He sat in the dark, listening to some old time music from possibly the 50's. He didn't care much for the music however, he listened to it all the time. His glasses couldn't even help him see in the dim light.

Why were they so mean to him? Why did they take him away from his aunt and uncle? Why did they run their test on him? Just what was it that they were trying to find within him?

The boy did not know, he only knew that whatever it was that they were trying to get from, they would not find it. Not from him at least.

He sometimes felt like crying, but knew the sick and vile people would only have satisfaction with that. Why is it they did this to him? What harm was he? Harry James Potter sat in the dark alone and tired from his restless dreams. He was living in fear. Fear of his captors, fear of the next little experiments they would run on him. He was sick of it all.

At times he felt like he should just claim his own life so that he may be spared the suffering. Honestly what were his options? He spent his entire childhood as a prisoner, he was cold and most of all he was lonely. So very afraid and alone. From age six to possible his mid teens he was stuck like a rat in the cage. Only at times in his youth did he sense a kind of presence of not being truly alone in the dark.

He sometimes liked to make up friends in order to keep himself from going insane due to the long hours of existing silence. Sometimes it would drive the poor kid insane. He would feel like something in the dark was lurking after him, like a predatory creature that wanted to do vile and sickening things to him.

All this sorrow, all of this emptiness has rendered Harry melancholy. He never smiled anymore, not even to his imaginary friend.

For when he was younger, he could sometimes sense the presence of someone else. But this person was not truly there, Harry did not know how to explain it. What was it called when someone could speak to one without being in the same room, as well as not using a telephone? telekinesis? He believed it to be called that.

As the sound of the door began to hiss, Harry looked up to see the door slowly sliding open. He knew who it was, the usual man who would come and take him away from more experiments. The man was a horrible one. He didn't know why, but he felt like he had every reason to want this man dead.

He could feel a burning rage inside of him whenever he was around, but why?

He had never met him before so why did this creep bully and pick on him?

Harry gets up slowly as he is told by the creep and is soon escorted out.

As he walked through the halls, he is nearly blinded by all the lights and his ears are filled with the beeping of the electrical devices that they possess. Why did they need these machines? Why did they strip him of his dignity and have him placed on an operating table so that they may run the blood work?

AS Harry laid strapped down on the operating table against his own will, he refused to struggle. He knew what would happen if he were to resist. They would only spray him with more cold water and let him go without any food.

As he machine began to shine its light down his face, Harry felt a sudden submission. He felt as if all dignity was taken from him and replaced with only fear. He even began to cry a little bit. But he knew he could not burst out in full tears. He would only get lashed at if he were to shed a single tear. The creep made his way next to Harry and only peered down at him with disgust.

What did Harry ever do to him? What could he have ever done to deserve such treatment from such an evil man. Why must he be so mean to him; a small and innocent child?

As the test gre more brutal with all the injections and the blood extractions, at the end of the day Harry was left drain mentally and physically. One of the scientist had said while Harry was tied down that he was a 'Marvel in the field of psychics.'

What was that word they had used long ago? Psychic? What did that word mean, was Harry one? If so then could it mean that he is only their captive because he is one? He could not answer that question.

Whenever he was scared, or when he was at his core deep and rattled with anger weird things would always happen.

In which case, that was all the time.

To Harry he thought himself of being strange, he thought maybe he was a kinda freak of nature to be able to do such things. But then he figured if he was a true freak, than he he would be in a circus.

But the thing is, is that his circus was this small fifteen meter room, and this whole lab he has never yet explored.

He knew it was a lab because of all the computers and the people in the white coats, he knew he was in a lab because they had mentioned it way back when Harry overheard the Creep arguing with a woman.

Harry could feel their terror run cold when he was around, when they approached him. He terrified them.


But also that means they have more of a reason to keep him locked up.

As Harry sat on his bed, he covered himself with his arms for they never bothered on giving him a blanket.

As Harry layed shivering, he felt a small touch to his shoulder. All at once he stopped his shivering and looked up to see the young child. His imaginary friend. His only friend.

"Alma I'm glad your here. I had it so bad today. They did all these new things to me. They even stuck more needles into me like they did the other day."

As usual Alma didn't say anything, instead she only had a look of anger in her. Anger of what had happened to Harry, and anger at how she could never fully express herself to him.

As Alma layed besides him, her avatar of her psychic powers gave comfort to the boy while she herself sat in the dark undergoing more and more test from her vile father.

