try and kill it for when it was holding my mind captive I saw its plans for our world. It was going to drink the life essence of all living creatures. I agree to help kill the demon. It was at that agreement that Cra-zer became bond in mind and heart. Using this new bond we were able to defeat it but not alone. For Cra-zer had called the other dimommo animals for help. While Cra-zer and I directly fought the demon the others pile large rocks upon it until it grew to heavy it could not float above the flowing lava below. It was at that point I had Cra-zer tell the Ebb's Flawla's to dig a huge area's around where the chains were anchored to the cavern walls. The combined weight sent the demon down in to the lava killing it without releasing it from its chains."

"WOW! That is exciting!" Pippin remarked.

"It was very intense, but there was a huge cost that I have to live with. You see as the demon was falling, it grabbed my leg and started to pull me in with it. I would have gone in with it but elder Wolf called Mac-loud. He jumped on it attacked with all his might. The demon released me but took him down with him." Erica sadly said as she did her best to hold her grief in.

"Where is this bonded you supposedly have?" Seadom asked but in his mind he was saying "As if we truly believe these lies."

"Cra-zer does not much care for flying but were one goes the other is always close." Erica explained with evil grin as a loud Roar echoes throughout the land.

"Erica don't you even think it." Shan-non quietly hissed.

"Fine but don't expect Cra-zer no to leave his stuff alone." Erica remarked quietly to her in their native language. While she silent informs her bond friend to stay out sight and not to bother the human but his stuff was fair game.

To which she could feel the Alpha-snowcat make its way to the advisor's room and start paw through is stuff to find things that the elves could not replace with better thing. In doing so Cra-zer found a personal journal and started to snicker as it read the foolishness inside. Getting bored with the human's dreams of would be power the cat shreds the book and then uses it to cover its waste matter.

The meal continued on with small talk amongst themselves. Just as the meal was ending Shan-non managed to speak with Erica privately.

"I know you are of the Black Brigade but could you act just a little more like the princess I know you are." Shan-non asked.

"I would I do not trust Laurian I am just making sure she knows without a doubt I am Black Brigade and that you are protected no matter what." Erica answered.

"You really believe she would try something so soon?" Shan-non asked to which Erica just nodded. "Good because I was afraid I was the only one."

"Listen I can make up some excuse and not go to the Archery Range if you wish for me to stay." Erica told her.

"No I will be spending most of my time with Gandalf and Lord Elrond." Shan-non explained.

"So you go for the old ones.." Erica teased. "I guess that leaves poor Bormir out. I guess I could introduce him to some of the Black Brigade."

"You have such a dirty mind. And you will not do such a horrorable thing to him." Shan-non hissed as she glanced over to him.

"You might as while enjoy his company while you can because as soon as you return Lord Vearmear will be all over you." Erica snickered.

"He is your suitor not mine!" Shan-non snapped a little more loudly then she would have cared to admit.

"Oh please he a suitor to whomever he thinks will get his family into the Royal house." Erica remarked.

"I might have a few days peace the word may have not gotten back." Shan-non reasoned.

"Do you truly believe that the word has not got back as soon as the crown was upon your head." Erica teased to which Shan-non just gave her a defeated look back. "So go and enjoy Bormir's company while you can. He cares about what you think."

"Why do you think he cares? He could be just like Lord Vearmear." Shan-non replied.

"I doubt that or else he wont' have kick his advisor under the table for his attitude about our people traditions." Erica told her as she watched Legolas approach them. "Now go have some fun while you can I know I am."

"Just remember you may be Black Brigade but you represent the royal house because you accepted being my champion and thus you must act accordingly." Shan-non elegantly told Erica, then as Prince Legolas joined them she turns to him as says. "Your Highness I would stay and chat put it I have a prior engagement with Lord Elrond and Gandalf. Though I do suggest that you escort her or she may get lost." Shan-non said with a twinkle in her eyes and a slight bow then leaves.

"Kill joy!" Erica sneered in return in their native tongue at the retreating form of Shan-non.

"I am sorry?" Legolas inquired.

"No not you. Her." Erica informed him. "I'll go and grab my bow and I'll meet your there."

"I do believe that your new Alpha-Princes asked me to ask to escort you." Legolas replied with a gentle smile.

"Fine." Erica growled out knowing that he had already witness her tendency of getting lost. To which the Prince just smile as he fell into step next to her as her headed for her room.

"You have had some amazing adventures." Legolas stated as the escorted her out.

"Excuse me but I heard you take on dinommo spiders on a regular bases that in itself is far grander then what I spoke of." Erica remarked as she shivers at the thought of the creatures.

"You say that our Gaint Spiders are dinommo animals?" Legolas asked.

"Cra-zer told me that it that when a male human tried bond with the Dinommo Spiders that the demon I helped to kill was created." Erica said as remember the control that thing had over her. "It was because of that demon that the Spiders were chased out of our land by the rest of the dinommo animals. They are considered a great shame to dinommo animals."

