Hello everyone it is Gold Testament. I wish I could say I'm here with an update or a story, but that would make a liar of me. I am here with an author's note. I have been really busy with my summer semester at my dad's college, and just recently finished one of four. I wanted to let you all know that I'll start writing a chapter around July 27th since that's when the semester ends. I also want to everyone who subscribed to my stories to vote in the poll on my profile. The poll is for one of my possible future stories. I need one idea to hit 100% NO EXCEPTIONS WITH THIS POLL! One choice in this poll must hit 100% or else there will be no new stories. You guys have until August 10 to vote otherwise you will not have a new story before the fall semester. So please whenever I set up a poll from now on vote until it gets to 100%. Also I do not want to have to make another author's note like this.