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Episode 2: Radioactive Rally

The contestants awoke to a loud crash. Courtney shot up from her bed.

Courtney: What was that?!

Across the cabin, Dawn was meditating on her bed. She opened one eye to look at her teammate.

Dawn: Don't worry, it is only Chris.

Zoey climbed down from the bunk above, yawning.

Zoey: Ugh, we better get dressed.

Sierra was still fast asleep and snoring in her bed above Courtney's.

Courtney: Hey! Wake up!

Sierra: Wha-?

Courtney: We have another challenge to win, ladies.

On the guys' side, Noah climbed out of his bed. Mike was already getting dressed, and Owen was still asleep, mumbling about donuts.

Mike: Morning.

Noah: Hey, ready for today's challenge?

He rolled his eyes and put on his shirt.

Mike: Ha, yeah of course.

Noah: So you have no problems with those other personalities anymore?

Mike: Nope, I can totally contain them in public. Though I always try to keep my shirt on, just in case Vito tries to get out.

Noah: Glad to hear, though I'm sure Chris is disappointed that he can't exploit you anymore.

Mike: Yeah I'm worried that he's gonna try to catch me off guard and get one of my other personalities to come out.

Noah: It wouldn't surprise me.

He looked over at Owen.

Noah: Wake up you big lug!

He kicked his friend in the butt and got an unpleasant fart to the face.

Outside, the contestants gathered in front of their cabins as Chris waited.

Chris: Good morning campers! How is everyone this fine morning?

Duncan: Cut the crap and just tell us what we've gotta do, McLean.

Alejandro: Duncan, let us not be rude to our gracious host.

Duncan: Are you serious, man? Still trying to pretend you're a good guy? You're on team villain for a reason.

Alejandro scowled at him.

Gwen: Haha, he should just embrace his inner villain like we are.

She laughed as she grabbed Duncan's arm. Courtney looked on in disgust.


Courtney: Seriously? Ugh they just make me want to throw up!


Chris: Today's challenge will be a little something I like to call the Radioactive Rally!

Zoey: Radioactive? But you said the island was clean!

Chris: It is, but that doesn't mean Chef and I didn't keep a couple special things.

Cuts to Chef, in the middle of the forest, pouring barrels of toxic waste into a pool on the ground.

Chris: You will be running a one-lap race around the entire island. The first team to get all their members across the finish line wins.

Mike: Seems simple enough.

Noah: Dude, never say that.

Chris: Haha Noah's right, because I forgot to mention there will be a lot of little surprises along the way.

The contestants groaned.

Lightning: Well whatever, Lightning has totally got this! Sha-bam!

Jo: Just stay outta my way lunkhead, I'm winning this!

Lightning: What? No way!

Gwen: Uh, you guys do realize you're on the same team, right?

Jo: So what? I wanna be first! And the rest of you losers better not screw this up for us!

Heather: Oh good, talk down to us. Now if we lose we'll totally be voting you off.

Jo: I'm gonna make sure we don't lose!

The villains continued to argue as they lined up at the start line. The heroes received a pep talk from Courtney.

Courtney: Okay team, they may be stronger, they may be faster, but we are smarter.

Owen: I want donuts.

Courtney: Well, most of us are smarter. We will once again prove to those villains that brain always triumphs over brawn.

Sierra: Yes! Go us!


Sierra: I'd just like to say that I'm possibly the smartest one here! I mean, I've studied every episode of Total Drama thoroughly and I know each contestant's strengths and weaknesses better than they do themselves!


Chris: Okay campers, are you ready for the Radioactive Rally?!

Jo: Yes! Let's go!

Gwen rolled her eyes.

Gwen: You won't be so high and mighty if we end up losing.

Jo: If we end up losing, it'll probably be because you're too slow!

Duncan: Okay buddy, you do not talk to my girl that way, understand?

Jo: Don't call me buddy, I'm not a guy!

Lightning: What is your problem, dude?

Jo angrily punched the jock in the face.

Lightning: Ah! Lightning's perfect face!

Chris: All right! On your marks, get set, go!

The thirteen contestants ran off. Jo was in the lead, followed closely by Lightning.

Jo: Try and catch me, losers!

Most of the heroes lagged at the back of the pack.

Courtney: Come on team, let's move!

She caught up to Duncan, who turned and looked at her.

