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Chapter 2: Halo

I'm falling again, through the darkness, toward a light. Voices whisper to me from every angle. The funny thing is, I realize that I am not afraid. Normally, I am afraid of heights and falling. But this is different somehow, because I feel in control.

The last time I had this dream, I got closer to the point of light. As I fell the light seemed to gets brighter, and larger. The whispers gradually get louder too. By the time I am close the voices are screeching like demons from Hell. Just like last time, right before I touch the light something comes out of the blackness and grabs me, stopping my fall. Except this time I don't wake up when the thing starts to squeeze me and in this dream I can't cry out.

As my body is crushed, I get a look at what is doing the crushing. It is an arm. A giant human like arm made of some type of metal that is almost as black as the darkness around it. The thing seems to follow the muscular structure of human anatomy; all those muscles of the arm that I never bothered to remember in school. There are differences, however. Where the joints would be there is nothing but orange light connecting the pieces, it is the same all the way up to the fingers that now hold me in a crushing vice.

Just as I feel I'm about to pass out from the pain, the metal hand is gone and I start to fall again. I keep falling towards the light. Because, this is the closest I have ever gotten to the light in any dreams, the light starts to glow brighter, so bright if fact that it starts to hurt my eyes. Then I went into the light and all I felt was my skin burning.

When I wake up the first thing I do is to try and spit slime out of my mouth. The slime is in my mouth and throat, and it is stopping precious air from getting into my lungs. If that isn't bad enough, it is the worst thing I have ever had the displeasure to have on my taste buds; one way to describe it is that it tastes like lime flavored mucus. I fall to the cold metal floor with bare hands and knees, and started coughing and hacking. Each time I take a breath the goo that is in my throat comes up and flows over my tongue, causing me to gag and choke all over again.

After what felt like an eternity and I got the last of the goop out of my mouth. I stay there on the floor, on my hands and feet for a few minutes breathing heavily. After calming my heart rate down and catching my breath I stand up, bending stiff joints and stretching unused muscles. After stretching , I notice that it is freezing. I look down at my body, and find out why. Apparently, I have no clothes on. This is just great!

I rub my eyes and take a look at my surroundings. Behind me I see a tube against a wall, with a glass lid that is lifted upwards. It has some cushions around the back and side and looks as if it could fit a person twice my size. The lid has ice crystals on the edges of the glass that are quickly melting away.

So that is what I came out of. The thing looks like a space coffin. Why does it look so familiar….

I look to my left and right. There are about two dozen more of the metal and glass 'coffins' lining the steel grey wall, which has spots of rust here and there. There is a door on the wall to my right, some lockers on the opposite wall; all have names on the labels. I don't want to stand here naked, so I walk across the room to the lockers and look at the names. There is a Ryan B. there is a John P. Oh, here is one with my name, Matt S. Well, it's across from the pod I came out of, so I guess it's mine.

Hopefully there are clothes in there. I pull the lever and open the locker. The door squeaks loudly, shattering the silence of the room. Inside are some grey sweatpants, a matching T-shirt, a pair of socks, boxers, all are folded on the top shelf, and boots on the bottom. I quickly put them on. Now that is much better. Living in Minnesota my whole life doesn't mean that I don't feel cold. It just made me tolerant to it.

"Ok then... Where am I?" I say to myself.

I look around and see that there are words on the floor next to the door. I walk over and see the word 'CRYO' in bold white letters. I know I've heard of that word before. Was it in a… video game? Cry-o… Hal-o, halo is a video game... Wait a just a darn minute, it's all starting to come back to me now. Slowly, I take another look around the room to confirm my suspicions. Shit, this room looks like a cryogenics room in the Halo games! Where the hell am I? Why am i here?Then I remember what happened before I woke up, and I start to feel sick.

I remember a friend and I were on a canoe in a lake… when we heard the sirens. Then there was a storm… I start to remember hearing the thunder, feel the rain pelting my face, and the water stinging my eyes. I remember my friend… Jacob! That is his name! I remember that Jacob and I fell into the water and how Jacob started sinking. I dove right in after him, and then brought him back to the surface, and strapping him in a life-jacket. And then… I remember something was dragging me below the waves, how I was struggling to get free, to get to the surface. And then everything went black. And I started falling in that dream…

"I- I drowned," I say to myself. I'm sort of freaking out here, because I had a good life, good friends, an awesome family.

Did someone save- no, no. there is no way that somebody would swim out there, take a canoe or kayak out in that brute of a storm. But how did I get here?Am I dreaming? Am I dead? This sounds like a cheesy fanfiction story . I let out a small chuckle. But seriously, where am I?

