Chapter 1

May I Have This Dance

I sat at a table, all alone. Slumped in a chair, in a very unladylike way. My mother would be ashamed. I was tired, and my feet were sore from this death traps that were pretending to be shoes. This winter ball was definitely not the highlight of my winter break, and the worst part was that this was the first of many to come, as it was only the first night of winter break, which meant there was a ball just about every few days.

My hands were folded in my lap, and I stared down at the ground. My light blue gown was cascading in tens of layers to the ground. The corset was squeezing me so tight, I thought I might explode. My black curls hung around my face in a simple, yet beautiful, way, a waterfall braid going all the way around my head. My makeup was light, but looked nice. I was in perfect ball format. But still, I sat alone at a table, staring at my shoes.

"Excuse me."

I looked up at the sound of a voice. Standing before me, in elegant dress robes, was Regulus Black, twin brother of Sirius Black. He was in my year at Hogwarts, but I had barley spoken two words to him in all six years we had been at school.

Subconsciously, I rubbed a scar on my cheek, and replied quietly, "Yes?"

His face remained emotionless, as he asked me to dance with him.

I nodded, and got to my feet, feeling very small. I might be a Lestrange, but I wasn't used to being noticed.

He offered me his hand, and I took it. Leading me to the dance floor, I heard a waltz begin to play. Thankful for all those years of dance lessons my mother had forced me to go to, we fell into a comfortable motion.

"Tell me, Miss Lestrange," Regulus started in a well mannered tone, "What are you looking to do after school?"

I was slightly started by his question, but I didn't let it show. I has long ago trained my face not to revel emotion. I was a little surprised, as it was very typical for pure blood women to become bethroled around sixteen and seventeen, and then became a perfect pureblood housewife.

"I am very interested in the Department of Mysteries." I replied in the same, mannered tone.

He cocked an eyebrow. "Really, why so?"

"Their studies greatly interest me." I answered shortly, not wanting to continue discussing my hopes and dreams. "And you, Mister Black?" I said, returning the question, "What do you aspire to do?"

"Healing." He answered, not missing a beat. "I work towards becoming a healer."

I nodded, and we fell back into a comfortable silence. When the song ended, he lead me off the dance floor, to a table in the corner. Sitting down, I dropped all pretense, allowing my curiosity to get the better of me.

"What do you what, Mister Black?"

"Regulus." He replied, leaning back in his sear

I rolled my eyes. "Fine then, Regulus. You have barley spoken to me in six years, what sparked your interest?"

He chuckled, flagging down a waiter, and taking two drinks. Putting one in front of me, he long a long sip from his.

Setting down his drink, he looked me straight in the eye.

"Miss Lestrange, can I call you Anastasia?"

I nodded, expressionless.

"Anastasia, can you blame a bloke for simply wanting a dance with a beautiful Lady."

I rolled my eyes. I wasn't really in the mood for this. I thought Regulus had some sense.

"Cut the lines Black, I'm not in the mood to play your game."

Regulus smiled taking another sip of his drink.

"I won't lie to you, Anastasia. I've been sitting at that table with my twin all night, trying to summon up the courage to ask you to dance."

I rolled my eyes again. Did he think I was this stupid, or did this work on all the other girls?

"Don't roll your eyes! It's true." He protested. "Trusts me, my brother made quite a few cracks at me. I'm in Gryffindor, and I can barley summon the courage to ask a girl to dance with me.!" he looked up at the ceiling, and I could see a faint blush in his cheeks.

Maybe he wasn't lying?

"Why would you be nervous to ask me?" I inquired, feeling a little shy all of the sudden. What is wrong with me?

"Well I didn't want to mess it up." Regulus replied, resignedly. looking up at me, I sensed he wasn't making all this up. "I thought I would step on your feet, or say something stupid, and then you would hate me." He was embarrassed now. I could tell he hadn't planned on telling me that.

I giggled. He was kind of cute, I noticed. His long, black hair, fell in his grey eyes. He had very striking features, including the signature high cheek bones that all Blacks seemed to have. He was lean and muscular. He looked similar to his twin, but Sirius's eyes were darker, and his face not quite the same. His robes bore the Black family crest.

"Well, you are a very good dancer, and made polite conversation." I reassured him." You did nothing bad." I felt a my face heating up as he stared at me. Looking away, I took a sip of my drink, feeling the burn of fire whiskey in my mouth.

"Would you mind if I told you looked very beautiful?" Regulus asked, and he sounded a little nervous, as though he expected me to deny him.

I looked back into his eyes, blushing. "No. I wouldn't."

A slow song started up. Standing up, Regulus yet again offered me his hand.

"May I have this dance?"

Smiling this time, I took his hand and got to my feet. We strode onto the floor, and I placed his hands to my waist, wrapping my arms around his neck. We swayed on the spot, relaxing, all nerves disappearing.

We swayed in time to that beat, taking noticing anything but each other. As the song neared its end, Regulus leaned in and breathed, barley a whisper, "May I kiss you?"

"Yes." I breathed back.

He leaned in, and his lips met mine. I melted in his embrace, savoring the moment. After a few seconds, we broke apart. There was a smile on his face, and I had a matching smile on my face. We continued to sway in till the song ended, and couples around us broke apart, clearing the floor. The music ended, and we walked off the floor, yet again. People were preparing to take their leave, as the Nott's thanked everyone for coming, and wished everyone a Happy Christmas. I saw my family gathering their things, and I turned back to Regulus.



"Will you accompany me to lunch tomorrow?" He asked, a little too quickly, clearly nervous.

Blushing, I nodded.

Grinning he said, "I'll pick you up at noon if that's all right?"

"Perfect. But will you tell me where we're going?"

"I was hoping to surprise you. It's a fancy place, but no formal, in London. We can apparate into the Leaky Caldron, and walk from there if that's alright?"

"Yes, that sounds great. Till tomorrow."

He took my hand, and kissed it.

"Till tomorrow."

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