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A.N. Apparently this will be the first Calvin and Hobbes and Adventure Time crossover. I am very disappointed in you humans. I suppose this could be considered a sort of sequel to my previous Adventure Time fanfic. Anyway, this only contains a few mentions of my OC. He doesn't do anything in this, as I am trying to get some stuff without him up. My sad attempt at another fanfic. Changed the formatting, I hope this looks better.

Calvin was sitting on his bed reading a comic while Hobbes sat on the floor doing the same thing. It was a wonderful Summer day that should have been spent outside, had Calvin not been grounded for throwing a balloon with glue in it at Susie.

"If you hadn't thrown that balloon at Susie we would be outside right now, Calvin" Hobbes complained to Calvin, still reading his comic.

"It would have been worth it if you had thrown the feathers at her!" Calvin shot back, glaring at his friend.

"I was talking to Mr. Bun. It would have been rude to just leave." Hobbes retorted, looking at Calvin.

Calvin stood up and glared at Hobbes. "Since you're part of the G.R.O.S.S. Club, it would have been excused!" Hobbes set down his comic and stood up to face Calvin.

He glared at him and said, "Maybe I'm a double agent for Mr. Bun!" Calvin jumped back and grabbed his chest.

"Ack! Traitor! You are hereby removed from the club ranks!" Calvin declared, pointing at Hobbes. Hobbes pounced on Calvin and they started throwing kicks and punches and hurling insults at each other.


"Flea-ridden traitor!"

"Stinky head!"



"Traitorous- wait, what?" Calvin asked, bewildered.

"You kiss your Mom on the cheek at night." Hobbes said, crossing his arms.

"We already said that doesn't count!" Calvin said.

"Max would say this is much better than 'modern diplomacy' if he were here. We get into an argument, fight, forget what we were fighting about, then go back to whatever we were doing before." Hobbes said, changing the subject.

"Yeah." Calvin replied, nodding. "You know I just realized we haven't seen any version of Max since he left to help another version of him with something." Calvin said, sitting down. His eyes brightened and he ran to his closet. He came back out with a cardboard box and flipped it on its side.

"No way! I am not getting in another on of those!" Hobbes said, crossing his arms.

Calvin got out a sharpie and began writing something.

"Relax Hobbes, if Max can't come here, we'll find him with our own inter-dimensional portal!" Calvin stepped back to reveal a cardboard box on its side with 'Inter-dimensional portal' scribbled on the side. Calvin crawled in and made a control panel.

"It's amazing how you can make something in five minutes that took Max years." Hobbes said, rolling his eyes.

"I know! It's amazing what you can do with cardboard these days!" Calvin replied, adding the finishing touches to the portal. Hobbes climbed in behind Calvin and curled up in the cramped space.

"Couldn't you have picked a bigger box?" Hobbes complained to Calvin.

"No, Max has more power at his disposal than we do, so he can keep his bigger portals stable. We don't have that so we have to use a smaller portal." Calvin replied, acting as if it were an everyday occurrence.

"Do we need goggles?" Hobbes questioned.

"Not for this. There's no vortex to go through." Calvin replied, pressing buttons, flipping switches, and twisting knobs on the control panel. "Let's see, safety: high, Max: present, air: obviously breathable, language: English, and... done!" Calvin said, slamming his fist on the 'start' button. The portal opened to their left, and Calvin slid through.

"Here we go." Hobbes said, sliding himself through, closing his eyes as he went in.

Finn and Jake were sitting on a hill watching the clouds near the tree house. Jake suddenly remembered something.

"Hey Finn, remember Max?" Jake asked, looking to his left at Finn.

"Yeah, I remember. He was exploring Ooo. What about him?" Finn asked, wondering how this was important.

"Well, I heard he set up some bases or whatever in the Badlands and the Desert lands. I guess he finished exploring." Jake said, looking back up at the sky.

"I guess so. I saw his 'embassy' or, whatever he called it in the Candy Kingdom. I heard he was looking around the Spooky Forest and the Haunted Swamp for places for more bases. What was it that he said, 'When the bad guys know who you are, you're officially powerful.' I guess he's spreading word that he's here." Finn said, still staring at the sky.

"I bet he'll start using the islands around Ooo as bases." Jake said, stretching out. Finn nodded and stood up. Jake stretched over to Finn and he climbed on, preparing to go back to the tree house. Jake fell over in surprise when a small portal appeared in front of them. They sat up and stared at it. It was a much darker blue than Max's portal, and the back was... brown. Suddenly a blonde, wild haired, six-year old came out feet first and landed on the ground. Then, surprising them even more, a TIGER came out, and landed on the kid.

"Oof! Get off me you flea bag! You're heavy!" The tiger stepped off of the kid and he stood up and brushed himself off. He finally noticed the two other people in front of him. He looked up, grabbed the tiger and walked up to the two bewildered heroes.

"Hi! I'm Calvin, and this is Hobbes! We're from another dimension! You wouldn't happen to know Max, would you?"

The different dimension things I mention quite often are a legit theory. It's quantum mechanics. Quantum physics is the thing with Schrödinger's Cat. Go look up the specific version if you want a headache.

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