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Chapter 3: The Best Laid Plans

March 15th, 7:02 AM: United States Penitentiary, Victorville, California.

"Let's go ladies, time for breakfast!" barked one of the guards.

Sarah Connor was already awake and completing pushups, doing her best to stay in shape without the proper equipment. The food wasn't too bad, and after she dropped the first few inmates who screwed with her in the first couple weeks of her imprisonment everyone had basically left her alone, just how she wanted.

The Kaliba group couldn't get to her while she was in federal custody without going for a full-on assault, and she's guessing it wasn't worth it to them seeing as she can't do anything to thwart their plans from behind bars. She just hopes John is okay and still trying to stop Judgment Day from ever happening.

She was surprised to say the least when he actually listened to her for once about not breaking her out of prison; sure, she didn't want to have to spend the rest of her days locked in a cell, but if meant keeping John safe then so be it. She wakes up every day and wonders where her son and the Tin Miss are and what they are doing. She just hopes that Cameron hasn't influenced her son too much, or that he will never forget what she truly is behind that beautiful face of hers.

'No, not hers, its face Sarah, don't you forget either!'

Shaking off those thoughts, she begins to wonder if the prison is out of the blast zone if the bombs do drop; she really doesn't want to be evaporated in a small cell with her annoying cellmate. The chubby Latina girl that shares the cell with her doesn't stop talking about her abusive husband, and every time Sarah attempts to give her advice she defends the low life. However, if Sarah doesn't say anything, the woman complains that she doesn't listen. She wants nothing more than to drop kick her into next week, but decides against it.

She doesn't want to have to go to solitary; she has had to deal with that twice since she arrived and served two weeks locked in a small dark room with nothing both times, and it just leaves her with too much time to think. This in turn makes her think of everything she has lost, ever since Kyle came through time to save her life and bless her with a son, who would lead the human race to ultimate victory against the machines.

'I would die for John Connor…'she will never forget what Kyle Reese said to her during their brief moment together.

Makes her feel proud that her son will be the most revered man in all of history; he will have thousands of people who are loyal to their very core and would follow him into hell and back if he so asked them to. But it saddens her to think that in order for him to become the great general he is destined to be, the majority of the world has to die first. How she despises Skynet and its minions that want to bring about the destruction of mankind, and how can this Kaliba group assist them in doing so? Don't they understand they will all die as well if Skynet wins the war? For people supposedly so smart, they are extremely blind and dumb. But they will be dealt with along with Skynet by her son. He will make the traitors pay with their lives. She doesn't like to have to take human life, but to her these 'Grays' need to all burn in the deepest depths of hell, and her son will be the man to make sure they do just that.

Sarah got in line with her tray and plastic spoon, waiting for her turn to get some eggs and sausage slapped onto her plate. She grabbed an apple and a small milk packet, and then walked over to her personal table that she sits at every day. She begins to eat her meal and load up some energy before they all get sent out for their yard time. She normally just runs along the fence perimeter every time to keep her cardio up.

Her meal goes relatively quietly as usual; a few other women got into a slap fight, apparently over something as trivial as accidently bumping into each other.

'If they all knew the storm that was coming maybe, just maybe, they would stop this race nonsense and band together as they should.'

Wishful thinking, she knows, but one could only hope.

After their morning meal they are all sent back to their cells to spend the next three hours before yard time. Sarah usually uses this time to stretch her legs and prepare for her run; also she has to listen to her cellmate. The woman knows why Sarah is locked up and has brought it up a few times, but refuses to believe Sarah when she tells her its coming. So she gave up giving anyone who asked the warning of what is to come. If they say a thing about it now she just keeps quiet. No point in trying when all they do is laugh in your face about it and try to provoke you.

"Block C! Yard time! Line up and head towards the outer gate!" screamed one of the female guards. Sarah was one of the first out, as per usual. As soon as she was outside she ran to the edge of the yard and began her daily routine of running for the next hour and a half.

About forty-five minutes into her exercise she came to a section that blocks the camera's line of sight just barely; they normally have a guard posted in this section but today the guard seems to have wandered off. And in the guard's place is a woman named Amber and three of her goons.

