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Chapter 4

Loki was waiting, exactly where Lucy had left him. Loki moved beside Lucy as she walked away. "I heard you in there." He stated blandly. "I was surprised that it was so quiet. Accusations like that usually start a massive brawl." Lucy smirked in reply, "Guilt tends to make the mouth dry." Grabbing the lions hand, Lucy silently and steadily moved towards her apartment.

After a time of silence, Loki glanced over at his master. "Do you think he'll follow you?" he asked.

Lucy thought for a moment, then answered. "Probably. He will try to talk things over or at least get me to give him a key to the apartment to get his things. Happy has been gone with Wendy and Charle for a while now so he may try to convince me to leave him the apartment as it is so Happy has some place to come back to. I know he will try something but I already have it taken care of." Loki raised an eyebrow at this but said nothing. In contemplative silence, they made their way to Lucy's home.

Upon arriving, Lucy stopped and turned to Loki. "Hey," she started, "I'm going to have you and Taurus stay out here while I finish packing." The lion spirit made to ask why but was silenced by Lucy as she called upon Taurus. With a pop and a loud "Moo! Luuucy!" Taurus appeared flexing his muscles.

"Hey babe!" the bull called, "Virgo told us everything that has been goin' on. Need me to bust some heads before I rest my head in your bust?" Reaching for the mage, Lucy dodged and replied, "No, thanks! I just need you to stand guard out here with Loki in case of any disturbances."

As Lucy made to walk into her apartment, Loki stopped her. "Do you have an idea of what you're going to do?" he asked.

Lucy sighed, running her fingers through her short locks. "Yes, I have a tentative plan." she stated, "I'm going to pack all the things important to me and leave the rest here. I want to learn more about my real family. I never knew my parents families. My mother was a stellar mage and my father was a self-made business man. What I want to know is who their parents were and if they had siblings, anything really. This experience with the guild has made me curious about my real family. Maybe I will find something important, maybe not but it gives me somewhere to start from here."

Loki looked mildly surprised at this. "What will you do for money in the mean time?" he wondered.

"Anything I can, short of selling my body" she replied nonplussed. "There are always jobs to be done that don't go through the guilds." She held up her hand to silence her partner who was about to speak. "And no I don't plan on doing dark guild work or anything illegal. I'll work as a waitress or bartender if there is no mage work to be found."

"You do know finding and completing mage work outside of a guild will be difficult?" Loki asked worriedly.

Lucy smiled, the closest she has come to her normal smile all day. "That's what I have all you for!" At this she moved her way into the building and up to her apartment.

Once at her apartment, she spotted boxes in the hallway. 'Good', she thought, 'Virgo must have packed up all of Natsu's things and things that were mementos from our relationship for me as I asked her to. At least I won't have to worry about that now.' Humming she moved into her apartment. Two closed suitcases and a half filled trunk lay in the front room. Lucy stooped down and opened the two suitcases. Both were full of her clothes and toiletries, even the item she took on her mission were cleaned and packed. "Thank you Virgo." she whispered to no one. The trunk had a few of her books, her diary and the box of letters to her mother in it. Moving around quickly, Lucy went about packing the rest of the items and trinkets that she wished to take with her. She had already informed her landlady that she would be leaving tonight and that to cover the rest of her rent that she would leave all the major furniture in the rooms. After hearing her story, Mrs. Landlady was more than ok with that and she even gave Lucy back her security deposit. Just as she was finishing up, she heard a ruckus outside. She sighed, knowing that this last confrontation needed to happen. With one last look around the place, she turned off all the lights, placed her baggage out in the hall way and locked the door for the last time.

Lucy made her way back down to the front of the building. She spotted Natsu in a heated argument with both Loki and Taurus. Still angry, Lucy pushed open the doors and walked up to the trio, stepping in-between them. "Stop. You're causing a scene. Taurus would you please go up stairs and grab the 2 suitcases and the trunk and bring it down here." Taurus stared at Lucy, "You sure?" She nodded. "Alright then.", the bull moved towards the building and entered. Turning to her ex, Lucy glared at him, "What do you want Natsu? I thought this," she motioned between them, "was done and over."

Natsu exploded. "What the hell do you mean, Luce?! I didn't even have a chance to talk to you or explain anything!"

"There's nothing to really explain." Lucy stated angrily, "You have been cheating on me behind my back, everyone at the guild knew about it and no one had the guts to tell me about it!"

"Lucy," he started, "I didn't mean for things to turn out this way. I really thought that I felt everything for you but.." Lucy cut him off, "But I'm not Lisanna! Look Natsu, you were in the wrong here! I am leaving, tonight by the way, and I'm not coming back anytime soon. It's not just you, it's the guild that betrayed me." Natsu seemed to pale at this. "There is nothing you can say or do that will change this Natsu." Taurus had come down with her luggage. Lucy made to move away when Natsu changed tactics.

"What the hell did you do with my things? Where am I supposed to live?" he yelled.

Lucy rounded on him. "Your things are packed in boxes in the hallway and I don't give a damn where you live from now on. This was my apartment and I have already talked to the landlady, dissolving my lease. All your extra items are still in the storage unit were they put when you moved in." Lucy sneered. "Maybe you can move in with Lisanna, not that you'll get much play with Elfman in the house. Now I need to get going, the train I plan on catching leaves in an hour. I have nothing more to say to you and I don't need to hear any more of you excuses." Natsu glared at Lucy and stomped off into the building, muttering under his breath the whole way.

Lucy sighed again, for what seemed the 100th time tonight. Turning to her spirit friends, "Loki, Taurus, would you please help me get my luggage to the station." They both nodded, small smiles on both. "Thanks guys!" she called and she smiled. Her friends turned and picked up her luggage, following her on the way towards the station.

Lucy thanked her friends and dismissed them. They both hugged her and smiled. As Taurus melted away, Loki stayed. "Lucy," he said, "I hope you find what you need out there. We will all be with you and I hope you can find something to fill the emptiness in you." He smiled widely and hugged her one last time before he melted away back to the spirit world.

Bags stored and in her compartment, Lucy settled down for her trip. 'I do wish that I could have seen Gray and Erza one last time,' she wondered. As the train started to move, she looked at the window, not noticing the half-naked mage and the red-haired woman moving down the platform.