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I wiped my tears as I ran away from the stupid fox,

'Darn it Yoko, you stupid pervert,' I growled in my mind. Just then I was attacked by Spirit World officers,

"Hold it right there!" they shouted. I frowned,

"Sorry, but if you could piss me off another time that would be great," I snarled sarcastically.

"Sorry miss, but you're under arrest for thievery, and murder of Spirit World officers, we will take you now." I smirked, taking out my poison-tipped daggers from my boots,

"Now, now, is that any way to treat a lady?" I cooed. They all gulped in fear but readied their weapons. I grinned at their fear, "I can smell your fear you know," I whispered to one of the guards. They began to attack, but got more wounds than they inflicted on me. I laughed, "You should be proud, you managed to scratch me!" I smirked. One of them pulled out some Spirit cuffs and planted them on my dark grey wings. I frowned, "That will not do," I tsked. Before I could do anything more though, they knocked me out.

I groaned,

"My head is killing me. What happened?" I sat up and looked around theā€¦. Cell? I shot up, "What the- WHERE AM I?" I shouted.

"You are in Spirit World prison Miss Baltigoa." I frowned at the tiny ruler Koenma on the screen,

"One, its B. two, how did I not kill your stupid officers?" I growled. He smirked,

"Okay B, well, for the second question I honestly have no clue." I growled when I realized there was no window or anything in my cell besides a bed, bathroom, and chair. I also saw that they put Spirit Cuffs on me as well as put me in a strait jacket. I sighed and jerked my head to get my black bangs out of my eyes,

"Oh well, let us see if I can break out of Rekai," I smirked.

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