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Ron was livid to say the least, he knew he couldn't tell them about the witch he met during his time in Egypt, or as witches and wizards were referred to in Egypt, a magician. Zia Rashid was the object of affection when his family took a vacation to visit his brother and tour Egypt.

Ron knew that Ginny would just laugh at him if he told her because she was furious with him right now and wouldn't be able to believe that someone was actually interested in her tall skinny older brother. Harry would Tell him he believed him but he knew Harry wouldn't really ever believe him, and for good reason.

What girl would ever be interested in a guy like me? Ron questioned himself. No one that's who.

For months after Ron wasn't even sure that Zia was a really girl, at times he thought he made her up just for some company. True, he was constantly surrounded by siblings, but hey a guy can get pretty lonely when he only had his siblings to keep him company no matter how boisterous his brothers and sister could get at times.

He had kissed Zia several during his time in Egypt, they had become extremely close nearly inseparable except for when Zia was forced to train as a Magician or go on missions. They had become very close friends as well as boyfriend and girlfriend while he had been in Egypt. He had become as close with Zia as he had with Harry and Hermione. While Ron and Zia's adventures hadn't been quite as exciting as they adventure he had been on with Harry and Hermione that year, he had had an amazing time getting to know Zia.

Ginny was wrong and Ron knew it, Ron had snogging experience, he didn't have a photo of auntie Muriel stashed under his pillow and he most certainly didn't kiss his owl.

Ron and Zia had promised to keep their relationship a secret so Ron wouldn't get Teased by his brothers and sister, and because Zia wasn't suppose to be dating as it would be considered a distraction to her magic.

Ron would forever remember her terra cotta colored skin and amber colored eyes or her short deep brown lemon scented hair.

No one would ever know that the first girl he had ever snogged lived in Egypt and went by the name Zia Rashid. No one would ever know who the first girl Ron ever loved was. No one would ever know that Ron sometimes missed Zia even thought he would never admit it. No one would ever know any of those things and that was the way things were going to have to stay.

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