Chapter 2 – What do you know?

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Chapter 2 – What do you know?

It was 7:00am the next morning and most of the girls were still asleep, but Polly was wide awake thinking about what she was going to say to Kelly. She knew that she wanted Kel to be happy and Annabelle clearly was the cause of her current happiness so her plan was to get them together, obviously, but how to do it? Polly pondered for the next hour until she realised it was 8:00am which is normally when Kelly gets up to do her rounds and she was determined to have that talk with her. Polly slowly and quietly got out of bed as some of the girls were still asleep and headed straight to Kelly's room. Polly knocked on the door, it opened almost straight away with Kelly fully 'head girled up' with her typical blouse and pencil skirt with full make-up.

"Hi Pol, what's up?" Kelly seemed a bit chipper this morning, maybe it was from her revelation the previous night. "I just wanted to talk to you about something, can I come in?" Polly was slightly hesitant as she was unsure if Kelly would talk to her. "Um yeah, sure, come on in" Kelly also seemed hesitant, maybe because it was a strange time to have a deep conversation and she was wondering what was so serious. Polly walked in and perched herself on the head girl's bed, however Kelly remained standing as if on edge. "Ok Kel, c'mon spill it" Polly managed to ease the tension in the air slightly by her laid-back question. Kelly however looked incredibly puzzled. "What are you talking about Pol?" Polly looked at Kelly with a knowing look and a slight smirk. "Next time you openly confess your feelings to someone, maybe you should check if everyone is asleep first" Polly winked at Kelly in a got ya kind of way. Kelly looked shocked to say the least; she hadn't given any thought to the fact that someone may have overheard her. "Oh my God, you heard all that!" Kelly looked panicked but Polly remained composed if not slightly smug. "Yep, heard every word and so before I jump to any conclusions, why don't you just tell me out right" Polly seemed a bit more serious at this point as she crossed her legs on the bed. Kelly began to pace in a panicked state, "Well you heard most of it and no judgement; I just can't stop thinking about her, I've never felt this way about anyone" Kelly stopped pacing and looked up at Polly who had a huge smile plastered on her face. "Wow Kel, you do realise that you just opened up to me without any kind of fight!" Kelly stood stiff, she hadn't thought about this, Belle really had changed her; the so well-known Kelly Jones head-girl persona had just disappeared, how had she not noticed? She knew that Belle had broken down her walls but she hadn't realised that those walls were now completely gone, she needed them to run this school. "Oh crap, do you think anyone has noticed? Am I still running the school well?" Kelly began to pace again as if her nerves had just started working overtime. "Relax Kel, I don't think anyone has noticed and you're doing a great job running the school, just like you always have" Polly was right, she was still head-girl and she did a smashing job. "Your right, I'm just a little shocked; I didn't think that anyone had heard me and I didn't know that Belle had changed me to a quivering mess whenever I thought about her" Kelly looked down to the floor while Polly just grinned. "You know Kel, there is something that you can about this don't you" as she gestured to Kelly and the current state she was in. Kelly thought for a moment, "I know I have to do something Pol, I can't get to sleep at night as it is and the constant need to be around her is becoming hard to resist; but I can't exactly act out on my feelings either, believe me I've given it enough thought, If only I knew how she felt about me" Kelly gave a loud sigh which Polly could completely understand, If only she knew what Annabelle felt. Suddenly Polly had the idea to make finding out Annabelle's feelings her mission, that way she could get them together or at least encourage Annabelle to consider it. Polly quickly stood up and made her way towards the door. "Wait a sec Pol; you're not going to do anything are you?" Polly simply smirked, "I wouldn't dream of it" she said with a smile as she brushed past Kelly and walked out the door, Kelly knowing all too well that that was exactly what the geek was going to do.

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