Ladies and gentlemen I have good news, great news, epic news, and okay news. The good news is that my semester of college is over, and I've got about two weeks off. The great news is I finally started writing the next chapter of Soldiers of the Skies. The epic news is that in my story idea poll the Percy Jackson story I wanted to write from the very beginning won the poll with the most votes. (That is also bad news to everyone who didn't vote for that idea.) The okay news is that I set up another poll allowing you, the readers and fans, to decide which Big Three goddess Percy gets paired with between Amphitrite, Hera, or Persephone. Hopefully this poll will have one choice reach 100 votes. Oh and to motivate you all I will not write a single word for the new fic until I see votes on this poll since it would be best to know who to pair Percy with before writing a story so I can easily set up the plot. Hopefully you can vote and vote before August 10 when the fall semester begins. After all wouldn't you like a fresh fanfic before I go back to school? By the way after this author's note I'll stop getting emails from people asking when I'm going to update Soldiers of the Skies, and if I do I'll just reply "Hey when are you going to vote in my poll, or get more people to vote?" Because newsflash people we make polls to get YOUR opinions, so this time I'll do my best to make it 100% clear to all of you.