Harry had just lost the fight of his life with Dudley's gang. As usual, Dudley had beaten on him and tied him up. Now his aunt Petunia was going to cook him up for Dudley to eat. But Dudley didn't want to wait and just grabbed one of Harry's feet to eat raw. That's when Harry started thrashing. Everything suddenly became very dark and blurred but Harry was hopped up on adrenaline. And Dudley's iron grip on his right ankle didn't let up or ease his panic any.

"Calm yourself child." Wait, that didn't sound like Dudley's voice. Or anyone else's voice he knew. What was going on? He needed his glasses. Putting them on he saw Tyrael's form in the candlelight, sitting on his bed near his right ankle. Presumably, Tyrael had gripped it to scare him. No, there's no way Tyrael knew about his nightmares, that anyone knew about his nightmares. Tyrael probably just did it to wake him up.

Harry just waited for Tyrael to tell him what he wanted.

"I have been performing reconnaissance," here Harry grew confused "that's scouting, inside and outside of the castle to find all monsters nearby and assess their strengths. I've no wish for them to scatter before they can be slain. While doing so, I've been listening to rumours and gossip. I heard the strangest rumour about you Harry Potter. Apparently, you were a mere babe when you slew a Dark Lord, barely able to walk yourself, and yet managed to achieve this heroic feat without a single weapon. Preposterous of course, it would take an incredibly dim mind to credit the story as anything but artifice." now Harry was even more confused "That's make-believe Harry. So I came to see if you would enlighten me as to what really happened that day you slew a Dark Lord."

That wasn't a question Harry wanted to answer. But apparently that was irrelevant because Tyrael just nodded his head,

"I can see you don't wish to talk about the subject child. It's alright and not unexpected. Perhaps another time."

Well, that was more than a little creepy. Maybe he should ask his own questions then,

"Did you kill Snape?"

"The torturer and mad scientist? Oh yes. Second only to Dumbledore in sheer Evil so far as I've seen in this wizarding community."

"Are you going to kill more people?"

"Only the most Evil, Harry. If I tried to eradicate all Evil large and small, not only would there be nothing left for heroes to slay but I would never succeed in slaying the most powerful. No, I must prioritize and concentrate my efforts on the larger. The Hedonist on the train I slew was something of a special case. He was connected to you and Evil Ones attaching themselves to you is not something I will tolerate. You're still too young and vulnerable to deal with them yourself."

Harry's mind boggled. "You want me to kill everyone evil who gets near me?"

Tyrael smiled slightly. "In time Harry, in time. Though in truth, not for many years. Your friend Hermione on the other hand ..."

Harry's brow furrowed in puzzlement. "Are you saying I can't kill anyone but that *Hermione* can?"

Tyrael grew amused at the child's befuddlement. "Angel-taught mortals are the deadliest by far, Harry. I know you slew a Dark Lord already but I know also it was luck and not skill. More importantly, you're simply not ready" and Tyrael tapped Harry on his forehead then his breastbone "here and here, to become a Slayer. Though learning from an Angel would mature you rapidly. You would become wise beyond your years."

"So you're going to teach me?"

Tyrael was taken aback "Do you have need of my teachings?"

Harry hemmed and hawed for a while until Tyrael interrupted,

"I can see that you do. And I already know why. This Dark Lord you slew must have had many followers. Dark Lords are like that, Harry. They are cowards whose job is to torture their underlings into murdering and terrorizing for them. The great difference between a Dark Lord and their underlings is the underlings, or the lieutenants in any case, act on a national or continental level whereas the Dark Lord seeks to enshroud all Humanity under their darkness. So long as you remain in the country of the Dark Lord's greatest strength you will remain in danger from his more fanatical or diabolical underlings. Had you left the country to one untouched by this particular Dark Lord's taint, you would have been safe, they would not have followed you. But this was hardly your decision so yes, you will need my teachings child and I shall provide them, gladly."

Harry thought he understood the gist of that speech. The important part is Tyrael would teach him to be stronger so he would never need to kill again. Like Dudley in the schoolyard, when you were big and strong, you didn't need to throw a single punch to scare people off. The thought of never having to kill again made him happy. So happy he yawned.

Now Tyrael let his amusement show in a broad grin. "I will let you sleep child. Good night to you." and with that he walked off down the stairs.

Harry pondered Tyrael's visit for a minute before coming to a decision. He needed to talk to Hermione about this before it made any sense to him. In the morning. After he'd had a good night's sleep.

The next day, finally alone in the library, Harry told Hermione

"I saw Tyrael last night and we talked a bit."

"What? When?"

"In the dorm, he woke me up in the middle of the night. We had a long talk but it was pretty confusing."

Hermione was puzzled "But Harry, that's the boy's dorm. Well, I suppose he could be a boy, maybe. But he's not a Gryffindor! Non-Gryffindors aren't allowed in the dorms past curfew. How could he be in the dorms in the middle of the night?"

Harry was surprised for a moment. As used as he was to Hermione's sense of priorities ... no, he was still surprised. It was ongoing surprise really. He made sure to speak slowly,

"I think you're missing the point here."

Hermione blinked a few times before catching herself "Right, Tyrael was in your dorm and ... you had a long conversation that was ... confusing." She nodded slowly, "Tell me everything about it. Everything."

Harry spent a good 15 minutes explaining his conversation with Tyrael to Hermione. Then another 30 minutes answering questions about it, dredging up every scrap and every little detail he could remember. Frankly, by the end of Hermione's questioning, he no longer cared what his conversation with Tyrael had been about. A good thing surely since Harry had forgotten a great deal overnight and he'd even forgotten what he'd forgotten.

