Carve Your Heart into Mine

Chapter 1: Lust

It was with striking clarity that Spencer Hastings remembered the night she had given up her virginity. It was Prom Night, the evening she had been eagerly waiting for since she had been in elementary school. She remembered standing in a cold, quiet corner of her high school gym, dressed in an elegant turquoise dress that fit around her delicate frame seamlessly, hot tears rolling down her cheeks. Alex, her boyfriend of a few months had broken up with her moments after the event began, citing reasons such as incompatibility and different ambitions for the same. It hurt, of course it did, she had really liked him, but what stung so badly was being left alone at an event she helped organize. Not being enough for people, that she understood and knew only too well, but being humiliated like that in the public? That she couldn't bear. The memories of how the night went on, despite how horribly it ended for her was something she remembered only too well.

Toby Cavanaugh. The social outcast of the school and the black sheep of the city. It had been him. Minutes after feeling pity for herself, a determined Spencer had pulled herself together and walked out of the gym in a dignified manner. Outside, she had seen him, dressed in a blue tux, his sandy blonde hair styled carelessly, sitting on the bleachers looking away. In all her years in Rosewood, she had never had spoken to him. She had noticed him of course, multiple times actually, as he roamed around the school trying to make himself invisible. She had made her way to him that night, not fully understanding what she was doing. Spencer remembered how his relaxed stance disappeared as he noticed her approaching him.

He had a cigarette in his hand, which he hastily dropped and stomped out. Spencer chuckled darkly. He looked very vary when she asked him if he had more, and it was with extreme reluctance that he handed over his packet to her. She had insisted upon lighting hers herself of course, not wanting to depend on another person for such menial jobs. The two of them had sat there silently smoking cigarettes when Spencer had realized how attractive the boy next to her was. He wasn't the exotic kind, like Alex, but there was something about him, something, but she couldn't put a ring to it. Whether it was the raw honesty in his deep blue orbs or the way he just let her shed all that was expected of her and just live in the moment, she never did figure it out. For the first time in months she had felt like she was doing something for herself, and that made her feel alive.

Spencer had noticed him leaning backwards after they were both done with the pack. He had finally willed himself to relax and she noticed how his muscles flexed as he ran his hand through his hair. Licking her lips lightly, she leaned into him and pressed her lips against his. He had been shocked initially, but he responded, deepening the kiss. She could still remember how her hands went around his head, pulling at his hair. His mouth tasted like peppermints and cigarettes, a rather odd mixture. He smelt like wood and musk cologne, a scent she could never forget. It was an intoxicating and deep kiss, something like she had seen in the movies or read about in her books. The world swirled around her and she felt light headed and fuzzy.

She had thought he was enjoying it too, which was she why she looked surprised – and a bit hurt – when he pulled away rather suddenly. He apologized profusely, telling her he never meant to take advantage of her in such a vulnerable position, but she shushed him completely, reminding him that she had initiated it in the first place. When she told him that it was the best damn kiss she had had in her life, he looked so embarrassed that he looked away hastily. He had looked so mortified about what happened that Spencer couldn't help but laugh. When she stood up, she had pulled him along with her and dragged him down the bleachers. Once they reached the parking lot, she had pushed him against a red vintage locker and kissed him. The second time round he responded immediately.

His lips were soft against hers, but he had kissed her deeply and passionately. She clearly remembered how she had arched her back against him and tugged at his hair, eliciting a groan from him. His hands were on a journey of her own, leaving her hot with lust and want wherever they brushed her skin. Suddenly she paused and stepped away, unable to cope with the way her head was moving around in circles. Her face was flushed with desire as she took a moment to steady herself.

He had apologized, of course he had. For the love of God, Spencer couldn't comprehend how somebody could kiss like that and apologize for it. She had cut him off telling him that she wanted this as much as he did and there was no need to feel sorry about it. They kissed again, and again, and again until she had begun tugging at his shirt, trying to pull it off.

They had spent the night together, their bodies melting and moulding into one as they moved against each other. Toby had practically worshipped her that night, leaving a trail of kisses as he made his way down her body. Spasms of pleasure had overwhelmed her over and over again, sending her on the edge repeatedly, making her dig her nails into his back until it bled. After a numerous rounds of love making the two had collapsed next to each other, unable to believe what had happened.

Oh she remembered it. She remembered it too well. It had been one of the best nights of her life and no other man had been able to drive her to the edge like the black sheep of Rosewood, Toby Cavanaugh had. The two had avoided each other like plague ever since, refusing to meet the other's eyes as they walked past each other in the school hallways. Despite the awkwardness, not once did she regret the night, in fact it was one of the fonder memories that accompanied her lonely days.

Four years had passed since, and Spencer hadn't seen him since graduation day. It was for the better too, considering she was in a much better place in the present, mentally and emotionally.

'We're here!'

The loud pitched squeal brought Spencer out of her reverie, shattering all the thoughts of the fateful night from mind. She looked ahead, and saw a beautiful white beach house, carefully tucked away behind a large number of trees. Kayla Thomas, her friend from college pulled into the driveway and grinned at her. They were done with college for good, and it was time to spend the summer basking under the sun in Kayla's parents' beach house in Cape May, California.

'This place is beautiful,' Spencer said, walking up to the porch, luggage in both hands. 'I hate you for not bringing me here before!'

'I was waiting for college to be over for good babe,' Kayla said, unlocking the door. 'This place was my summer getaway during school. The memories I've had here.'