I look back around the room, again. From where I'm standing I can see the entire room. I see all the pods, the lockers, and a terminal with a bunch of buttons. I must of have missed that before. Well, hopefully it doesn't need a password. I walk over to the terminal and push a blinking button that says ON. When I get it to start up, some text starts rolling down the screen. I skim over it, there is something about the military, cargo, and food for a colony? There is some stuff about heading towards earth several weeks ago... What? I tap the screen and hit a few buttons frantically trying to stop the words from leaving the screen. I have no idea what I did, but the words stopped. I read it all over again. Well, this is odd. The last thing I remember is drowning in a lake in northern Minnesota. Now I am ,supposedly, on a ship that is going towards earth. What the HELL!?

I take another look at the screen in front of me and click another button. It says that most of the pods in this 'CRYO' room are being used, the one I came out of being the only exception. I walk to the nearest pod. The glass dome is covered in frost, so I reach up, and start rubbing it away with the heel of my hand. Once enough is melted away I take a look inside, there is a man with brown frost covered hair. From what I can guess he is not wearing any clothes. Just like I was when I came out. I tap on the glass with my knuckle, and the guy shows no sign of waking up.

This is so surreal. I was on vacation, apparently drowned, and somehow, ended up in a tube that looks exactly like the ones in the Halo games. And there are other people in the pods around the room. Is it possible that when I died, I ended up in the Halo universe? No, just… no.

There is no way I am on a UNSC ship, in the Halo Universe. This must be a huge elaborate prank, or – or something! I swear to God, If this is a prank, I'm going to kill somebody .And if this is real… why the hell would I end up here of all places? Well, come to think of it, I don't exactly know where I am.

I decide it's time to get out if this room. It's starting to feel cramped in here, and right now I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic. I walk up to the door and it opens automatically, which I think is pretty cool. Outside is a hallway, made of the same metal as the room I woke up in. On the wall in front of me is a window. What I see makes my knees weak, and my stomach rises up in my throat. I fall back against the door, my back against the wall, in fear.

Outside is the black void of space. It is beautiful in a scary way, but I still don't like it. From what I read about space travel in school and on the Internet, one tiny crack in that glass can kill me right now. Fucking hell, why do I have to end up on a spaceship? I don't like this one bit!

Before I look away, something comes into view. It is a planet. Well, it looks like that terminal in the room behind me was right; the ship is heading towards Earth. The planet Earth looks exactly as it does in the history books back home. From where the ship is now, I see a small part of north and south America, and most of Africa. But there is something different about Africa; there is a faded smudge all over the southeastern part of the continent.

Wait a sec. Is that where the Elites glassed New Mombosa after the flood attack? I take a few seconds to confirm my thought. Yeah, it looks like it. Hmm, From up here it looks like plants and trees are starting to grow back, I must be here after the events of Halo 3, maybe even Halo 4. Good God that is probably the best game in the franchise. Too bad it won't ever exist in this universe.

Now the ship is in orbit around Earth. There are numerous ships of all shapes and sizes. There are a several ships with the UNSC logo on them. Then I see one of the coolest things humans have in their arsenal.

All around the earth in orbit are Super MAC guns, there are dozens of them. If what the games and books say are true, just one of those guns can blast a hole clean through a Covenant super carrier, and those guys can take several nukes to the face and shrug them off. I kinda' feel bad for anyone who would want to attack this place. Actually, if someone is stupid enough to do that, they deserve to die. Heh, heh…

I also see a few of those Space Elevators. Damn, it's a feat of engineering to have something that tall. There is one that is pretty close to the ship right now. There seems to be a bunch of ships docked at this one. One, two, three… there are thirteen ships docked at this one alone. Cool!

Suddenly, the ship I'm in turns towards a space elevator, I start to feel the ship decelerating. Behind me I hear a bunch of popping sounds, and coughing. Still backed up against the wall, away from the window, I slide over to the door, open it, and look inside. All the pods are opening up, and the people occupying them are coming out. Every single one is coughing up the same goo that I suffered through. I see that most of them are males. And every single one of them is naked. I quickly pull my head out of the room, to wait for some of them to get dressed and make their way out of the room.

A few minutes pass by with the sounds of coughing, gagging, and grumbles of how "this shit tastes terrible." I take another look inside, everyone has gotten dressed and is heading towards the door. The first person is a young male. He stands about five foot six with black hair, dark brown eyes and bronze skin.

Maybe he can tell me where I am.

He walks past me, probably not noticing me, and stops in front of the window and looks out to space. He takes a deep breath, relaxes his muscles and mumbles something under his breath that I don't catch. I walk up to him, nervously.

"Um, hi there, I was wondering if you would tell me where we are." I ask, not comfortable with how close I am to the window.

The guy looks over to me, raising an eyebrow, giving me an odd look. "We are on a transport ship," he says with a slight Australian accent. "Right now we are orbiting earth."

