Here You Are Again

Chapter 32

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It's been a few weeks since Rachel got out of the hospital. She is now 4 months pregnant and her and Finn are on their way to their baby's checkup and Rachel is veryyyy nervous.

"Rach" says Finn

"Yea"says Rachel looking out the window

"Its okay to be nervous baby but i'm sure that the stress is not good for the baby. Everything is going to be fine so you can stop bouncing your knees" says Finn smiling rubbing circles on Rachel's leg

Rachel looks down at her legs seeing that they are actually bouncing.

Rachel smiles sheepishly up at Finn

"How is it you know just what to say to me" says Rachel kissing the back of Finn's hand

" I know because I love you" says Finn as he turns into the doctor office parking lot

"Ready" ask Rachel

"More than ever" says Finn

Rachel and Finn enter the doctors office hand and hand.

"Rach how about you go sit down and I will sign you in" says Finn leading her to a chair

" Okay" says Rachel kissing Finn on the cheek before he walks off

Rachel's POV

I look over and see couples. Some young and some around Finn and I's age. Awwww I see this couple sitting with their son. They look like a happy couple expecting their second child. I hope me and Finn will be that happy. I mean we are it's just they fact of our crazy ass ex's that keep intersecting our plan of having a happy ending

End Of POV

" Okay they said that the wait is about fifteen minutes" says Finn wrapping his arm around Rachel

"Okay" says Rachel snuggling closer to Finn

"Do you think we will get it Finn?" ask Rachel

"Get what Rach" asks Finn

" Our happy ending" says Rachel

"Well we wont get our ending" says Finn trailing off

"Why don't you love me" says Rachel tearing up

"Hold on Rach let me finsh" says Finn kissing Rachel's temples

"We will not get our ending because our love will never ending, we will have our moment when life get tough and rough and sometime sad but that is okay. We are so in love that even when were going through hell and we may look sad but when we come together and remember we love each other to the moon and back and no matter what tries to stop that love. We overcome it" says Finn looking Rachel in her eyes

"Rachel I promise that I will forever and always love you with all my heart and if I can do anything about it. You will always be happy" says Finn rubbong the tears off of Rachel's face

"I love you Finn" says Rachel kissing Finn softley

"I love to the moon and back"says Finn returning the kiss

" Berry" calls the nurse

Finn and Rachel get up and follow the nurse to the back room.

" Now Mr. Ber-" says the nurse being cut off by Rachel

" Call me Rachel" says Rachel

" Okay Rachel you need to take off your clothes and put this gown on then sit on the examination table and the doctor should be with you in a minute" says the nurse as she sits down the gown and leaves the room

Rachel goes behind the curtain and starts to change clothes.

" Rach" says Finn

"Yes Finny" says Rach

" Remember when I came to the doctors office with you in high school" says Finn smirking

"Yea because you broke my nose" says Rachel giggling

"Yea sorry about that baby" says Finn blushing

" Well there is a difference now Finny" says Rachel

" Yes your right were having a baby" says Finn smiling

" Yea thats true but its one more thing Finny" says Rachel smirking behind the curtain even though noone can see her

"What is it" asks Finn

"This" says Rachel as she steps out from behind the curtain in only her bra and panties

"One day soon we will be married so you will see this very often" says Rachel smirking rubbing her baby bump

" I-I-I" says Finn eyes getting ready to bug out of his head

"Rachel y-you need to p-put s-some clothes " says Finn trying to stay calm

" I love you Finny" says Rachel walking back behind the curtain smirking

" I swear that woman is going to the be the death of me" says Finn trying to cool down

Finn was summing the Mail Man for the first time in like a year but he was happy he had Rachel. She is sooo well Rachel.

It was 15 more minutes before the doctor came in. Doctor Wu is his name.

" how are you today" says Wu

"Good Actually" says Rachel looking over at Finn

"So is this " ask Wu

" Call me Finn" says Finn as he shakes Doctor Wu's hand

" Nice to meet you Finn" says Wu

" Same Here" says Finn

" Okay Rachel you this is really cold so prepare yourself" says Wu

After a few minutes there is a heart beat filling through the room.

"Finn" says Rachel tearing up a little

"I know baby I know" says Finn tearing up as well and gripping

"Now are you all interested in knowing the gender" says Wu

Rachel looks at Finn

Finn looks at Rachel

"Yes" they both say at the same time

"Okay Then" says Wu

"It's a Boy" says Wu

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