Finchel Story

Chapter 1

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Here You Are Again

Rachel walks in to a coffehouse after her callback for Funny Girl and she is sure she nailed the audtion but the one thing she has on her mine is Finn.

Rachel POV

When I was singing To Love You More my mind just feel back into how much I miss Finn. That's why that famous one tear came streaming down my face. The one tear was reserved for Finn. I cried because I realised what he did to Brody was his way of saying I love you. I nomally don't like vilonce but what Finn did was special.

End of POV

Can I get one coffe please...says Rachel Sure...says the cashier The cashier hands her the coffe and Rachel goes to sit down in the nearest empy table.

I wonder what Finn is doing...asked Rachel well I did promise to call him when I finshed so why not call now...says Rachel still talking to her self

Rachel picks up her phone and dials Finn's number still knowing it by heart.

Hello...says Rachel Hey Rach...says Finn I finshed the audtion and am now drinking coffe at a coffe place thought I would call you now intead of waiting till I got home...says Rachel I'm glad you did...says Finn So how are things...says Rachel you know at COLLEGE...says Rachel It's great you know it's so much more mature then high school even though there are still clicks but it's nice.I am just so happy to know what I want to do with my life. Now I just have to work for it...says Finn Nice to know you are happy Finn...says Rachel I'm really proud of you Finn...says Rachel Thanks and Rach I know your going to get the part YOUR RACHEL BERRY FOR GODDNESS SAKE!...says Finn excitly Thanks Finn...says Rachel Anytime... says Finn Finn I have to go im going to try to beat a couple people to the subway so text me later...says Rachel Okay...says Finn Lo...says Rachel before catching herself but just says Bye to cover herself Bye...says Finn

Rachel goes home trying to forget the embrassing conversation she just had with Finn maybe she will talk to Santanna tomorrow.

Rachel is getting in to bed when she gets a text messege...From Finn

*Nite Rach Sleep Well...From-F.H*
*Good Night Finn Thanks And You Too...From-R.B*
Rachel goes to sleep only dreaming of Finn

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