A/N This is probably going to be a one-shot unless I get serious reviews and/or favourites (maybe?). Also this is my first fanfic and now I understand how hard it is to write a story and why some people get writer's block. -.- Anyways, please tell me what it is like, even if it sucks! And who knows when I might update it. ;)

Haymitch POV

It's hard, living in District 12 now. My family is gone and so is my girlfriend, just because I didn't agree to be sold to the Captiol. Just because I used the force field to win. Just because I didn't want to die so soon. All I have left is my drink. Alcohol is my family now. It takes me back to the days before The Hunger Games, when I laughed and smiled at my family. Alcohol also helps with the nightmares of the arena. But by far the worst thing is when I see Mayislee getting brutally murdered by those birds and waiting with her until she leaves the Earth. As I wander past the Justice Centre, I see Peacekeepers setting up for the Reaping. I wonder what the tributes will be like, and how badly the two will fair in the arena. As the only Victor in Twelve still alive, I get the joy of being mentor to both of them. I head into The Hob and grab some more drink from Ripper, enough to tide me over The Hunger Games. I just want to have a friend to help me, to give the tributes a chance. Maybe this year we will.