Warriors: The Next Saga



Leader: Eaglestar - cream and white tabby tom

Deputy: Coalcrest - smoky grey tom with black paws and yellow eyes

Medicine Cat: Amberfur - light brown she-cat

Warriors: Aspenfeather - tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Maplepelt - pale ginger she-cat

Gingerspots - white tom with orange tail and ears

Apprentice, Roanpaw

Beeleaf - long-furred tom with golden brown coat

Cloudpebble - white tom with grey legs

Fawnrose - dark ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Mistypaw

Quickmist - small light grey tom with white tail tip

Apprentice, Shallowpaw

Birchclaw - black and white tom with white paws and underbelly

Apprentices: Roanpaw - blue roan tom with white specks and white underbelly

Shallowpaw - long-furred grey tom with black horizontal stripes

Mistypaw - tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Queens: Creamnose - cream she-cat with a white underbelly and green eyes

Lilypetal - blue-grey she-cat, mother of Cloudpebble's kits: Tulipkit and Mousekit

Elders: Twitchtail - long tailed grey tabby tom

Nightstripe - black she-cat


Leader: Mossystar - dark grey she-cat

Deputy: Acornfur - dark brown tabby tom with golden tints

Medicine Cat: Streakfeather - silver and white she-cat

Warriors: Sunface - golden tom with missing eye

Patchgrass - white tom with black patches

Apprentice, Breezepaw

Flowerfur - light brown she-cat with darker points

Thrushfoot - dark brown tom

Apprentice, Cloverpaw

Thornpelt - grey and silver tom

Longtooth - light brown tom with dark brown splotches

Wingpod - white she-cat with silver nose, tail, paws, and eartips

Apprentices: Cloverpaw - calico she-cat

Breezepaw - light grey tabby tom

Queens: Tansysand - tan short haired she-cat with light brown spots, mother of Thornpelt's

kits: Rainkit, Dewkit, and Rabbitkit

Elders: Crowspots - black tom with greying fur and streaks of white from age


Leader: Jadestar - silvery-blue she cat with purple eyes

Deputy: Thunderstep - very large long haired brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat: Berrytail - small marbled tabby she-cat

Warriors: Splashfoot - grey and white tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Fleckpaw

Brookclaw - light brown she-cat

Talonfang - black and white tom

Apprentice, Mallowpaw

Yellowhook - dusty brown tom with yellow eyes

Willowwind - longhaired she-cat with blue eyes and white fur

Sunnyheart - golden tabby tom

Thymefur - dark grey she-cat with white underbelly

Apprentice, Pigeonpaw

Whitefrost - large white tom

Sandytail - light ginger she-cat with darker stripes

Apprentices: Pigeonpaw - grey and white tom with bobbed tail

Mallowpaw - light brown she-cat

Fleckpaw - calico tom

Queens: Heronflight - spotted tabby she-cat, expecting Thunderstep's kits

Elders: Mothyowl - she-cat with silver fur and murky eyes


Firefly - dark grey tom with white tail-tip and cheerful attitude

Cherry - small calico she-cat that lives in a barn with Socks

Socks - large black and white tuxedo-coat tom that lives in a barn with Cherry