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Chapter 1: The Arrival

It's a warm March night in Adelanto, California. The only sounds that can be heard are coyotes howling in the distance and the occasional trucker driving his haul on the nearby highway, along with the various nighttime insects making their respective sounds. That is, until some sparks of blue and white start appearing seemingly out of thin air in the middle of the desert not too far away from the small town.

Four young people seem to appear out of nowhere from the small blue and white bubble. The only eyes watching this strange phenomenon are a pair of mice, who quickly scurry away in fright. The four individuals take a respective amount of time trying to get their bearings under control and a few of them begin to vomit from the sheer overwhelming feeling of time travel.

"Pull yourselves together; we need to get a move on. Head into town and be quiet. Let's locate some clothes and find out the date." Sergeant Victor Rodriguez orders.

There is a chorus of "Yes sir's" from the small group of people.

"Daniel, on point," ordered Victor

"Yes sir," replies the Private First Class Daniel Deckhart. "But, do you think we are in the right place?"

"Only one way to know for certain, private; now move out. Corporal Brown you watch the rear."

"Yes sir, ugh… I feel terrible. Why didn't Connor warn us about the side effects?" asked Corporal Samantha Brown.

"Aw, what's the matter Sam? Can't hang with the big boys?" replied Private First Class Dmitri Jackson.

"That's enough Jackson! As I said, be quiet and move!" snaps Victor.

Everyone kept quiet until they came into town and found a small trailer park near a Circle K convenience store. They decided to raid the laundry lines and get some clothes to avoid being detected right away before heading to the store to find out the date and place they had arrived.

"Listen up, Deckhart and I are going in to get the information we need, you two are to remain outside and in the shadows in case anything decides to pop up on us. Understood?" Victor asked.

He gets three nods and watches Brown and Jackson head off into the nearby bushes to keep a watchful eye on the store while he and Daniel head in.

"Welcome to circle K, anything I can help you with?" asks the rather tired looking man working the counter of the store.

"Yes, can you tell me the exact date and time?" asks Victor

The man looks a little puzzled but decides what the hell, these guys are probably coming down from some high and decides to indulge the rugged looking men; "Yea it's uh..." he begins while glancing at the clock, "Three-fourteen a.m., March fourteenth two-thousand-ten. You fellas ok?"

Victor ignores the question and notices Daniel's grin. They are in the right time but are they in the right place? "And what town is this exactly?" asks Daniel before his Sergeant had a chance; he is just too excited to be back in paradise and happy so far the mission is on schedule.

"You're in Adelanto right now man. Are you guys riding a good high or what?" the clerk laughs.

Victor ignores him again and asks another important question. "Have you worked here for a while? This store I mean?"

The clerk nods. "Yea, like four years. It's a real bummer but not much else in this shitty little town you know."

"Have you noticed a few new people in town in the past few months? Their names are John and Cameron. The young man has brown hair, green eyes and probably seems to always be on edge? He is more than likely always traveling with a young looking woman with chestnut hair, dark brown eyes and a pretty wicked stare that makes you want to rethink your life choices." questions Sergeant Victor

The clerk replies, obviously a little uncomfortable with the situation: "You guys cops or something? Or do they owe you money? I don't want to get involved in anything like that man, just trying to make a living here you know."

"Nothing like that man, relax, we're just some friends of theirs. We lost contact with them a while ago and now we're just trying to make sure they are okay, so have you seen them?" asks Victor.

"Yea, I think I know who you're talking about. Like three months ago this young couple came into town, or I think they are a couple not sure. The chick is pretty hot but she doesn't seem like she's all right in the head, they keep to themselves basically as far as I know; the girl comes in every day around six am like clockwork. She grabs the paper and a hot chocolate every day without fail," answers the clerk

"Do you know where they live from here by any chance?" questions Deckhart with some enthusiasm.

"Naw, man, sorry; you could just come back at six. I'm telling you, she will be here."

"Ok thanks for the info, have a good night," Victor says, leaving the store followed closely by Daniel.

"What do you think sergeant?" asks Daniel

"I think we have two options; we can wait around until 6 for Connor's metal to show up for her daily routines or we can go blindly searching in the dark desert barefoot and hope we find the place and also hope she doesn't shoot us on sight."

"I think I like option one better," states Daniel a little nervously.

"The only problem is that she will probably consider us threats. But regardless, it's our only option that has a chance so let's regroup and wait around for a few hours."

"Sounds as good a plan as any to me Sergeant," says Deckhart.

It was at this moment that they both looked up into the sky for the first time since arriving, and they noticed that it's a cloudless full moon night, and they can see the stars for the first time in as long as they can remember. It brings warmth to Victor to know he is in paradise, at least for a short time.