'It makes my nana's lake house look lame,' Spencer said, admiring the myriad paintings put up on the wall. The living room had many brightly coloured couches, all arranged erratically. A younger version of her might have cringed at the asymmetry, but now, she welcomed it.

Kayla dumped her luggage on the couch and led Spencer down the hallway. She unlocked a door leading into a large room with light blue walls. A king size bed was placed in the centre, covered with lush blankets and many pillows. A vintage piano sat in the corner, drawing Spencer's attention to it.

Kayla jumped onto the bed, making herself comfortable. 'Welcome to your room for the rest of the summer. Incidentally, my parents used it when I grew up. I am sure they've had sex a lot of times on this very bed, but no worries, the sheets are fresh as a daisy.'

'I did not need to know that. What about this piano?'

'Dad used to play for mom. He bought a new one back home ever since I graduated school and we stopped coming here for the holidays.'

'Isn't he a romantic?' Spencer snorted. She found it highly amusing how people could be that much in love after years together, seeing how her parents had gone from 'till death do us apart' to 'we better part lest we die'.

'Not every family has the dysfunctionality of the Hastings,' Kayla said, rolling her eyes.

'That is not a word,' Spencer said. 'You could rephrase it in another way…'

'You get the point,' Kayla said hastily.


'No buts,' Kayla said firmly. 'We are on vacation Spencer, loosen up.'

'I have loosened up,' Spencer said pouting. 'Some instincts are just natural, you know.'

'Like being cynical about the existence of true love,' Kayla said shaking her head.

'You can't blame me,' Spencer said, 'considering no one in my family tree has had luck in the romance department. Heck, look at me! I haven't been in one relationship worth remembering.'

'Your family is cursed,' Kayla joked. 'Wait. What about Wren? You guys were together for two years and you still haven't told me why you two split.'

'Downton Grabby? He was a two-timing manwhore!'

'He cheated on you? That bastard! I'm going to beat him up into pulp!'

'Worse. I was the other woman! And he was engaged to her. He was the worst of them all.'

'He was pretty cute though,' Kayla reminisced. 'And that accent…wow. How was he in the sack?'

'I am not sharing that information with you!' Spencer exclaimed.

'That bad?' Kayla asked.

'Shut up!'

'Alright, alright,' Kayla said, raising her hands up. 'I'm going to call mom and dad and thank them for this once again. You relax, freshen up and do your thing. I'll call you when it's time for dinner, there's this really cute sushi bar in the seaside. I remember meeting this beach hottie when I was last here, wonder whether he'd still be around.'

'Sounds like fun,' Spencer said.

'I bet you it is,' Kayla said, walking out of the room, phone in hand.

'Hey Kayla?' Spencer called after. 'His stamina was pretty horrible.'

'We've got to make this public information,' Kayla said brightly. 'But after I call my parents.'

Grinning to herself, Spencer shut the door and undressed and changed into a pair of white shorts and a loose sleeveless top. Comfortable in her new clothes, she began digging through her suitcase, looking for one of her most prized possessions.

'Gotcha,' she said, pulling out her old and battered copy of Catcher in the Rye. Barely had she started reading it, lying on her belly, when she heard a loud rap on the door.

'You said you'd disturb me only for dinner,' Spencer whined, flinging the door open. 'I was just getting started on…'

'Don't be such a bitch!' Kayla snapped.

'Hey what's wrong?' Spencer asked, scrunching up her eyebrows in concern. 'Everything okay with your parents?'

'More than okay,' Kayla said, pushing her aside. 'But I have got bad news. For us.'

'What is it?' Spencer asked.

'My distant cousin and his friend are coming over for the summer, as they have some work in town and my parents decided to be overly generous. I haven't even seen this guy in years! I don't even remember how he looks – or where he stays. I have met him like once or twice during family reunions, and nothing more! What if he turns out to be some serial killer or rapist? What if he comes here and murders us and dumps our body in the ocean? I am too young and beautiful to die!'

'Whoa calm down. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Are you sure this situation is as bad as it appears? I mean, your parents surely trust this guy enough to let him stay here with us. He can't be that bad, can he?'

'He was such a weird kid. A freak of sorts. It was supposed to be just the both of us, and the beach and all the tanned hotties. How in the world can I hook up with all the lifeguards if some pseudo brother of mine is going to be living here as well?'

'Maybe he is cool,' Spencer tried to reason. 'Maybe he won't bother us at all.'

'Why aren't you freaking out?' Kayla asked accusingly. 'The Spencer I know would turn into a ball of paranoia at the very thought of living with two strangers for an entire summer.'

'I'm trying this new thing. It's called giving people a chance,' Spencer said. 'The few times I have tried it, it has worked. Besides Kay, you said they are here for some work. I'm assuming this means they'll be gone most of the time, so we can really chill and hang out. And you can get it on with your lifeguards too.'

'Promise you'll go down the dark road of revenge if he kills me.'

'I promise,' Spencer said with a chuckle. 'When are they coming?'

'In three days,' Kayla said. 'At least we have that much to ourselves. We are going to cram our entire summer vacation into these three days, which means no alone time for you now. Come on, get up, let's head out to the beach!'

'Kayla,' Spencer groaned. 'We just got here…'


Spencer got out of bed grudgingly as her best friend dragged her out. She wasn't sure what to make of the new development in plans, but she was determined – fiercely too – to make the best of her vacation.

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