"Right Harry, I think I got it." which statement caused Harry Potter to sigh in relief.

He stared at Hermione while she was thinking. And thinking. And thinking. Five minutes later, he could feel his curiosity rising again despite himself. So he asked her,

"How come Tyrael didn't know about all the Boy Who Lived stuff?"

"That's a good question Harry but the answer is rather obvious. Tyrael is an Angel. Obviously he doesn't care about the gossip going on in the Wizarding World. He's above that sort of thing. And now that he's heard the gossip, he thinks Wizards and Witches are just idiots who don't know what they're talking about. And since Dumbledore is the Leader of the Wizarding World, it's obvious that Tyrael is right. Wizards and Witches really are idiots who don't know what they're talking about."

"But couldn't he tell what had happened with Voldemort from me?"

"Did you tell him Harry?"

"No, I didn't."

"So, how could he have learned what had happened from you without you telling him?"

"Well, back on the train, he seemed to know things. About Ron and about you and about me even. It's like he knew everything."

"Oh he didn't know everything Harry. He was just looking at our souls. It's really obvious. He's an Angel so he can read our souls. But he can't read our minds. He can't see what we're thinking or our memories, only if we're Good or Evil."

Harry pondered that carefully before wondering,

"But why didn't he use that lelimancy thing you talked about, to read minds?"

"Legilimancy Harry. And the answer to that one is obvious too. Mind reading is Evil. Tyrael didn't read your mind because it's an Evil thing to do and since he's Good, he would never do that."

Harry was skeptical. "Are you sure it's not just because he's bad at it?"

Hermione huffed. "Really Harry. Tyrael is an Angel, an *Immortal*, he's probably thousands of years old. There's probably nothing he's bad at, nothing he can't do. Except Evil of course since Angels can't be Evil."

"And you're sure there are no good mind readers? That they're all bad?"

Hermione took the question unusually seriously. Were there any Good mind readers? Could telepaths be Good? She remembered George Orwell's 1984 with a shudder. No, the telepaths in 1984 were definitely Evil. She didn't even want to remember that book, it had given her nightmares, but she forced herself for just a little bit and shuddered again. Oh yes, totally Evil.

Were there any other telepaths? She remembered watching Doctor Who. Oh the Doctor wasn't a telepath, but her Mum had told her that in a previous incarnation he had been, just a little bit. And the Doctor was Good, obviously. Everyone liked him so he must be so. But then again, for some reason, Hermione had never managed to become a fan. The Doctor too obviously enjoyed creating messes and he never cleaned up after himself. No, she was no fan of him. But maybe, maybe his being slightly telepathic was why he was slightly evil.

Hermione finally answered Harry, slowly and carefully "I don't know Harry, but ... but I don't think mind readers can be Good, not really."

"So if we ever meet someone who reads our minds then we'll know they're bad, right?"


They spent a couple minutes in companionable silence until Harry brought up another topic,

"Hermione, you said that Angels can read souls, right? They can tell who's good and bad?"

"Yes I did say that. Why do you ask?"

"Well, it just reminds me of something Voldemort told me last year. Back with the whole Quirrel thing. He said 'there is no good or evil then something something' I don't really remember the rest because I wasn't paying attention."

Hermione hmmed, "That's exactly the opposite of what Tyrael said and what he can do. And Voldemort was a Dark Lord and he was Evil. I think ... I think it means only Good people can understand Good and Evil. No wait, Tyrael does more than understand Good and Evil, he sees it in our souls. Maybe Evil people can't understand Good and Evil because they have no souls. My mum and dad always said their lawyer is a soulless leech. So Tyrael must have seen your soul and he must have seen Ron is Evil because he didn't have a soul." Hermione nodded and smiled, confident she had figured it out.

Harry was stricken "Ron didn't have a soul?"

"Obviously not since he was Evil. Did Ronald ever do anything Good, Harry?"

"Well, what about the time we went to rescue you from the troll?"

"But did Ronald do that because he felt bad for me or because he wanted to look good?"

Harry opened his mouth to answer but Hermione interrupted him.

"Think carefully Harry. Did Ronald ever care about your feelings? Did he ever understand how much you hated your scar? Or the night your parents died? Or your being the Boy Who Lived?"

Harry snapped his mouth shut and furrowed his forehead in thought. He didn't know. Ron always wanted to look good, he always wanted to be better or at least not-worse than him. And Harry let him. What did winning or being first matter compared to having friends?

Hermione snapped him out of his growing funk by declaring "I think we should meet Luna."

Harry was confused. "Why Luna? What's she ... oh, because she was there on the train. What do you think she was doing there?"

"I don't know Harry but we're going to find out." she said with determination.

A/N: Is anyone wondering why Harry treats the killer of his "first friend" in such a friendly manner? Well, he was just woken up in the middle of the night. He's sleepy and groggy and the situation seems more than a little surreal to him. Incidentally ... no, Harry doesn't remember Tyrael's speech about the nature of Dark Lords come morning. He mostly didn't understand it to begin with and it's very difficult to remember random things.

Has anyone ever wondered why Hermione Granger read her textbooks 5 times? It's because her memory is NOT photographic. And even if she reads something multiple times, it doesn't mean she understands it. Hermione certainly did NOT understand what George Orwell's 1984 was about when she was 6 the only time she read it. Only that it was horrible. That's why she only read it once. And that's why she remembers telescreens and interrogators as telepaths.

Also, Hermione Granger is NOT logical in canon so neither is she here. She only BELIEVES IN logic, which is why she is very methodical, thorough and comprehensive. This is not an unalloyed good thing and in no way substitutes for logic.