A/N: I do not own A song of fire and Ice or Harry potter, both belong to G.R.R. Martin and J.K. Rowling respectively. I am just borrowing their characters and world for my own twisted plotlines.


Harry Potter-Black was no savior of the light. He had faced far too much grief and suffering to become a light wizard. He was dark through and through. The first time Harry realized this was the summer after fifth year when Sirius died. It was the first time Harry ever cast a dark spell, the Cruciatius curse, the feeling was exotic, and it felt right. Of course no one becomes a dark wizard overnight, especially no one under Dumbledore's keen eye. No, Harry would not be the wizard he is today if it were not for the involvement of one Draco Malfoy. During Sixth year it was Draco who noticed Potter's descent into darkness and it was Draco who helped him along the way. He taught him everything there was to know about pure-blood politics, gave him knowledge of the darkest of dark arts and was pleasantly surprised when he realized Harry Potter-Black was a true Lord of the Dark.

After the death of Dumbledore at the hands of Severus Snape Harry called for help from the Dark faction he used an assumed name and with Draco at his right-hand contested for the right to be the true lord of Darkness. Voldemort was no match for him, when his former friends tried to label him evil he crushed them too. And now we are at the present, it has been ten years since the fall of Voldemort and the end of the second war. Lord Harry Potter-Black is now the leader of the dark faction and for the past ten years there has been an uneasy peace between the dark and light factions held solely because of the power wielded by Harry. Even now after ten long years Harry and Draco had still not found all of Voldemort's personal dark artifacts, over the 50 years of his reign he had collected a large number of artifacts that he then hid at various locations and today was another one of those days when Harry's research had yielded yet another stash of hidden treasures.

After the last stash had exploded because Harry's hired hands had botched up the removal of the extensive wards around the location he decided to undo the wards around the new location himself and of course Draco had tagged along to see if they could salvage anything of use after ten long years. So it was Harry and Draco who slowly walked into the underground World War 2 bunker keeping ever wary for traps and wards. After making sure that there were no more active wards around the room Harry finally opened it. Inside there was nothing, well almost nothing in the middle of the room was a pedestal and on it stood a silver timepiece of exquisite beauty, the rim was inlaid with precious gems and the edges had words in an unknown language carved in it.

Slowly making sure there were no hidden surprises Harry walked up to the timepiece, lifted it off the pedestal and examined it closely before turning to Draco and handing it over, "What do you think it is?".

Now Draco looked over the timepiece closely trying to see if it was anything more than an ordinary watch, "It does not seem to be anything more than an ordinary time-piece, but I don't know why the Dark Lord would…".

"We will never know, but I feel that this is definitely something much more than an ordinary timepiece, I don't know if you felt it but the wards around this place were extensive much more than the wards around any of his other stashes, and we know the stuff we found there was often rare and one of a kind" replied Harry.

"Of course my lord" recited Draco as he once again looked at the engravings on the edges and there near the dial of the device he found a little circular indent as wide as a finger.. or perhaps a wand. Usually Draco would not stick his wand into ancient unknown relics but this time it felt right almost as if the device was asking him to do it and so slowly Draco lifted his wand and began to push it into the indent on the device.

Harry was looking around the room for any more clues as to why the location was under such heavy protection when his magical senses detected unknown mind magics coming from behind him and as he turned around he saw Draco's wand slowly being pushed by him into the top of the device one look into his eyes and Harry knew that Draco was under the influence of a powerful confundus or similar mind magic spell. As fast as he could Harry sprinted to Draco and tried to knock the device out of his hand, however as soon as his hand touched the device Harry's magical senses detected a change in both the power level and the type of magic coming from the device by the time he realized it was dimensional magic in play it was too late and the room was once again almost empty except for the timepiece on the pedestal in the middle of the room.