Chapter 3: The Date

Saturday had finally arrived. I was hurrying to get dressed for the big night. Corey was waiting in the garage. I slipped on my sweater, touched up my make-up, and struggled to put in earrings. I hadn't worn them in a while, so it was difficult to get them in my ears.

"Do I look good?" I asked Mina.

"Of course," she nodded, "Like a supermodel."

"Are you saying I don't normally look like a supermodel?!" I questioned.

"Yes of course you do!" Mina replied nervously.

There was no time to argue with her now. With one last look in the mirror, we left my room and ran down to the garage.

"There you are," said Corey, "Let's go."

He joined his friends in the back of my car while I got in the driver's seat and Mina joined me in the passenger's seat. I started the car and backed out of the garage.

We drove for about fifteen minutes before we reached the restaurant. There were a lot of cars parked.

"Yuck, people," I said, annoyed.

"Don't worry about them," said Mina, "You'll be with Nick Mallory."

"True," I replied, my eyes lightning up, "This will be the best night of my life!"

I parked the car and we all got out. Corey instructed his band to go get set up. Laney smiled at me as she walked past.

"Have fun," she said, winking.

"Thanks," I said, smiling back nervously.

I turned to Corey.

"Okay Trina, follow me this way." he said.

I followed him inside the restaurant, Mina behind me. Inside, there were tons of people. They kept getting in my way, so I angrily shoved them aside.

"Get outta my way!" I demanded, trying to keep up with my brother.

He led me to a table where someone was sitting. It was him, hunky Nick Mallory, looking as gorgeous as ever. My heart skipped a beat as I sat down across from him.

"Hey Nick!" I greeted him, and Corey placed menus in front of us.

"Enjoy," he said, walking away.

"So what are you having, Nick?" I asked, staring dreamily at the hunk across from me.

"Nick Mallory will probably have a burger." he replied.

I opened my menu and tried to read the choices, but it was so hard to take my eyes off him. He just sat there, combing his hair and looking at himself in his handheld mirror.

"So Nick, how cool is this, right?" I asked, forcing conversation.

Nick shrugged, "It's cool, but not as cool as Nick Mallory."

"Well duh!" I replied, "Nothing is as cool as you!"

"Got that right," he replied plainly.

After an awkward pause in which I pretended to scroll the menu, I looked up at him once more.

"You don't seem to be having fun," I pointed out, "Is everything okay?"

"Well Nick Mallory has better things to do and really doesn't want to be here right now, but someone paid Nick fifty bucks to go on this date with you." he explained.

At that moment, my heart broke in two. Tears filled up my eyes.

"Don't cry Trina Riffin," said Nick, "Nick Mallory is just too good for you."

I jumped up from my seat and ran for the bathroom, covering my eyes so no one would see my tears. Mina looked at me as I ran past.

"What happened?!" she asked, but I didn't look back.

In the bathroom I turned on a sink and splashed water onto my face. My mascara was running everywhere as I cried. Nick Mallory hated me.

Then something came into my mind that made me angry: Corey.