Chapter 3

Harry and Draco were introduced to Lady Stark, Maester Ludwin, Robb and Jon the next day. As per the agreement they had come to only seven people would ever know the secrets of Lord Potter-Black and Lord Malfoy, the three Starks, the Maester, Jon, Eddard's brother Benjen and finally the King of Westeros Robert Baratheon. The last one was something Harry did not want to agree to as he knew the ones in power tend to be the most corrupt however Eddard was insistent on that being part of the deal.

Harry finally caved and agreed to let the King and only the king know of their secrets in exchange for making the agreement magically binding which meant the participants could not break the agreement without consent from the remaining parties of the contract. So in effect even if the King tried to tell someone of Harry and Draco's identity he will not be able to, the same applied to Harry and Draco they cannot physically harm any Stark (including Jon) and will be forced by magic itself to lend all reasonable help possible to the Starks in times of need.

While Harry did not like losing control of his free-will in such a manner, he knew that the wording of the agreement gave him enough leeway to determine what he considered "reasonable" and he also knew that while he could not harm the Starks directly if need be he could easily use the imperius curse to get someone else to do the harming for him. Of course these were just failsafes, he knew the type of man Eddard Stark was and he knew that once he gave his word on something he would stick to it and finally he knew this was the man's greatest weakness; Lord Eddard Stark was too honorable for his own good.

Studying the people infront of him like he would a book Harry used his passive leglimency to glance at what was going on in their minds. Most of them had shock or disbelief which was expected however when he got to the Maester's mind he saw to his own surprise an irrational fear and hatred of magic not unlike what the Dursleys had before he got rid of them, it seemed like in this world these Maesters were conditioned to hate and fear magic. This was going to be a problem, they could not afford someone who would hate them just for being what they are know about their secrets. Luckily the wording of the contract only protected Starks and Jon so Harry resolved to take care of this Maester problem as soon as he can, after all he only needed about fifteen minutes alone with the man to completely dominate his freewill and ensure he will not do anything that would be counterproductive to the wizard's goals.

Another surprise for Harry was that he detected something akin to animagus magic coming from both Jon and Robb and if he had to wager he felt it would be present in the other stark children as well. Harry had suspected Jon would have some kind of magic in him as both him and Draco were pulled to that specific place in this world because of the concentration of magic present among the trees combined with that present in Jon and his wolf called to their magic. Yes, if Jon Snow were a wizard in London he would most defiantly be a dark one. He however did not expect this animagus like magic infact he was expecting something along the lines of beast speaking as the connection between the boy and his pet was unnaturally strong. He would have to keep a closer eye on that one. Setting aside these thoughts for now Harry turned to Eddard Stark and spoke.

"Well now that we have told you everything it is time to perform the binding spell"

Eddard looking a little nervous thinking about what he was getting his family and people into simply nodded.

Raising his Wand and mumbling a few words Harry waved it in a circular pattern over his head. A mist of light suddenly emerged from the tip as it circled by every member of the small group it increased in intensity before finally meeting back at Harry's wand tip and suddenly disappearing. Everyone felt a small presence in the backs of their mind for a few seconds before that feeling dissipated too.

Looking a little tired Harry proclaimed "It is done, when your brother and the king arrives one of you will be able to tell them about us, the magic will automatically include them into the contract. Also you will physically not be able to reveal our secrets in the presence of others even if you are ignorant of their presence."

Turning to Lord Stark once more Harry grinned and spoke "Well I suppose Draco and I should go back to our duties assisting the good Maester here."

Again the Lord just nodded and said "Yes that would be for the best, I suggest you read up on our history and people so you can fit in better Also the King and his party will arrive tomorrow and while we treat the people who work for us with respect the Lannisters do not, I know you are Lords but they do not so do not expect them to treat you any better than they treat commoners."

Harry's eyes narrowed and he spoke with a sharp tone. "We will not be treated like dirt, we will avoid these Lannisters when they arrive however we will not hide, if we happen to run into them at some point during their stay and they happen to insult us then all bets are off."

Once again Eddard was reminded that the man infront of him was not a commoner, no matter how much he looked like one he had the arrogance of a lord and the power to back that arrogance up.

Draco watched this exchange with some amusement before turning to Harry and saying "I think you have scared them enough Harry."

Without turning his head Harry replied "Yea seems like it, do not worry Lord Stark we are not bloodthirsty maniacs however we have had a difficult past and have been through a lot to earn the respect we command. So I will not tolerate anyone insulting us."

Finally deciding to break the tense atmosphere Draco turned to the Maester and said "Well Maester Ludwin, lead the way to the library. I have always been a bookworm and am keen on getting started with this world's books."