"Then I hope that I have honor of informing your Bonded that many have been destroyed." Legolas informed her as they arrived at the door to her room.

"Cra-zer says that he is sorry that your people had to suffer with such an evil offspring but thanks you in letting her know that many are destroyed." Erica relayed the message from the great cat.

"So you can speak with your bonded from such a distance?" Legolas inquired.

"Cra-zer is never far from me as I never far from her." Erica explained then she quickly retrieved her bow and arrows from her room while he waited outside.

Study of Lord Elrond

Later that evening

"I see that you are more punctual and have a better at since of direction than your predecessor." Gandalf stated as he opened the door for Shan-non as they arrived to Lord Elrond door at the exact same time.

"And I thought Wizards never arrived late, nor are they early." Shan-non said but Gandalf finished. "A Wizards arrive precisely when we means to." Both of whom laugh as they enter the door

At hearing their laughter Lord Elrond looks up from his scrolls and greets them both with a gentle.

"That is sound I thought I would never hear again." Elrond remarked.

"Why did you never think you would hear laughter again, My Lord?" Shan-non asked.

"Not just any laughter but the laughter of…." Elrond said but turned away

"Of?" Shan-non asked.

Lord Elrond's only answer was to approach a large drape and pull it down to reveal several live size portraits for the Gabrielle the First Queen of the Tazoniona. The first portrait she was dress for battle in the plate mail armor made from the scales of a crystal dragon. She was posed to throw her legendary chakram toward the advancing horde of Mordor.

"She was one of the greatest warriors I have the honor to fight alongside. She was selfless in battle. She with her warriors helped to turn the tide against the horde of Mordor." Lord Elrond explained as he stared mournfully at the portrait.

Shan-non approached the elegantly detailed portrait and traced the figure of her queen in true ahh of what she saw.

"I remember when she arrived with her 300 warriors many of whom where women. I felt that they should be at home where it was safe. While others laughed off your Queens offered to aid us. But Gabrielle showed us the error of our thinking. She defused the tense by challenging us crown to crown. The king thought she was speaking about him but she looked directly at me and said "Crown for Crown elf or don't you have it in you." Elrond said with smile.

"You mean she …" Shan-non started to say but was stopped by Gandalf's hand on her shoulder.

"Yes, she took both the King of Gondor on and myself at the same time. The King of Gondor within was defeated within a few moments by flipping about and making several fast blows for any of his one blow. I was able to stand for a little while longer but she used a strange move that sent me to my knee. She told me that she had cut off the circulation of blood to my brain and I would die with 60 seconds if I didn't yield so I yield." Lord Elrond explained.

"So what happened next?" Shan-non asked.

"The battle was intense and as you know we had the chance to destroy the one ring but man failed. He may have trade it for your queen's heart but she could not give him something she already had given to another from her world. He became angry and left. The ring corrupted him so much that he started to wage war against his allies. For several years he waged war against his friends and allies. To stop the fighting your queen went before him. For a time the war stopped but when next I saw your queen she was not just your queen anymore. She was the Queen of Gondor and she was with child. She told me of the children she had to leave behind in Tazoniona and that she had to keep them and this child safe. She called upon me to keep her secrets until the time when they would do the greatest good. Now is the time." Lord Elrond said. "The scroll I gave you is the lineage of her children in her own blood. Open it and you will see your own name upon it."

Shan-non open the scroll that she had brought with her. Tears of joy and pain flowed down her lovely face as she quietly read each name. There Eric-can's with a line through it and Erica's name just below it. Next to Eric-can's name was that of Shannon but it was crossed out and below it was her name.

"This can not be right… I mean…How can I be…How did she know?" Shan-non asked in a quaking voice.

"It was for seen that if you were to reach this age you would bring about a great changes in your land. You mother the queen couldn't have been happier at your birth. There are some the court that were not happy with the idea of what your birth meant. Those members of the court sent assassins to kill you. The Seer for saw this and saved you but made all believe that they had succeeded. For only through your death would you live." Gandalf explained.

"How do you know this?" Shan-non asked.

"I was there. I helped the Seer to hide you from others seers who worked with the assassins. I took you far away from the city and pretended to find an orphan child whose parents had been killed in an attack. You were marked as a slave at that point. The Seer and I through time made sure you became a slave to your sister."

"Did the Queen know?" Shan-non inquired.

"The Queen knew that you lived but did not know what became of you. When you return she will know without a doubt know who you are." Gandalf told the child.

"How could the First Queen know what was to happened now?" Shan-non asked.

"That is something even I do not know for she was one of another world and time." Lord Elrond answered as he stared longingly up at the last portrait he reveal of the first queen holding two children in her lap with a gentle laugh upon her face as one of the elf girl child played with the infant she held.

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