Amber is a 6"2 blonde with blue eyes. She's a little on the heavy side which is why a lot of people fear her here, and she is also the leader of the female white supremacist gang in this prison. Sarah and Amber got acquainted on Sarah's second day in the prison, because Amber knew who she was from the news and was determined to make the 'Criminal Mastermind/Terrorist' her play thing. But Sarah and her combat training made her able to kick Amber's ass without even breaking a sweat.

It seems today Amber and a few of her lackeys are finally coming for their retaliation, being as Amber's broken arm, which she got in the first fight, is finally healed up.

"Hey Connor, you bitch, are you ready to die? You got lucky last time, but you aren't getting past me and my home girls this time. And no guards are coming to save your ass either," Amber says in a serious tone, while she and one of the other women with her pull out shivs made from toothbrushes.

"What's the matter? You can't handle me on your own?" Sarah retorts.

"I could, but what's the point when I can have my girls help in the fun?"

"Well I hope your girlsare ready to spend the next few weeks in the infirmary with you."

"They won't have to, you're gonna be in the morgue in the next hour or so."

Sarah sighs. "Well let's get this over with quickly then, shall we? I want to finish my run."

Amber sends her three pawns first, who begin throwing punches and kicks at her like wild animals; no discipline, no skill. Sarah just ducks and dodges the first few before lashing out with some of her own stuff. She catches one of the smaller girl's legs and uses her own leg to kick in the knee of her support leg, shattering the knee on impact and bending her leg in the opposite direction. All she heard was a loud CRACKbefore the woman erupted in screams, falling down and holding her severely damaged leg.

'One down, three dumb asses to go.'

But during that, the other woman with the shiv came up to her blind side and got a lucky stab in her left arm just below the shoulder. Instantly after making contact with her arm Sarah dropped to her knees, and moved around the slower woman. Grabbing the arm holding the weapon, she overpowered her to thrust it into her thigh, making her scream out in agony and join her friendon the ground, crying in pain.

Amber noticed two of her pawns go down within a few seconds of each other. She was scared now, and knew Sarah Connor was the real deal, but she couldn't run away; it would destroy her reputation in the prison. So she came running full force at Sarah while she was blocking a few punches from the last remaining pawn.

Sarah noticed Amber coming at her with everything she's got and decided to use her size to her advantage. Amber came in trying to jab the shiv right in Sarah's throat, but she was too quick for her and dodged it easily, then grabbed her arm and twisted it, making Amber flip on to her back. She then dealt with the last pawn quickly by striking key pressure points and kneeing her in the face, rendering her unconscious, before she turned her sights on the barely-starting-to-stand Amber.

"You should have left well enough alone Amber, coming after me for revenge was stupid."

"Shut up you crazy bitch, how the hell did you learn to fight like that anyway, huh?"

"Guerilla warfare training in Mexico. You never had a chance Amber, so I'm giving you one now: go away and forget about vengeance, and you won't be back in the infirmary," Sarah offers, hoping this dumbass will actually use your brain for a second and take the deal.

"I have a better offer Connor, you join my crew, be my main muscle in this shit hole, and I'll hook you up with whatever you want or need, what do you say? We forget about everything that happened between us and become partners," Amber offers, knowing if Sarah fought for her she would easily own the entire prison, not just reign the white girls.

As much as Sarah was tempted to accept her offer just because she could probably use this chick to get a few things she could use to try and break out of here, she refuses to be someone's lackey. She could probably scare Amber into doing a few things for her though.

'Might as well give it a shot, maybe I can find out what John's been up to this way.'

"I have a counter offer Amber: you get a message out for me and I won't break both your legs here and now. Hell, you can even tell everyone else I backed down from a fight with you because I was scared; I don't really give a shit. I just need a message to get out."

Amber froze for a second, knowing full well Sarah could probably do just as she said and snap both her legs like twigs, but really would like Sarah to work for her instead.

"Come on Sarah, name your price. What will it take to get you working for me?"

"I don't work that way; I like to keep to myself and running around fighting anyone who opposes you isn't exactly what I need or want to be doing. Especially since I don't really care for you much. Do as I ask and you won't be hurt by me anymore." Sarah takes a few menacing steps towards Amber to scare her… and it works.

"Okay, okay, damn it. What is the message you need to get out?"

