Here You Are Again

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Chapter 2

Rachel wakes up , brushes her teeth , and washes her face and is now looking for Santanna.
San... says Rachel Hey Rae...say Santanna Watssup...says Santanna I need to talk to you San...says Rachel What about...say Santanna ...Rachel says nothing Rae say something...says Santanna It's about Finn...says Rachel I should have know what happend with Finnocence now...says Santanna I will ignore that last comment and just continue... says Rachel

Santanna rolls her eyes

I miss him...says Rachel I knnow that you too are Finchel...says Santanna But how do we become one again I hate being his friend, I hate being Finn and Rachel, and OMG WHAT IF HE FINDS SOMEONE...Rachel says sarting to ramble BREATHE... screams Santanna Oookkaayyy...says Rachel in a couple of breathes Okay now that we got that situated what brought this on even though I know you missed him all along...says Santanna When I was singing To Love You More all I thought about was him and it resurfaced the rest of my feelings makeing me just want to get up and fly to Lima and just...says Rachel being cut off by Santanna OKAY I GET IT YOU MISS HIM DAMN...says Santanna What do I do i just dont want to go up and say I miss you lets date another time...says Rachel Well summer vaction is next Friday and I am going back to Lima for the summer you should come with me and and just let what happends happend...says Santanna Are you sure...says Rachel Positive...says Santanna I will be here for you no matter what...says Santanna Thanks San you are the best but don't tell Kurt...says Rachel Oh I will...says Santanna

Rachel and Santanna start laughing and decied that they should go shopping for the summber break

BATHING SUITS... SCREAMS SANTANNA AND RACHEL Okay we need to find and really sexy one so I can watch Finn dies slowly...says Santanna Thats mean San...says Rachel Well it well be fun to watch so what is his favorite color...says Santanna[
Blue...says Rachel Okay lets start...says Santanna very excited

They try on almost every bathing suit in the store but they found the right one that shows off alot but covers up just enough.

Rachel and Santanna are now in a pizza place across the street from there apartment eating and haveing a wonderful time when Rachel's phone rings.

It's Finn...says Rachel PICK IT UP...says Santanna You know you want to...says Santanna I do...says Rachel as she answers the phone Hey Rach...says Finn Hey Finn...says Rach How are you...asked Finn Fine but guess what...says Rachel WHAT...says Finn I'M COMEING TO LIMA FOR THE SUMMER...says Rachel That's great It well be nice to see you...says Finn Yhea I still can't belive you just beat up Brody and left I would hae loved to thank you in person...says Rachel Your Welcome...says Finn So when you comeing in town...asked Finn Thats for me to know and you to find out...says Rachel Oh it's like that now...says Finn I'm just saying...says Rachel I have to Finn Santanna is about to kill me if I stay on the phone any longer...says Rachel It's cool Puck want's to play COD...says Finn Good Luck...says Rachel Thanks Talk To You Later...says Finn Bye...says Rachel

Rachel and Santanna finsh eating and go home and watch a movie ( Funny Girl) until they both fall asleep.

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