Duncan: Oh hey there princ-

He stopped short as she tripped him, and he fell face first onto a rock.

Courtney: So long!

Duncan groaned and tried to get up, but was trampled by Owen.


Duncan: Oh she is gonna pay for that one.


The racers soon reached the forest, where the lake of toxic waste awaited them. Jo skidded to a halt, while Lightning wasn't paying attention and ran past her, looking back over his shoulder to mock her.

Lightning: Aw what's the matter, dude? Getting tired?

He slipped right into the waste.

Lightning: Ahhhhhhh! It burns!

Jo: Thanks for testing it out, meatbag. Now how do I get around it?

More of the contestants skidded to a stop next to her.

Alejandro: How do we get through this?

Lightning pulled himself out of the waste and lay on the ground, panting.

Lightning: Man whatever you do, do NOT go in it.

Heather: We weren't planning on it.

Gwen: Well what's your suggestion?

Heather glared at her.

Heather: I don't know Gothy, why are you asking me?

Gwen: Well you seem to think you're so smart, so I figured-

Alejandro: Ladies, I have an idea! We will climb the trees.

Heather: Ugh, yeah right.

Lightning: Lightning is way ahead of you!

He quickly tried to climb a tree, but to no avail, and fell right back into the waste pool.

Meanwhile, Dawn, Noah, and Owen were just entering the forest. They were walking.

Noah: You do realize we're gonna be the cause of our team's loss, and Courtney is gonna get all pissy, right?

Dawn: Sometimes you must be patient. Have you not heard of the tortoise and the hare?

Owen: Ooh I love that story!

Noah rolled his eyes at Owen's comment and looked back at Dawn.

Noah: Well yeah, but I hardly doubt those jocks are taking a rest.

Dawn giggled.

Dawn: You view the world far too cynically, Noah. You must learn to have faith.

Noah just shrugged and looked away, mumbling under his breath.


Dawn: I believe that perhaps I can be the one who can get Noah to open up. I just hope that he trusts me. I only want to help him and be his friend.


Back at the toxic waste pool, Alejandro had successfully climbed a tree, and jumped from branch to branch. Heather taunted him from below.

Heather: Don't look down, or think about that horrid toxic mess below you!

Gwen: Okay, we don't want him to fail. He's on our team.

Heather: Whatever.

Jo: All right ladies, outta my way.

She climbed up the tree and followed Alejandro.

Jo: Get a move on!

Gwen and Heather reluctantly followed her up the tree.

Lightning: Wait for Lightning!

Soon all five of them made it to the other side and jumped down onto the ground.

Alejandro: Yes, excellent work team!

Gwen: Wait, where's Duncan?

Courtney finally reached the pool, with Zoey, Mike, and Sierra behind her.

Courtney: Ew what is this?! How did you get across?

Jo: Like we'd tell you! Later losers!

As the villains ran off, Alejandro lagged behind and pointed at the trees, then winked at Courtney.


Alejandro: I figured it couldn't hurt to try and gain Courtney's loyalty once again. It might be easier than gaining anyone's loyalty from my own crappy team.


Courtney looked up at the trees.

Courtney: That's it, we'll use the trees to get over it!

Zoey: Great idea, Courtney!


Courtney: Yeah yeah, so it wasn't my idea. But I couldn't let my team know that. I wonder why Alejandro was helping me though, he must be up to something again. He won't pull anything over on me this time!


The four of them successfully crossed the pool, just as Duncan arrived on the other side.

Duncan: Climbing the trees huh? Good idea, but it won't save you from me.

Courtney: Get lost!

Sierra: We need the rest of our team!

Courtney: Ugh, I know! You three go on ahead, I'll delay Duncan as long as I can.

The others ran off, leaving Courtney alone with Duncan.

Duncan: Delaying me is pointless, I'm still gonna win.

Courtney: No way, my team will get past here first!

Duncan: Oh please, whenever they do get here, how do you even think Owen is gonna cross through the trees?

Courtney paused and sighed.

Courtney: I hadn't thought of that.

Duncan: Exactly.

Just then, Dawn, Noah, and Owen came into view.

Courtney: There you are! Where have you been?

Dawn: We are simply taking our time.

Courtney: This is a race, you can't take your time!

Owen: How are we gonna get past the green stuff?

