Chapter 3: The Pool

*Corey's POV*

Why was Lanes blushing? I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Kin. Laney has changed so much… size C? Wow! She is going to have guys all over in high school. That frustrates me, though I don't know why.

Oh yeah Kin asked a question, "Uh cause it's hot it here," Laney shakes her head in agreement. It's not hot at all in the house, it is 67o in my house, but I needed an excuse, "Do you guys want to go to the pool? Did you bring swimming trunks and bathing suits?"

Thankfully they did all bring the bathing suits. We change into our bathing suits but put shirts on until we get there and of course Laney wears shorts until we get there. What does hear bathing suit look like anyways?

We get to the pool and the twins use there pool pass to get us in and when Laney comes out of the girls bathroom, I am in awe. She has lost more weight than I thought. She is actually wearing a bikini, instead of a one piece. I look at Kin and whisper in his ear, "…and that is why my face was read when we came down stairs." He just smirked and rolled his eyes.

I look over at Laney, and see three guys starting to flirt with her. How dare they? Nobody is allowed to flirt with her. I walk over to Laney and hug her from behind, and it surprises her, and I yell, "Back off!" The three guys walk away from Laney. Why did I do that? "I am sorry Lanes, something just came over me."

She hugs me, and says "Thanks, Core."

Kin gives me a thumbs-up, and then you hear Kon scream, "CANNONBALL!" Then Kin jumps in after, and Laney pushes me in. I wasn't expecting her to so that. She jumps in and starts to splash us. We stay at the pool for about an hour and a half then head home.

Once we get home we change, and Laney borrows my clothes again. She looks so cute in that outfit. What is going on? I have never felt this way about Laney. Well honestly I never have felt this way about anyone. What is happening to me? God, I need to stop thinking like this she is my best friend.