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A little girl ran down the steps of a little cottage and threw herself into the arms of a man in uniform. Her mother soon appeared at the doorway, shock and cake batter grazing her round face. The man looked up from the squealing girl, his blue eyes filled with tears. The woman began to cry and stumbled down to her husband. He was finally home.

"How touching." a drawl came from the darkness.

The happy family froze, locked in their happy embrace. The control was lowered and a woman looked away from the screen. The speaker stepped out from his hiding spot, a smirk plastered on his face. He was a very handsome man- dark green eyes against a pale aristocratic face. The woman's pretty face hardened and turned back to the television.

"Under normal circumstances, I would ask what you are doing here, but we both know the answer."

The man stood behind her.

"You're never going to win Tom." she murmured, her eyes trained on the happy family. Her family. "You can kill as many people as you like, but there will always be someone. Someone determined to stop you."

"Like you?"

The young woman laughed and finally turned to face him.

"I'm tired of fighting. You took away everyone I ever loved."

His green eyes looked fiercely into her own. "They were taking you away from me. I had to do what was right." He declared. The woman shook her head, her eyes filled with pity and anger.

"I was never yours Tom. Nor will I ever be after what you have done."

She turned back to the screen, ignoring Tom's shaking form. His green eyes turned red and with a clench jaw, trained his wand at her head. A bolt of sickly green light sailed across the room and hit her. She collapsed. His eyes returned to their normal hue and his face contoured into deep anguish. What had he done? He quickened his stride to reach his love and collapsed beside her, cradling her in his arms.

"It's your fault." He croaked, kissing her cooling lips with a bruising fervor. "You could have been mine, Minerva McGonagall."

Tom laid her on the sofa, tucking her in with a blanket she had lying around, and kissed her one last time. To anyone walking in, it would look like she had died in her sleep. Only he would know the truth.

With a last look at his beloved, he was gone.

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