Drabble 4 : Michelangelo - Phone Call

Author : Hannurdock

Summary : Sorry it's been a while since the last update. Onlymehere is caught up in RL at the moment, so I decided to post this little piece in amongst this story. There is no particular universe for this one, it was posted on Fanfic Legit a while ago from a writing prompt. Sometimes mistakes come from very unexpected places, and the turtles are not always to blame. One of my friends had a similar number to the supermarket and was getting calls all hours for a specific department, so this kinda stuff does happen in RL.

The original writing prompt was "Phone Call" (The phone rings in the middle of the night. Who is is? What do they want? In what way does this change everything?)

It began at 3am one night when everyone was tucked up in bed. Mikey tumbled into the living area and picked up the ringing phone, mumbling a brief hello. Half an hour later, Don could hear voices in the lounge and wearily made his way over to where Mikey was sitting engrossed in conversation.

Who is it? Don asked in ninja sign language.

Mikey shook his head. Don't know. He signed. This guy is in a bad way. He's threatening to kill himself.

Don sat on the edge of the sofa and watched as Mikey patiently listened and gently advised. It was comical as Mikey was rarely ever serious but now, here he was, listening intently and hanging on every word. After another ten minutes, Mikey hung up, deeply brooding.

"What did he want?" Don asked, now wide-awake.

"He feels he's been born into the wrong body, Donny. He says he's always felt like a girl," Mikey explained. "I felt really sorry for the guy, told him he needs to talk to his doctor and get something sorted out. I hope he does it."

"Mike, go back to bed," Don said with a smile. "Try and get some sleep."

Mikey nodded and shuffled away to his own room. Moments later the phone began to ring again. Mikey came bounding back on high alert. "What if it's him? The guy-girl? What if he needs me?"

Don sighed and gestured to the phone, "Go ahead. Answer it then."

Mikey picked up the receiver and listened intently to the voice on the other end. After another ten-minute conversation with a desperate caller, Mikey eventually managed to put the phone down.

"It was another one. A guy who feels he's a girl on the inside," Mikey was deep in thought. "Donny, why are they ringing me?"

Don shrugged, "I don't know."

Mikey bounced off to bed and Don got himself a drink from the kitchen before returning to his own room.

Moments later, the phone started to ring yet again.

Cursing his bad luck, Don went back into the living room and reached out for the phone. Just before his fingers curled around the receiver, Mikey jumped between him and the phone, answering with a sombre hello.

Don sat on the edge of the sofa and listened as Mikey again engaged in a deep and reflective conversation with the new caller.

The next day was one phone call after another. Master Splinter was getting annoyed by Mikey's sudden popularity with the transgender community and asked Don to work out why The Lair was now a counselling service.

Donny got straight to work, investigating the issue with methodical logic.

"Well?" Raph asked after half an hour. "Got anything, Brainiac?"

"Erm, yeah," Donny looked up from his computer. "It seems as if our number has been put on the New York Transgender Website by accident. The numbers are virtually identical and someone on that website made a huge mistake."

"I'll say," Raph smirked. "Imagine having Mikey for a counsellor."

"I've emailed the website and they've taken down our number. The calls should start to slow down from now on," Donny said, switching off his computer and joining his brothers in the dojo.

"Now," Splinter sighed and shook his head. "Without any further distractions we will all concentrate on Sanchin no Kata ..."

The phone began to ring.

"... Michelangelo?" The rat tilted his head at his youngest son with a faint grimace, "It appears someone of an unknown orientation requires your assistance."

Mikey bowed deeply and bounced off to answer the phone.