"Contact Father Armando Bonilla, you can find him in LA. Tell him Sarah wants to know if he has heard anything from the boy or knows where he is. That's all you have to say; he will understand my meaning. Give me his reply and our business is done."

"I'll get it done," Amber seethes "Bitch…" she whispers while walking away.

Sarah leaves the three downed women on the ground and continues her run with a grin on her face. She needed a good fight to make sure she hasn't lost it. She starts to wonder how long it might take to hear back from Father Bonilla. She doubts her son has kept contact with him, but it's worth a shot to just know he is safe. Until then she will just continue doing what she's been doing every day since she's arrived in this hell hole, and that's survive.

Her yard time ends as soon as the guards discover three seriously injured women, and of course no one knows what or how it happened. So they issue a twenty-four hour lockdown, meaning no chow for the rest of the day. They have to go do their jobs then spend the rest of the day and night in their cells. Sarah's job is laundry duty with a handful of other inmates. They finish everything by around five p.m. and are promptly sent to their cells to sulk for the next twenty-four hours. So she decides to just continue working out until lockdown is over and she can find out if Bonilla was contacted.

It was a typical day in the high desert of Adelanto California, the sun was beating down on the rough terrain and just about everyone in the small town was indoors to avoid the harsh rays. Everyone except for six young people, who if were to be spotted by anyone would all be considered out of their minds for being outside running along a dried-out river bed. They were all wearing pitch black BDU's and panting with each breath.

This was not what Private Dmitri Jackson wanted to be doing on his second day in paradise; he didn't understand why Connor was making them join him in his daily exercises, it's not like they aren't used to having to run at all times. The only good thing is being able to stare at Corporal Samantha's ass, so he figures it could be worse. He could be stuck behind his Sergeant.

"Say um… Serge, when do you...think we can…take a breather?" Dmitri said in a practically begging tone.

"When Connor say's we can…Private." Victor wasn't fairing much better than the rest of them, but he wasn't gonna complain to the man. He wants nothing more than to have Connor's respect and won't risk it by appearing to be a whiner.

Apparently this wasn't a good enough answer to Jackson, as he decided to voice his opinion to the General himself if his CO wasn't gonna do it. "Excuse me…General! Can we please take…a quick… rest? Sir we aren't exactly…used to this…heat!"

What none of them knew was the fact that John was waiting for someone else to bring it up so he didn't appear weak in front of his new soldiers, which Cameron wasn't too happy about because of the fact she had been telling him he needed to rest for the last twenty minutes.

"Of course, Private, I understand…let's take ten minutes and rehydrate. Then we can jog back to the house and get something…to eat," John stated before he drank down half his bottle of water then proceeded to double over and pour the rest of it over the top of his head.

John looked over at his new soldiers, and couldn't suppress a smirk at the sight. Victor was sitting on a nearby boulder seemingly trying to relax as he slowly sipped his water. Beside him was Private Daniel, who seemed transfixed by the sight of Corporal Samantha, who had taken her BDU shirt off and was wearing only a sports bra, using her shirt to cover her face from the sun. And he wasn't the only one checking out the 5'10 brunette. Private Jackson was lying flat on his back to the side of the dried out river bed, just staring at the Corporal's chest.

John, being a young hormonal young man, also got caught up staring for a brief moment until Samantha noticed his staring. He quickly turned his head and started staring at a cactus as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. She just smirked and put her shirt back on and plumped herself on the ground.

Cameron had noticed John staring at the Corporal and felt…what was it? Anger? Jealousy? She wasn't sure, but she did not enjoy it. She almost whipped her own shirt over her head just to get his attention solely focused on her. She didn't know why she felt the need to do it, but it was there. She decided not to though, knowing it might upset John for her to expose herself in front of his new subordinates.

So she settled on walking up to him and grabbing his hand in hers giving it a gentle squeeze, causing him to look at her and smile.

'Mission accomplished.'

She thought to herself and gave John her own smile. They stayed standing there looking at each for a few more moments before John suggested they head back to the safe house and grab a bite to eat.

The rest of the day was pretty mellow.

It was around eight at night. John and Cameron snuggled up on the small loveseat sofa in the corner of the living room and were watching Tosh.0. On the larger couch Victor, Jackson, and Deckhart were also watching. Corporal Brown was sitting in the dining room on Cameron's laptop exploring a website called YouTube; she was enjoying all the different music and the fun videos.

