I was high so idgaf about grammar and such, enjoy here you go

There was this district. District 12. Ok, You little fuck know The Hunger Games, right? Okai so today is the day. There are two brothers. The Way brothers. Gerard Way and Mikey Way. They love each other so much that there are people ship them like Waycest or something but it isn't right so yea. There is also this boy. He is Frank Iero. He loves dogs. Okai so Effie Trinket just announced the name of the first tribute. It's Mikey Way. Mikey puts on a poker face but everyone knows he is scarred as fuck. Gerard screams, moans and twerks in the middle of the crowd. The guards punch him and he screams "HAKUNA MATATA". "what?" Effie says. "I VOLUNTEER, I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS EASY PEASY MOTHERFUCKERS". Effie gives Gee a smirk a says "Okai, so we have a tribute, everyone clap?". No one claps. "okai so" Effie says "next tribute is...Frank Iero". "HE IS TOO PUNK ROCK FOR THIS, BITCH!" Gerard screams. Frank yells back "AM I DEAD NOW CAUSE YOU'RE AN ANGEL FROM ABOVE". Gerard's heart melts, he smiles at Frank. For a minute, they're deeply in love. They both think they will have sex have kids and such. "FRANK, GRAB MY DICK"says Gerard. "what?" Frank asks. "I SAID GRAB MY DICK YOU LITTLE REBEL". "what dick?". "ALL OF THEM, ALL OF MY DICKS" "OKAI" Frank says as he grabs all of Gerard's dick. "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA" "It's LeviOsa, not LeviosAR you little fuck." "Whatever" "what's with your dicks, why do i have to grab them?" "wait"-Gerard yells. Gee's dicks start going up and a few minutes later, they fly fast as rockets. Gerard's dicks fly which means Frank And Gerard fly as well. They draw a long rainbow line as they fly. "OMGEE, you have flying dicks" Frank says in amazement. 1 hour later they stop flying and land on sassy land. And they live happily ever after there and forget about District 12.

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