This chapter is the laziest written chapter I have ever written. I'm sorry everyone, Hope you enjoy though :)

"Last Time on TDITTS we started to see a shift in the competitors nature will this get any farther than it already has find out now on Total Drama Island Teen Titans Style!"


Bee muttered to herself as she got dressed, clearly still irritated about her teams loss. 'Stupid Jinx... Well at least she's gone now. She's out of my way. Now...about the others?' she though glancing over at her team mates. 'What am I thinking? It's not about the money It's about defeating the villains.' she thought once again shaking away her other thoughts.


Terra once again pulled out Starfire. She had to convince her to 'play the game dirty' as she would say. But how?

"So are you going to help me?" Terra said urgently looking at her surroundings carefully, to make sure no one was listening.

"I am not sure how this is going to help." she said innocently.

"Red X is trying to win the money. Right?" Terra said, Starfire nodded, "But how can we be so sure he won't use it on something else, perhaps something evil."

"I do not believe he would." Starfire said confidently.

"How can you be so sure?" Terra told her, suspecting something.

"I...I have to go." she said flying off to who knows where.

'Somethings up between those two.' Terra thought before the voice on the speakerphone interrupted.

"You know where to go campers."

"CHALLENGE TIME! Or shall I say fluffy bunny time." The host declared as he saw the last camper arrive.

"Okay what is this about?" Raven asked impatiently.

"Well since your so eager to start the challenge I'll start by explaining one member from each team will stuff these marshmallow bunnies into their mouth for every one they put they must say the words fluffy bunny. The member that manages to last the longest with the rabbits in their mouth should win, but lets change it up a bit every one bunny is one point so that means the number of bunnies you have in your mouth by the time the other person throws them up is the number of points you have and for the person who threw them up the number you have remaining in your mouth will be the number of points they have. There will be five rounds. Horrific Butterflies, choose five people from the other team."

"I'll choose... Mas, Aqualad, See-More, Herald...and Red X." Bee said without advice from her team mates.

"What about you guys?" The host asked pointing towards the other team.

"We pick...ummm." Beast Boy started but was interrupted by Red X.

"We pick Raven, Kole, Menos, Bee,and Speedy." he finalized.

"Ok then get in position and when I say go run towards the marshmallows and start stuffing. Go!" The host finally finished.

Raven ran even though she didn't want to, she did manage to get there first but the idea of stuffing her face with marshmallows and saying the words fluffy bunny didn't really excite her, in fact it disgusted her, but she promised Robin she would do her best so she did. She put the first bunny in her mouth and said the words in her usual monotone voice, then another one and another one,'Man is it getting harder to hold these in.' she thought she tried to say the words but all that came out was grunts and mumbles and before she knew it she was throwing up everything her mouth including everything she had for breakfast, which wasn't much.

"Mas gets 4 points, Raven better luck next time. Next!"

Aqualad and Kole, Aqualad definitely won you say, wrong! Kole manages to put in 6 marshmallows and they weren't small.

"Kole, six points. Aqualad 2."

Next is Menos and See-More. "Fluffy bunny." they try to say but it comes out more as "Foffy Bonny (Gag)" Menos gets 3 points See- More 2. After them is Herald and Bee. Bee is determined so she manages too get in 5 marshmallows with throwing up. Bee 5 points Herald 1. The last face off is between Red X and Speedy. Red X devises a plan he chews them just to make them smaller, there weren't any rules about that anyways so he does it he manages to get 8 points and Speedy none.

"Okay that's the last round lets add up the points." The hosts said and begins to add up the points," Horrific butterflies, 14 points and Gentle Hammer sharks 17 points, so that means the obvious, the gentle hammer sharks win! Again!"

"Again guys! one of you two is going home tonight." Bee said threatening Raven and Speedy.

"Calm it Bee, it's only one challenge." Cyborg said but Bee replies with a snappy remark, "Have they been useful since the beginning. Yes? No. Okay that's what I thought." Bee finishes and goes back to her cabin.'What am I thinking?' Bee thought as she walked back to the cabin,'It wasn't completely their fault. Ugh I think this competition thing is getting to my head.' She finally comes to a decision and apologizes to them.


(Who voted for who)

Raven: I didn't think it would come to this but Bee

Billy: Speedy

Mammoth: Bee

Cyborg: Speedy


Bee: Speedy

Pantha: Speedy

Speedy: Bee or maybe I should vote for Menos. Nah.

Menos: Speedy

Argent: Mammoth because that's what we came for. Right?

"So the marshmallows go to Raven, Billy, Cyborg, Kole, Pantha, Menos, Argent, Mammoth and...Bee." the host said ending the elimination.

"Thank you." Bee muttered under her breath in relief.

"Well I hope you guys are happy how many villains gone 2 and what about heros 3 now 4!" Speedy yelled and then left.

"Another camper gone now we're down to 20 campers. We still have a long way to so stay tuned for Total Drama Teen Titans Style!"