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Of course Heather was stuck on an another season with these losers. Even worse, now she had to deal with newbie losers. Heather ran a hand through her hair as she glared at one of the contestants, Gwen. She was too busy making out with Duncan to notice however, which made Heather scoff.

She entered the cabin she was assigned to, and there was CIT Bitch, Ms. Ghetto, and two new girls. One of them looked like one of those pink obsessed girly-girls (Dakota) and the other had on sweatpants and a sweatshirt (Jo, obviously). Heather decided to go and pick on the workout girl.

"Hey, where'd you get your clothes? A dumpster?" Heather insulted. Jo looked up.

"How about you leave me alone before I shove one of these weights up your ass, bitch?" Jo retorted, shoving a suitcase under her bunk bed.

"Ooh I'm so scared!" Heather mocked her with over-animated handmotions.

"I wouldn't insult me if I were you." Jo smirked and stood up, crossing her arms.

"And why?" Heather asked. Jo shooed the other girls outside and grabbed Heather's shirt, pulling Jo's face close to her's.

"I know you're a lesbian." Jo whispered menacingly. Heather's eyes widened.

"I-no, I am not-umm." Heather was clearly turning red, because what Jo said was true. That was why when she kissed Alejandro, she kicked him down the volcano. She just didn't like him like that, she was paid by Chris to act like it for ratings! (A/N: Sorry AleHeather fans, it had to be this way...-_-)

"And I am too." Jo admitted, pushing Heather on the floor. "You're pretty hot." Jo was saying with confidence. Heather's eyes widened further.

"...NO WAY!" Heather sputtered out. Jo retained that smile on her face, which Heather found...sexy? She pushed that thought away, someone like her was not seen in public with another girl, definitely not this one!

"Please Queen Bitch, I know you like me. Except we aren't telling anybody." Jo stated. The others were pounding on the cabin door, trying to get back in.

"Fine then. We can be dating. Except I'm in charge." Heather crossed her arms and glared. Jo shook her head.

"No, I'll be in charge of this!" Jo ordered. Heather narrowed her eyes.

"Let's not make it a relationship. We'll be casual about it, Eva-wannabe." Heather said. Jo reluctantly agreed.

"Meet you in the bathroom, Queen Bitch." Jo walked out of the cabin. Heather got up.

"Bye Eva-wannabe."

A/N: Jo/Heather huh? Honestly, this made me kind of laugh while writing this, but sorry if it escalated quickly. XD! (Sorry if this was too short too...)