Chapter 1: Back Together

*Corey's POV*

I started the band last summer, before 8th grade. We are all fourteen now, and are going to be freshmen. We are half way through the summer and it is the first time, Kin, Kon, and Laney and I, all get to hang out. The first two weeks of summer I was grounded, because my sister Trina realized we were getting the songs from her diary, and she told our parents. Also along with being grounded for stealing her diary, our parents bought her a lock for it. The band will be so disappointed about not being able to get lyrics from her diary.

Once I get ungrounded, Laney goes on vacation for ten days. We talked on the phone every night while she was there, but I didn't tell her about Trina's diary. Around the sixth day of Laney being on vacation, the twins, Kon and Kin, go on theirs for a week. Laney told me when she going to get back from her vacation and it was before the twins get back from theirs. Laney and I were planning to hang out, but while she was on vacation, somebody stole something from the pool and blamed it on her. Her parents grounded her for four days. That forth day was the day Kin and Kon came back.

Kin, Kon, and I hung out while Laney was on vacation, but it wasn't the same without her. I am so excited, because all four of us will finally get to hang out. Trina is staying at Mina's. The band is staying the night at my house tonight, even Laney. A lot of people at school say a lot of rude stuff to Laney because she spends the night at my house and the twins' house. She doesn't have any friends who are girls, so that is why she stays at our houses.

Kon and Kin arrive; they look a lot different, mostly because their hair has gotten longer. Also Kon has lost some weight since the last time I saw them, about eight pounds. Kin is about the same size.

Kon asks "When is Laney going to get her? We… "

Kin interrupts, and finishes Kon's sentence "… haven't seen her all summer!"

"I haven't seen her either," I tell them, "but she should be here any minute."


"That's her!" I exclaim and rush to the door. I open the door, and my jaw drops. Laney looks so much different. Her hair is past her shoulders, she has lost about fifteen pounds and her chest has gotten bigger.

She looks really hot, I think to myself. "Hi guys," Laney says, bringing me back to reality. She gives me a hug and I feel all jittery. What is going on? Why do I feel weird? I didn't feel this weird earlier. I just try to forget about the feeling for now.