Alma sat in the dark, undergoing some test by a woman by the name of Dr. Greene. She was a full to be this close to her. Why is it that they all bothered with this. They will get no answers from her, no results. She was done with all the experiments. she only wanted out now. They took so much from her, the swing, her doll, her music box that she loved to listen to was all she was able to keep from them.

But soon they will take that from her, the always were able to find a way to hurt her without actually doing physical harm to her.

Dr. Greene sat there in her desk, asking Alma how she was doing.

Oh wouldn't she like to know. wouldn't she like to know how much the small girl would just love to rip her limb from limb and burn her to an ash as she laid screaming with pure terror as to the sight of the small girl with the powers of a dark and powerful goddess.

Little did Dr. Greene herself know that she herself was being under observation.

She was the one who was being tested on.

For it was not too long ago when Alma was able to discover her very abilities of causing people to hallucinate and see things that are not really there. One time she was ev en able to make a doctor stab himself in the eye with his own pen. That was a sight of pure gold.

Suddenly Dr. Greene gets up from her chair and walks to the front of her desk to confront Alma. She sits on the table and then says.

"You know I have a little girl like you." She says to the small girl who kept her fave covered with her jet black colored hair.

Alma almost laughed, but she kept her menacing silence. So she had a child who possessed abilities of a monster? She had a daughter that can cause people to hallucinate, and also have their heads explode it she gets the least bit upset?

Maybe the two might be able to go and play hop scotch some time.

Again Alma almost made herself laugh.

As Dr. Greene asks Alma if she may asks a few questions, Alma stayed silent. Again keeping her hair in her face. As Dr. Greene sat back down into her desk, she pulled out a pen and began to write. Alma kept herself where she was... for the moment.

As Dr. Greene slowly looked back up, she noticed that Alma was now a bit farther away from her desk.

As Dr. Greene began to signs of paranoia, she thought of what it was she was truly dealing with. She knew Alma was a psychic, but she did not know about the 'Others' before her.

"I am sure you have a pretty face, you mind pulling your hair back so that I can see it better?" Dr. Greene asks Alma, and still the child says nothing to her interrogator.

"Well I'm sure you have a pretty face." Dr. Greene says as she continues to write down her report, and as she does she is immediately caught off guard by the sudden surprise of seeing Alma appear right before her.

As an extended amount of unknown time went on in the interrogation, Dr. Greene had begun to feel more and more disturbed. She had moved from her desk and now was right besides Alma. "I have all day Alma." Dr. Greene said, suddenly there was a growling coming from within the vent that was by Greene, and as she turned her gaze from Alma for a split second, she returned to the child.

With total surprise, Dr Anne Greene was surprised to see that Alma was no where in sight.

Walking around a bit, and calling out for her name, Dr. Green was by her desk when she noticed the ghostly white face of the girl in the mirror of the two way mirror. As Dr. Greene looked back to see Alma in her desk that was in the center of the room, Greene sat back into her chair and put her hands to her face. Disguestful fear was overwhelming her. She knew now that it was no longer her who was in control, but Alma herself.

11:45 A.M.

"Alma if you don't cooperate I will have you taken back to your cell." Dr. Greene said, making it clearly sound like a threat.

Again Alma keeps her silence, and she keeps her face covered by her hair.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Dr. Greene decided that it was now time to end this interrogation.

"Fine, I had enough anyways."

As Dr. Green walked back to her desk and began to scribble away and check off different things, she could feel her hands shake rapidly. Her heart rate began to uprise, and soon enough she lost all control over her body. She was moving without her will, and she was rapidly writing something down with inhumane speed.

And when she could not take much more, she suddenly stopped. As Alma got up from her desk, she moved with a flash to Dr. Greene. With a white finger the young girl pointed to a drawing of a man with a mask as well as black goggles.

3:00 P.M.

"Do you like to play games?"

Alma whispers into Dr. Greene's mind.

The doctor just stutters and whips as she says. "No Alma." Greene says as she lays on the ground at the mercy of the demented psychci girl. To Alma she takes full pleasure of the torture she is causing on Greene. She was like the rest of them, she only cared about the psychic side of Alma, they all did. They all wanted the same thing, thus they all deserve to swept away and dealt with.

"I want to play a game." Alma whispers to Greene.

"No I don't want to play your games Alma," Dr Greene panics as she begins to hallucinate and finds herself in the cramped cell that Alma learned to call her room.

