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Note: This is under the assumption that Summer, Dillon, and Tenaya are all living together in the same house. There is no femslash here, odd yeah? Although I suppose it could be taken that way if you squint.

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In the End

Summer had woken up in the middle night and had come to the kitchen to grab some water before attempting to go back to bed. That was where she had found Tenaya sitting in near darkness with only the moon providing light concentrating on her hand. Tenaya didn't appear to hear the arrival of the only other girl in the house.

"How long?" Summer asked from the door her voice drifting into the darkness to the occupant at the table.

Tenaya head made a slow movement turning Summer's direction, her voice was somber "Since Venjix was destroyed."

Summer crossed to the table and sat across from her the light of the moon at her back and reached for the un-responding hand. Tenaya's entire body flinched on contact but she didn't move away. "You should have told us," Summer said. By us, she meant Dillon, herself, all of the Rangers. "Maybe Doctor K can do something."

Tenaya's eyes briefly flashed red as she leaned forward before fading back to brown. "No," she said bitterly. "Venjix made sure of that. Mas- Venjix was very through, I suppose he knew. If he lost, he'd have some measure of revenge. Who knew?" Tenaya gave a hallow laugh that echoed in the dark room. "A virus that knew the meaning of revenge." Summer opened her mouth to say something but Tenaya cut her off. "There's nothing you can do to help." They sat in silence for a while. Summer refusing to ask the one question she desperately wanted to know, for her sake, for Dillon's sake, for Tenaya's sake.

"Doctor K estimates that I have maybe a year at most. But somehow I know it will be sooner than that."

"You can't know that." Summer argued, not wanting to believe that the time was counting down to sooner rather than later. After all they've been through, only to have their family ripped apart for good.

"I know. My leg is already malfunctioning. And I thinkā€¦" Tenaya's eyes flashed red again. "My eyes are useless."

"But you've been getting around just fine." Summer had seen her easily walk around the house and even the twins cluttered workspace.

"No, I haven't. Think about it. I haven't gone outside of the property for the last few weeks." She's right, Summer thought as she reflected on it.

"Summer, I have a favor to ask you."


"Please, don't tell Dillon. I, I should be the one to tell him. And could you take care of him, after I'm gone?" Summer nodded before remembering that Tenaya couldn't see.

"Of course."

"Can you do me something else?" Tenaya hesitated, "It's selfish, but-"

"Tenaya, after everything I think you've earned the right to be selfish just a little bit."

"Right," she didn't sound convinced. "It's unfair to ask you to do this, but-" Tenaya's voice shook. "Will you, will you stay with me until the end?"


"Thank you."