AN URGENT LETTER FROM xx-onwednesdayswewearpink-xx

Everyday someone out there is committing suicide. One of the main reason is bullying. Right now, somewhere out there, someone is crying, putting their selfs down, or longing to fit in. Right now someone is telling someone else that they are stupid, ugly, not worth it, and should go kill their selfs.

Bully has done a lot to today's society. Everyone wants to fit in. People are getting bullied so badly that they bring guns to school. (R.I.P. everyone in Sandy Hook Elementary)

So I came up with a idea.

On October 24th, 2013 we should all band together.

We should all write and publish one-shots, songfics (hell even chapters on our own fics) about bullying. Whether it be someone standing up, someone taking their life, or someone just coping with it.

I know this is impossible but let's try to take over the Kickin' It archive. Let's all overload the systems with these stories.

Even if you're a reader you can help to. Go on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Polyvore & every other social network. Use the hastag #projectbeautiful

So can we all do that? Honor everyone who took their life's, everyone who passed away due to shootings, and just everyone who was too afraid to back out.

Please help me out. Writers I'm begging you. If you do want to be apart of this just PM me xx-onwednesdayswewearpink-xx) and I will add you to the list. But make sure to write PROJECT BEAUTIFUL somewhere in the fic.

Even if no one helps I know for sure that I'll do it. Whether I do it alone or with people.

-Let's Make a Change-

From IfSacrficesWereEasy: YEAH! Who's in? I know I am! Review if you are! GUESTS: even if you can't write stories, come in on Oct.24 and review was many Project Beautiful stories as you possibly can!

To all those who are participating: don't forget to PM xx-onwednesdayswewearpink-xx! The link to her profile is also on my profile!



(Sorry to those who thought this was a story update.)