The Maester startled at being spoken to and simply turned to Lord Stark for approval.

The Stark Lord nodded once before stating "Maester Ludwin please give them access to whatever they need and answer any questions they have regarding our world."

Turning to the wizards Eddard continued. "Since from now on I am a lord and you are simply apprentices to our Maester we will not have many opportunities to meet like this. If a meeting is required I will send word through Maester Ludwin, you should do the same."

Nodding in agreement Harry and Draco turned to the Maester and followed him out of the room.

The rest of the day went by fast, Harry and Draco devoured the books in the Stark Library, thanks to a Dark ritual they had performed earlier in their lives they had an eidetic memory and had increased their comprehension rate tenfold, of course this ritual required a human sacrifice apiece to work but at that time they were at war and had plenty of enemies to sacrifice. Harry still loved the irony that Hermione Granger was sacrificed to improve his mental capabilities.

During the day Harry had cornered the Maester and extracted all the knowledge he could about this world along with the secrets of the Maesters guild before binding the man's mind with a loyalty oath keyed to himself and Draco. Finally he oblivated the whole thing from his mind, so in essence he made Ludwin a sleeper agent within the Stark household who believed he was loyal to Lord Stark until Harry decides to flip the magic switch so to speak, while he did not expect to ever use the Maester in that manner one did not become the Lord of all things dark without a healthy sense of paranoia.

That night at dinner Harry met the rest of the Stark family and household, again he sensed the same animagus like magic coming from the other stark children, Brandon Stark in particular had a form of magic within him that Harry thought he would never see again in his lifetime, it was seer sight. Eyes widening slightly Harry looked closer at the boy to make sure that he was not mistaken, Harry probed deeper and confirmed that the boy was defiantly a true oracle.

Snapping his eyes from the boy Harry simply smiled and nodded when required, letting Draco do all the talking as he was better in social situations anyways. He mentally recalled the necessary steps to unlock a seer's magic for even in his own world seers were not useful unless their magic was unlocked and hence the class of divination was born, originally it was a class that would detect seers among the student population and then help them unlock their abilities. Unfortunately for Harry while Terlawany was a true seer she had no clue on how to unlock the potential in another and hence her class was for the most part a waste of time. This combined with the fact that Harry never encountered another Seer after Teralwany meant that he never really learnt the different ways in which one could unlock a seer's powers.

Realizing that he could do nothing about that at the moment Harry decided to let it go for now and focused on the food as he assimilated what he learnt about the magic present within the Stark family. Robb, Jon, Arya and Rickon all had the standard animagus like magic within them though Jon's connection was much stronger than the other three and both Jon and Arya's seem to be more inclined to the Dark. Sansa while she had the animagus connection like her brothers and sister it seemed like she was subconsciously rejecting it thus making it weaker. Finally there was Brandon his animagus connection was stronger than ever Jon's this combined with the seer magic Harry saw in him defiantly made him the Stark child to watch in Harry's books.

After dinner it was back to the library for the wizards as a result of another ritual the amount of sleep needed by their bodies was reduced to a mere hour and a half a day so it gave them plenty of time to study further. The History of this world fascinated Harry and Draco, they were really interested in the Targaryen's as it seemed like the Starks to Direwolves they had some kind of a magical connection with Dragons. Though according to the books they read and the memories of Maester Ludwin it seemed like the last of the Targaryen dragons died out decades ago and the last of the human descendants are in hiding somewhere in the east. Another remnant of magic that still existed from the "age of heroes" as the book called it was the wall. Harry wanted to go see the Wall; it seemed like something that would reveal a lot about what happened to the magic of this world. He knew that Jon was going to go join the night's watch and would head towards the wall once the King's party has left Winterfell. Harry wanted to study Jon more, the boy reminded him a lot of himself at that age, no real family, no place in the world and no future. Deciding that as he wanted to study the wall anyways, he would head north with Jon so he could do both get to know Jon and study the wall at the same time.

While Harry was reading about the wall and dragons Draco was studying about valerian steel and it reminded him a lot about goblin made steel. He knew the biggest collection of Valerian steel would be at Kings landing and since he was heading there soon he made a note of finding a few swords and daggers to study. Another thing that caught his eye was the mention of Dragon skulls being stored within the castle at King's landing, Draco knew that Dragon bone was a powerful magical ingredient in many portions and rituals, especially if it was the bones of an old dragon, once again deciding to hunt these skulls down once he got to the capital Draco continued studying.

As the sun started rising both wizards were aroused from their hunched back positions over their respective books by the sound of a horn announcing the arrival of the King's Party.

Turning towards Draco and nodding once Harry closed his book and headed towards the gates of Winterfell to see for himself what kind of a man was the King of Westeros.