All the men watching the TV were practically dying of laughter and Cameron couldn't understand why.

"John why are you laughing at the misfortunes of the people caught on tape? Most of them are being injured."

"That's why it's funny Cameron. Sometimes watching someone being stupid and hurting themselves like that is funny. Then when Tosh adds his commentary and jokes… it's just too much," he says trying to hold back some laughter.

Cameron just continued to stare at him in confusion, not satisfied with the answer, but deciding to question it at a later time. More pressing matters needed to be attended to first, like preparing for tomorrow night's prison break.

March 16th, 11:15 PM: United States Penitentiary, Victorville, California.

"How far are we, Sergeant?" John asked

"About two miles sir, should only be a few more minutes," replied Sergeant Rodriguez.

"How long will it take to navigate through the sewer system?"

"About thirty minutes sir, walking two miles in the pitch black."

John just nodded his head as he grabs his cell phone and dials nine-one-one, preparing to set his plan for dealing with the Kaliba members outside the prison into effect. Just as they begin pulling to a stop outside the entrance to the sewer they are about to trek through he hits send.

"Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?" the operator asks in a slightly concerned tone.

"Yes, hello?" John exclaims. "I just saw a group of men outside the Victorville prison and they were all armed! They are wearing some clothes that look like camouflage. I saw one getting up for just a brief second before he went back to hiding in the shrubs! Please hurry, I think they saw me!"

Before the operator could ask John any more questions he hung the phone up and pulled the battery out. As he did so his men and Cameron were getting prepared to enter the drain. Cameron ripped the whole thing off the wall and set it aside, allowing Sergeant Rodriguez and Private Jackson to enter ahead of them, followed closely by John and Cameron, and lastly Corporal Brown and Private Deckhart bringing up the rear.

Deckhart was carrying the bag with the explosives as well as a M4 carbine; Brown was carrying a Benelli M1, while Jackson had a Remington 870. Sergeant Rodriguez and John both carried AR-10's, while John also had a spare AK-47 slung on to his back for his mother. Lastly, Cameron was carrying a M16 assault rifle and a Benelli M1 on her back.

They marched for what seemed to John like eternity, when in reality it was only about thirty-four minutes, before Sergeant Rodriguez signaled for everyone to stop.

"Deckhart, bring the pack here," Rodriguez called out, while shining his flashlight at the ceiling above him. He knew from many times of experience of walking up and down these tunnels that he was exactly where he needed to be. He had been counting his steps ever since he stepped foot in the sewer just to be completely sure.

"Yes, sir," replied Deckhart as he jogged to the front of the group and un-slung the pack off his shoulder. He began prepping two small C4 blocks.

"We're gonna need to boost him up about two feet so he can plant the charges," Rodriguez stated, while looking directly at Cameron in the room dimly lit by the flashlights they carried.

Cameron just nods her head and steps forward, handing her rifle to the Sergeant, and then turns around to face the Private. She intertwines her hands and gestures for the Private to use her hands basically like a step stool. She easily holds his weight while he places the C4 in two different locations, just enough to blow a four foot by three foot hole in the ground.

"Okay, once this blows we're gonna have to boost Cameron and Jackson up top, and let Cameron get Sarah out of the cell while Jackson provides cover," Rodriguez said, trying to orchestrate the whole thing so it goes off without a hitch, but John wasn't gonna stay out of this for a second.

"No. I'll go up with Cameron; you guys stay down here and get ready to cover our asses if things don't go well," John called out

"But sir, this could get very dangerous. There's no need to risk yourself."

"I don't care, she's my mother and I refuse to sit this out. I don't need to be coddled; I'm tired of hiding and letting everyone else do the fighting for me!"

Seeing that his General wasn't gonna change his mind, he just nods and sighs before adding, "At least take Jackson up with you sir; Brown, Deckhart, and I will cover the tunnel."

"Deal. I want you guys to have this tunnel ready to be sealed off when we get back."

"Roger that," said Deckhart as he began prepping three more small bricks of C4, before turning and saying, "We all need to back up about fifteen feet so I can blow this thing."

Once they were at a safe distance Deckhart looked over to John, awaiting his command to blow it. John took in a deep breath before looking over to Cameron, who gave him a small but reassuring smile. He knew she had his back no matter what was about to transpire; he was ready.

