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Chapter 2

Bennett James and his wife Ellen were trying to enjoy a nice day at the fair. They played games together, enjoyed some food truck meals, basicall spending a day of spouse bonding time.

But it was kind of hard for them to bond when every five minutes, a short kid with a face full of freckles ran by, being chased by a red-headed teenager.

The next time they came around, Ellen had had enough.

"Bennett, can you please do something about that kid!?" she complained.

Her husband was apalled. "Has the day really come that you'd like me to do my job? I thought you hated it!"

"Wha-I never said I hated your job!" she denied.

"But you implied it."

"Can we please just deal with this kid? Maybe he's had too much Go-Go Juice," Ellen said. She and Bennett positioned themselves so that the next time that the boy came around, he would be blocked.

"Don't remind me of that stuff. I had so much sugar that I thought you were the Easter Bunny." Bennet groaned. He readied himself as the boy barreled towards him, obviously no match for the rather buff man. He bumped into Mr. James and fell back into the red head teenager's arms.

"Gotcha!" she said. "Please stop being stupid, and let's go to Ravi's event! I'd let you go off and play games, but we all know how that went!"

"Woa! That's no way to approach a hyper child!" Bennet said. "I would know. I'm a world renound child psycologist, Bennett James."

"You're Bennett James? I'm Jessie Prescott." She said, obviously star struck. She shook his hand, and took that chance to throw a smug look at Ellen over his shoulder.

"Did you write You're Doing Everything Wrong?" she asked.

"Why, yes I did!"

"That book is horrible! I pracically raised my youngest wrong, and set her on the edge! I am never reading any of your books again!" Jessie spat. "Plus, you were wrong about the imaginary friends chapter."

"B-but that was the chapter I related most to!" Bennet gasped, appalled. His wife tried not to laugh as Jessie began to stomp away with her nose in the air.

"Wait!" he called, and rushed to catch up to them. He gestured a picnic table nearby. "Please, I just want to help. One free session. I guarentee results!"

To Bennett, it wasn't really about wanting to help….It was but mostly he really just wanted that lunatic kid to stop ruining his day. That, and he wanted to gain a former fan back.

"Yeah, Jessie. We all know you need serious help." Luke said. He gladly sat down at the table with Ellen and Bennett.

"I'm not the one with the problem! This is about you!" Jessie accused. She sat down and looked at Mr. James expectantly. "Right?"

"Well, I can definetly sense that you two are not getting along," he explained. "This is mainly about your relationship with each other."

"Well, this isn't the first time she's chased after me," Luke said. Jessie rolled her eyes.

"W-w-wait! Do you have a crush on her?" Bennett asked. "Jessie, how old are you?"


"Bennett, it's obvious she's a teenager. Her pores are the size of Mount Everest." Ellen whispered loud enough for everyone at the table to hear. Jessie looked around uncomfortably and covered her face.

"Now guys, let's not pay attention to me," she said half-embarrased, half-modest.

"You're right, we have a lot of work to do." Bennett agreed.

Avery stood in the wings of the stage. She wondered where her Mom and Dad were. They promised they would be there in time for the ending ceremony, but the runner-up and the grand prize winner were about to be announced.

Then again, they frequently forgot Chloe. Avery wondered if everyone else was at the hotel, totally oblivious to the fact that the eldest daughter was sweating it out at a nerve-wracking competition.

She bent down over to Stan's cage to talk to him.

"Do you smell Mom or Dad yet?" she asked nervously.

"Nope. No naturally smelling ham feet," Stan reported. Avery sighed nervously.

"I can't believe Tyler's not even here!...Do you think he's trying to flirt with that poor girl again?" she said.

"Probably not. Besides, I thought he liked Nicki?"

"Well, I guess he finally realized he has zero chance with her," Avery guessed.

"There's zero chance of a talking dog, and I'm here," Stan pointed out. Avery shrugged and stood up, shocked to find herself face-to-face with a short Indian boy.

"D-d-did?..." he stuttered. "W-was that dog-?"

"No, no, no, no, no! You see—I do impressions," Avery explained. "That was my…dog impression?"

"That is impossible! Dogs cannot talk!" to boy said to himself beginning to pace.

"Stop pacing! You're making me nervous!"

"But the dog—" the boy could no longer find words, so he took his cage and ran away, yelling "I saw nothing!" It was more to himself than Avery.

"In second place," an announcer continued from the stage. "Avery Jennings and her dog, Stan!"

Avery pretended nothing had just happened, and she took Stan in his cage to the front in between the 3rd place and the announcer, ignoring what had just happened and accepting her prize without a smile.


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