"Ok. Where did we come from?"

He turns his whole body to me now. "Icame from one of the outer colonies. But this ship was scheduled to stop at several different worlds on its way here," he answers warily. "Why do you need to know?"

"I don't remember how I got here," I say truthfully. "I woke upa half an hour ago not knowing where I am."

"Weird, I never heard of someone losing their memory during cryo-sleep. Do you remember anything?" he asks.

Well, I can't tell him I drowned and ended up in a video game universe.

I didn't really think about answering a question about my past, so I am caught off guard. I quickly think of an acceptable response. "Well, I remember-"

All of a sudden I feel the ship lurch to a stop, and I hear a big thump go throughout the entire ship. It might mean we are docked. The guy I'm talking to looks out the window.

"It looks like we can get off this thing, finally." Says the guy I'm talking to. Confirming my thought. "Let's go get our stuff and then I'll see if I can help you, ok?"

"Yeah, thanks." I say. "But I don't have any luggage. I already checked my locker. I'll just, ya know, wait here."

"Ok. I will be back if a few minutes with my things."

After he got back I learn that the guys name is Jeffrey Waters, and prefers to be called Jeff. Jeff and I followed the rest of the passengers and got onto the elevator, talking the whole time about me and my problem. I felt that I am either a good actor or a good liar, I wasn't proud of myself.

The elevator ride down to the planet took a while. The entire time, Jeff and I talked; he told me his name, where he was from, and that he left his home to find a job with the UNSC studying the culture of the Covenant species, mainly the Elites who are now the closest allies of humanity.

When we reached the bottom, and got outside after an hour of wading through a sea of people, and security, Jeff asked if I had a place to stay. After I said no he offered let me stay at his new apartment for a while.

"It's ok," he said when I hesitated to answer. "I won't like living in an apartment all by myself anyway. And you seem like an okay guy."

So off we went to find his apartment.

I can't believe it has been eight years. Eight long years, in which my friend Jeff and I have spent in the UNSC military.

Here I am alone with my thoughts in the middle of the night. I think of how surreal it is to see a pelican airship fly by, or going to the firing range to shoot a Battle Rifle with the rest of my squad during our free time. Or even seeing the occasional Spartan! It is a shame that I have not seen the Master Chief in real life. But sadly, I don't know where he is. Anytime I search for him on the internet all I get are pictures and theories on how he is not human but an alien sent to save humanity. It's all total BS, but the people will think what they want to think.

After Jeff invited me to stay at his new apartment, he and I became great friends. A few days became a week and, I got a job as a lifeguard and a swim teacher at a local pool so I could help pay rent. Jeff for his part quickly went to the UNSC to try to get a job as an alien specialist. He got the job after a little while, he was so excited that he got it, I remember. He and I went to the bar that night, it was a blast!

I, on the other hand, basically said "Fuck it, YOLO!", and signed up to join the UNSC Marines. I went through Boot Camp, did all the training, and passed a lot of expectations. I knew going into Boy Scouts in my home universe was a good idea! It gave me the skills to be a good leader, and gave me experience in working with weapons, if only a tiny bit in automatic rifles.

One thing leads to another and… here I am now in a squad made up of a group of people that I am proud to call my friends. Right now I am the squad leader, and have been chosen to be a part of a joint Human and Elite program.

It is meant to strengthen the allegiance between our two races, and to work together to take out Storm, a rogue faction following the old Covenant ways. Which basically means destroying humanity and killing 'heretics'. The new Head Hunter program is supposed to be based off the Spartan III Headhunters. There will be over a dozen teams of two. Each team consists of one Human and one Elite. The team is supposed to be able to work together to take down high priority targets in the Storm insurrection.

And tomorrow is the day I pack up and ship out to the Headhunters HQ somewhere on a secret planet, and meet my alien partner. I am disappointed that I have not seen any alien in person the entire time I have been here. but I'll meet one soon!

Jeff however is staying here, on earth. He is working on some big project for his job. He was excited for me when I told him I was selected for the HeadHunters.

Right now the clock just passed midnight and I'm lying on my bed in the barracks. I can't sleep, I'm just so excited! I know the training is going to be hard, and the missions will be dangerous, but I don't really care. It just going to be another adventure for me, and if I die here in this universe, maybe I'll get sent back home somehow.

Now, no more thinking those thoughts now, it's time for sleep. I let out a yawn, roll over to my side underneath my blanket, and plop my head on my blanket. I pull out the dog tags I got when I joined the marines and look at them for a second. There is my name and serial number printed onto the metal.

Tomorrow is going to be special, I just know it. I wonder what my alien partner will be like.

I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

End of Chapter Two

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