Courtney: You need to climb through the trees.

Noah: Oh sure, this will go over well.

Duncan: Normally I would have run off by now and left you turds to stew, but I'm feeling kinda generous today.

He looked across at Courtney with a smirk.

Courtney: Just leave us alone!

Duncan: Hey, I'm gonna help them get across.

Owen: But how, Duncan?

Duncan: Like this.

He shoved Owen down into the pool and hopped on his back. He looked at Noah and Dawn.

Duncan: Get on!

The two quickly hopped on Owen, and Duncan kicked his heel into Owen's side.

Duncan: Giddy-up!

Owen: The green stuff burns!

He paddled quickly across to the other side, where Duncan and the others hopped off.

Courtney: But why did you help us?

Duncan: I told you, I was feeling generous. And I didn't wanna see you upset.

Courtney glared at him.

Courtney: Stop it!

Duncan: What?

Courtney: You know what! I'm never going to forgive you Duncan, ever, no matter what you do.

Duncan: Ouch, that hurts you know.

Courtney: Oh does it? You wanna know what really hurts? Having your boyfriend kiss another girl and humiliate you on national television!

Owen: Uh, we're just gonna go.

He quickly picked up Noah and Dawn and ran off.

Duncan: Look, I know I was wrong! I was a total douchebag, and I'm trying to make it up to you.

Courtney: You can never make it up to me, it was unforgivable!

Tears were forming in her eyes. Duncan sighed and put his hand on her shoulder.

Duncan: I'm not asking you to forgive me, I know you never could. But I'm just trying to do something right for you.

Courtney looked up at him, confused.

Duncan: Go ahead and win. I'll stay here.

Courtney: But then your team will obviously vote you off.

Duncan shrugged.

Duncan: Then so be it.

Courtney: You'd really do that, for me?

Duncan: I'd do anything for you, Courtney. Really I would.

Courtney stared at him for a while longer.

Duncan: Now go ahead and win the challenge.

Courtney: I don't trust you. As soon as I turn my back you're going to trip me and run off.

Duncan: I promise I won't.

Courtney: You're lying! That's what you do!

Duncan sighed.

Duncan: Fine, don't believe me. I'm not going anywhere though.

He leaned against a tree and crossed his arms. Courtney continued to glare at him, then slowly turned and sped off.

She soon reached the end stretch along the beach, where she saw Jo and Lightning had already crossed the finish line. She then noticed that Chris and Chef were throwing sea urchins at the others in front of her.

Heather: Ow! Stop that!

Chris and Chef laughed hysterically as they continued to pelt the contestants.

Alejandro: We must reach the finish line!

Jo looked around.

Jo: Where is that punk?! We can't win without him!

Courtney: He's not coming! You've lost!

Jo: What?!

The others finally crossed the finish line.

Chris: The Heroic Hamsters win again!

The heroes cheered, while Jo went into a fit of rage.

Jo: When I find that asshole I'm gonna grind him into a pulp!

Lightning: Hey dude, just calm down-


She angrily uprooted an entire tree, and smashed it on top of Lightning, crushing him underneath.

Gwen: What is your problem?!

Alejandro: It would appear she is a very sore loser.

Duncan emerged from the trees and walked over to join them. Jo leaped into his face.

Jo: YOU! You made us lose! You are so eliminated!

Duncan just shrugged and walked off.

Jo: Get back here! I'm not finished with you!

Gwen, Heather, and Alejandro watched her chase after Duncan. They then just stared at the tree where Lightning was mumbling from underneath.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris had only five marshmallows on his plate.

Chris: Wow, what a crazy day, huh?

Jo looked over at Duncan angrily.

Chris: You've all cast your votes, and I have marshmallows for Heather, Lightning, Alejandro, Gwen, and…









Jo leaped up from her stump.

Jo: What?! It was because of him that we lost!

Gwen: Yeah, but you're a psycho.

Jo: No! I won't stand for this mutiny!

Chris: Chef, if you will.

Chef walked over and picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder. He walked as Jo kicked and shouted and he dumped her into the catapult. Chris walked over.

Chris: Shut up already!

He pulled the lever and sent Jo flying off into the night sky.

Chris: Sheesh, what a poor loser. Anywho, what have we got in store for the twelve remaining campers next? Find out next time, right here, on Total Drama All-Stars!

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