"Blow it!" John exclaimed, covering his ears.

Cameron quickly used her body to shield him from any potential debris while everyone else covered their ears and tucked their heads into their chests. Deckhart hit the detonator and an instant later a loud, thunderous crack exploded throughout the narrow tunnels.

The group quickly rushed over to opening in the ceiling and noticed almost instantly that alarms were blazing throughout the entire complex; they could hear various inmates and guards all shouting at the extremely unexpected explosion. Some were cheering for chaos, others were screaming in terror, but it did not matter to John or his followers. So far everything was going according to plan.

Sergeant Rodriguez and Corporal Brown laced their hands together to give Cameron a boost up first, followed shortly after by John, and then Private Jackson, while Deckhart began applying the remaining C4 to make their escape. Now they had to just sit and wait for John and the others to return, hopefully unharmed.

Sarah Connor was just lying in bed, unable to sleep, like most other nights. Her mind often wondered what John was doing, if he was safe, where he was. Other times she reminisced about her short time with Kyle. How she wished he was still alive, if not for her than for their son. And the other things that kept her awake were her nightmares about the apocalypse and all the horrors it would bring with it.

Her cellmate was sound asleep, and had been for the last few hours; how she envied the woman so much. She wished she could just have one decent night's rest but it seems it just wasn't in her cards.

While Sarah was lying there deep in thought, wondering if Father Bonilla had been contacted yet, her entire cell suddenly shook and she heard a loud explosion about fifteen feet away. Sarah immediately jumped up and tried to see what it was, but all she could see was dust and smoke. Concrete debris was all over the floor, and she saw a guard running from where the explosion occurred, coughing very hard. Her roommate was wide awake at this moment and standing right next to Sarah, trying to see what the hell was happening.

That's when Sarah saw her: it was Cameron. She seemed to be standing there searching for her. She couldn't believe they were here; she was pissed as hell that they came for her, but at the same time very relieved she wasn't going to sit in prison until Judgment Day.

"Cameron! Over here!" Sarah screamed out over the loud blazing alarms and various people screaming.

Sarah saw Cameron make eye contact with her and start to approach her cell; following close behind Cameron was John, and behind him was a man she never seen before. The unknown man was walking backwards, covering John's back from any potential threat.

None of the guards in the cell block were even thinking about approaching the armed intruders with just their batons, they were trying to get to the armory and were calling for reinforcements. However, they wouldn't be here long enough for the reinforcements to actually arrive.

Cameron reached Sarah's cell and easily ripped the bars off, allowing Sarah to run out and grab her son.

"I told you to run!" she exclaimed, never letting go of him.

"I know, bad John Connor. Mom, we have to go. Here, I brought you this."

He handed her the Ak-47 and she immediately checked the magazine before looking over at her cellmate, who looked absolutely terrified. She knew what Sarah Connor was in prison for, and now seeing these people breaking her out of prison with these high powered guns she didn't know what to do. How was that small girl able to rip the door right off the cell?

"All right, let's get the hell out of here; we don't have a lot more time," John stated as he began heading back to the hole they made in the ground.

The group all sprinted back to their escape route, where Cameron and John lower Sarah in first, followed by John, then Jackson, and lastly Cameron. As soon as they are all down they follow Rodriguez to where Deckhart and Brown are waiting so that they can blow the walls out and make their escape. Sarah notices all the new people and whispers into John's ear, asking who they are.

"They are friend's mom; I'll explain everything once we're safely out of the area, okay? Just follow them so we can get out of here."

"Okay John, but I want answers as soon as we are clear."

"I know you do, and you will get them."

Sarah nods her head and the group begins their exit of the tunnels. It took them about thirty-five minutes to reach the SUV. They give Sarah a change of clothes and throw her prison clothes in the sewer before Cameron closes it back up. Sarah sits in the middle of the SUV between Rodriguez and Brown so that there is less of a chance to be spotted by anyone.

Luckily they are able to escape the area, and begin their way into Arizona; they know they are going have to leave the state as soon as possible. Sarah's face will be all over the news for a few days, and they have to get to Texas and meet up with Catherine Weaver. But John is happy for the victory they just achieved; he still has both his mother and Cameron.