"ALMA!" Dr. Greene shouts as she is brought out of the hallucination and begins to hit the observation glass behind her desk. She slams her fist into the glass in hopes of gaining Charles Harbingers attention. But he doesn't do anything.

"Get me the hell out of here!" Dr. Anne Greene shouts as she looks back and sees the little girl in red.

Another hallucination brought on by the small child.

Greene sees Alma walking towards her in a long hallway, she whispers into her ear with a menacing hate and leaving Greene completely at Alma's mercy.

"Who are they?" Alma whispers as she begins to walk to the woman.

"Who?" Dr. Greene says as she hides in a corner.

"I hear them when they whisper." Alma says as she approaches closer and closer to Dr. Greene.

"I see them when I close my eyes." Alma says as she shows Greene the Replica Soldiers that she had helped build.

"They say your going to kill me." Dr. Greene feels her heart begin to hammer in her chest as she quickly grabs her chair and then tosses it at the powerful psychic child. But to her surprise, Alma was gone. Greene looks all around, and then crawls towards the door that is the only exit.

In the observation room, a man watches Alma dance in a circle around her chair as Dr. Greene begins to loose her own mind. In the dark the man takes notes and only watches.

On the paper he writes on, he marks the paper with a red stamp that reads FAILURE. He then looks up back at Dr. Greene and then the man gets up from his chair to walk out of the observation.

As the man gets up to take a call with the phone that is by his desk, he picks up the device and then pushes down some numbers. It is not long until he is finally speaking to his boss.

"Ms. Artiside...Project Alma is a failure, proceeding with the project would be a mistake. I didn't want to do it, but we had little choice. We are going to carry out with Project Origin as you had requested."

The man hangs up and then looks one last time at the girl. She sits and stares at the observation see through glass window. It is as if she could see him. He knows of her powers and that is why she scares him.

He then picks up his coat and begins to walk out, leaving the girl to be in her sea of loathing.

As he walks down a hall with busy security guards as well as scientist that can manhandle subject Alma Wade, the man who was known as Charles Harbinger began to wonder as to where the project will now go? What lies in the future for Armacham. How long can they keep there dirty little hands away from the public notice. eah they have some ties to senators, but even if the public knows then it will mean the end of Armacham. The U.S. government is not just going to sit on its ass and let illegal experimentation go on.

The F.B.I. such as will have their noses buried deep in the files that the company has been keeping from the government. And when the news is out about how bd Armacham really is, not only will people not be looking forward to be employed into the company, but it will give the leader boards bad names.

This had to be kept secret. All of it. Every test, file, experiment. All of it needed to be buried. Why did Aristide have to agree with this? What could drive a man like Harland into do something such as kidnapping ones own child and putting them thought the worst of shit possible What could honestly be going through his mind? What made he belive in what he was doing?

What did that make Charles?

He thought of himself being innocent. He didn't touch the child, he didn't do anything to her. It was all Harland and the other Armacham employees. All Charles wanted to do, was go home and sip on some coffee and call it a night.

But he knows even when he shuts his eyes, he will always see Alma. He will Always hear her screams, he will always see her hallucinations. And what terrified him the most, was the fact that she had now managed to contact the British boy.

That child had psychic abilities that none of the machines could manage to diagnose. That boy was a different story. His psychic abilities were not ordinary, they were something completely different. Something about his abilities were also scary. As if it were not psychic abilities, but something supernatural like magic. It was stupid to think of, but Charles knew damn well as anyone else that, that boy was not a mere psychic. Or if he was one at all.

Whatever it was, he knew that the boy would never see the light of day. It was evil to think of, but he knows there is nothing he can do. He has to think of himself, he has to follow what he is told. For that is all one can do at Armacham. And that is to do what you are commanded of, or you disappear.

Funny, people say that it is they who run the government. But the government believes they run the people. But they are both wrong. The truth of the matter is that big corporate companies like Armacham are the ones with all the power and control. Governments belive they have all the knowledge and secrets, but they aren't the only ones who keep people in the dark. For Armacham kept ordinary people and especially the government out of its business.

All Charles has to do now, is stick with the company and do what they say.

Because if he doesn't, then he knows what it will mean.

Well let me know if you want more or not, this was after all a one-shot. Although where it will go I am unsure of. For those of you who are familure with the books or movies of Harry Potter, then I guess I will have to deliver feed back for F.E.A.R. and those of you who have never even read a Harry Potter book or seen the movies, then I will have to detail as much as I can. Hope this was a good one-shot.