John Connor lays wide awake in his bed; ever since his mom was arrested he has had a very difficult time sleeping. He feels like a bastard for not breaking her out, but he didn't have much of a choice at the time and he doesn't plan on letting her stay locked up for much longer. He just hopes she will be happy to see him, instead of possibly chewing him out for risking everything to save her.

He also hopes she will understand his feelings for Cameron, because he is finally allowing himself to accept them, which is proving to be very difficult. After so long of denying how he felt for her because of her nature, he refused to accept the fact she was different. But after his mom was arrested he and Cameron have been inseparable and although they haven't done anything yet he plans to confront her about his feelings before they attempt to break his mother out.

"Where is she anyway?" he wonders aloud; normally she sleeps next to him in bed because it seems only when she is there he is able to actually get a few hours rest. He looks at the clock and notices its five after four in the morning and he groans; he has had maybe an hour's sleep in the past twenty-four hours and its taking its toll. He slides off his bed and goes to the bathroom to splash some cool water on his face and rub the sleep out of his eyes.

Staring at himself in the mirror he begins to admire the hard training Cameron has kept him on for the past five months; he is beginning to really fill out, and seeing as how in about a year Judgment Day will arrive and he will need to be in peak physical condition, this is a good thing. He decides to slip on some pants before heading to the kitchen for a glass of lemonade.

As he walks down the hallway he notices that his beautiful cyborg protector is nowhere in sight, 'She must be patrolling,' he figures, although he finds this odd because ever since they showed up in the desert she has never gone on a patrol this late at night.

He decides to slip on his boots and grab his Glock from his nightstand before he heads out into the warm night air, hoping to find Cameron and convince her to come to bed so he can get a few hours of sleep. He walks around the small one bedroom house and doesn't see her, and begins to feel uneasy.

"Cameron?" he says aloud, just above a whisper. No one answers back, but he hears boots crunching on the desert sand not far from him. He clicks his safety off and begins to aim in the direction of the sound.

"Cameron, that you? Come on, answer me, this isn't funny," he whispers.

"It's me, John," Cameron replies as she comes into his line of sight. "I heard a noise not too far from here and decided to investigate; I'm sorry if I upset you."

"Its fine, I was just curious where you ran off to. What was the sound then?" John asks as he lowers the gun and clicks the safety back on.

"I don't know, it sounded like electric sparks but I found no evidence. What do you think it could be?" she questions.

"I don't know, maybe a telephone pole had a small surge or something. I was hoping you could come lay with me for a while so I can get a little sleep. But now I'm fully awake so maybe you can make your vanilla pancakes?" he asks, raising his eyebrows hopefully.

"Of course, John," she replies with a small smile. She watches him for a brief moment and is happy that John is considerate enough to ask instead of demand.

John sits at the table while Cameron cooks in silence. She makes herself two small pancakes and makes John a complete stack. They sit and eat peacefully, making small talk about their plans for the day.

"So what time should we begin training today?" he asks enthusiastically.

"Eight am would be a good time, John. Would you like to come with me to Circle K in a little while?" she asks. "I would enjoy the company on my walk," she adds hopefully.

"Sure Cam, sounds like a plan," he replies with a broad smile. He is happy she is beginning to show her emotions and he is hundred percent convinced they are legit and not some imitation.

"Well it's almost five-thirty; we should start walking, John."

"Ok Cam let me grab my wallet and let's go. I want to talk to you about a few things while we're out as well if that's okay, it's uhh… kind of personal things," he says nervously.

Cameron just nods her answer while in her mind she is trying to figure out what he could possibly mean. Did she upset him somehow? Did she cross his personal boundaries again like she has done in the past? She hopes he isn't angry with her because when he's angry with her she feels like her world is crashing down around her.

John notices the subtle looks on her face as they head outdoors and it's like he can read her mind.

"Don't worry Cam, I'm not angry with you or anything of the sort, it's just I want to get something off my chest, something I've been keeping bottled up since the first day I met you in New Mexico."

She stays silent so he takes it as that she understands or so he hopes.

'Come on John man up and just tell her; life is too short to not take a leap or two every once in a while.'

"Okay Cameron, it's like this: I have always found you physically attractive as I'm sure you know, but deep down I have always had a feeling you were different. I know you have emotions and you can feel; it may be different than how I feel but that doesn't matter to me. It's still there and part of you and for so long I have fought to deny how I feel but I can't do it anymore."

She just continues to stare at him, somewhat shocked as this is not even something she considered as to what he could have wanted to talk about.

John takes one last huge sigh and blurts out, "I love you Cameron, and I always have. I just wanted you to know that."