The air was silent and cool and there was nary any movement around the still garden. Suddenly, there was a high pitched, feminine scream of surprise and shock which was then followed by a heavy thud and the telltale whirr of something rolling across the floor. A basket of previously clean and newly taken down pile of laundry, consisting of some bedsheets and a few articles of clothing went into the small pond with a happy splash. A pair of startlingly yet enchantingly carmine eyes watched unnoticed from a shadowed branch, hand cupping a small sake cup as their owner swirled the clear liquid around. It reflected the moonlight and almost seemed to glow. He watched the fair maiden carefully, smirking to himself when he saw her fumbling actions but made no move to reveal himself. She frantically tried to fish out the soaked and dirtied laundry from the pond before sighing in despair. She had one job and she messed it up. Whirling around to see the cause for her unfortunate acquaintance with the floor, she broke out in cold sweat as she found out the culprit.

A bottle of sake was currently on its side, the alcohol inside slowly trickling onto the worn, wooden floorboards and being soaked in. The wind howled, bringing with it the cool crisp of autumn and the sakura tree shuddered, branched swaying around and sending blossoms swirling into the air. A faintly sweet smell of cherry blossoms permeated the air and left a soothing atmosphere behind. However, the girl could not enjoy the smell as she was currently fussing over the spilled drink, pulling out a small cloth from her furisode and daubing at the patch of wet floor, hoping to be able to get the alcohol out before it stained. In her absolute focus on the task at hand, she failed to notice a man walking towards her from behind. He was absolutely silent and his very image seemed to be distorted, like the moon on a rippling lake. He had no presence and as such, she did not even give a thought to the idea that someone might be watching her at that moment.

He watched her with longing and something else, a fierce protection and love. Although he would very much like to hold her in his arms, it was not possible at the moment. They had the relationship of master and servant and their dreams of a future together were little more than wishful thinking. He was ultimately cursed to be unable to have her as his and he knew it. The grudge of a fox spirit was truly great and his father, along with his grandfather was also cursed in the same way. Unable to have a child with a demon, they could only continue the lineage by marrying and sleeping with a human woman. It was due to that that their bloodline diluted. He was more human than demon and although he very much wanted to be so, he knew that he had a duty to uphold. He was born as the third master of a great demon yakuza clan and every clan needed a leader, someone to rely on. It simply would not do for him to shirk his responsibilities. Day and Night, such was the coexistence between the two hims living inside his body. One bright and welcoming as the sun, the other cool and alluring as the moon. He would be hard pressed to find someone to accept both of him but he found her, and their relationship wasn't even allowed.

To hell with restrictions, he thinks and he takes a step forward, arms slipping around the tiny waist of the flustered snow woman. She struggled frantically but it was ultimately in vain. He was much stronger than her and she relented to his hold. He tugged her to his chest and sat there, staring as the moon turned into the sun and the girl fell asleep, dozing peacefully. He felt his transformation wearing off, his demon blood slipping away as his human side fought to take over and unclasped his hands. The sleeping girl woke up just in time to see him press his lips on hers for the slightest moment before vanishing, leaving her with fluctuating emotions and a sense of confusion. Her powers surged and the next time petals fell from the tree, they were covered in a layer of frost. Cold and beautiful.

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