Good evening boys and girls!" It would be a little unkind to present this story without just a word of friendly warning from Evy Hallow. We are about to unfold the story of me- Evy Hallow, the spirit of Halloween whose soul are destined to give children and adults a good deal of fright. It is one of the strangest tales ever told and it deals first with Man in the Moon and the two spirits – Jack Frost and Pitch Black. I think it will thrill you. It may shock you. It might even -…amuse you. So if any of you feel that you do not care to subject your nerves to such a strain, now's your chance to - uh, well, I warned you."

-Evy Hallow

Or rather; Edvard von Sloan, from the opening scene in Frankenstein (1931.)

Chapter One.

This was the end of 17th century.

It's been a year since the guardians defeated Pitch Black. Things were peaceful, Jack was one of the guardians now and there were no signs of the Boogey-man or any of his nightmares.

For a while, all the children on Earth slept safe and sound in their beds, dreaming nothing but peaceful dreams and wonder.

But down in the Antarctica, the land with its forever long winter, not yet discovered by man, Man in the Moon was preparing a special surprise for the guardians. He was happy that the guardians and their new comrade Jack Frost defeated Pitch Black and destroyed all his evils plans. But he knew that Pitch was a very clever and a stubborn spirit. The great desperation to be believed again and the feeling when people were walking through him were agonizing.

He would never give up.

Manny understood Pitch's feelings but he couldn't allow the Nightmare king dominate the Earth again. It was impossible! But then again…nightmares and dreams are on the same coin, you need the other to survive.

Long time ago, the guardians tried to give Pitch a chance to become a guardian, trying to make his powers more useful and for better cause than striking terror.

That offer was an insult of Pitch's powers and pride. He thought the idea was idiotic and refused to bend his rules to please them and the children. He was older than them and thought that his powers and believers would stay forever.

Which turned out to be opposite just a couple of hundred years later.

Now Pitch was weak but he was using every chance and opportunity to gain his strength back. He would never give up or turn a new leaf and nothing would happen that could change his mind.

When Man in the Moon heard Pitch and Jacks yelling and fighting down in Antarctica, an idea took form in his white round head. An idea that might be the key to lessen his destructive behavior and perhaps…turn into something good.

True, Man in the Moon has never done what he was about to do before and it was a wild card, but it could work if he handled it carefully.

His white face was shinning over the white landscape and over the glimmering white-blue sculpture Jack and Pitch created a year ago. Standing in the middle of this big cold Island, shiny moonbeams started to engulf it. As these two different powers, frozen together inside this astonishing sculpture felt the bright touch, the whole thing started to shimmer like thousands of diamonds, creating pale glimmering reflections over the whole area.

Then, the blinding white glow from the Man in the Moons powers changed and turned into one thread of light like, a laser, airing straight to the centre of the sculpture and with a flash penetrated it.

As the light swept in, cutting through the cold and dark material it settled deep within the sculptures centre. With force, the coldness of the Ice and the blackness of the Sand started to wrap itself together, forcing them to become one solid centre;

- an living white cell.

It was barely visible but it was there and by the power from the Ice, the Sand and by Man in the Moons blessing, it started to grow.

Hours later, when it was almost dawn and the sun was starting to peek up, there was a crack!

A deep, resonant CRACK and a flash of lightning lit up the sky, covering the whole of Antartica.

The Man in the Moons bright face smiled, looking down at the wondrous and wonderful being he had created.

The hard part was over, now the fun begins.

In Norths workshop:

After working many hours creating new toys and inventions, Norths plan for the rest of the day was take a small rest. Placing himself on his favorite chair he was going to a have a peaceful time with his plate of cookies over his belly and glass of milk in his hand. But just North was ready to place a delicious chocolate cookie into his open mouth, Yetin Phil suddenly rushed in and destroyed it all.

"Is it too difficult to knock?" North signed in his Russian accent as he placed the cookie back on the plate.

But Phil kept on chattering in his strange language and pointed outside.

"What?!" North said, standing up (before placing the plate on the table.) and he headed outside to the Earth globe.

At first sight, everything was fine, all the lights of the children were on, still glowing and no hints of Pitch black sand again, until Phil with his claw pointing down North noticed a strange blue glow on the bottom of the globe. He bent down a little and saw the glowing came from a small light-blue point, on the center of Antarctica.

Never before has this ever happened and there was no denying that North was very confused of the situation. Having no other choice he called the other guardians with the help of Northern Lights. Later, North was standing in front of the Globe, together with Jack next to him, along with Tooth, Bunnymund and Sandy.

"Do you know what it is?"North questioned towards his friends.

Sandy made a golden "?" sign over his head while the others just shrugged.

"Is it Pitch again?" Tooth wondered.

"No, he's still too weak to do anything right now." North said as he twisted his long beard around his fingers.

"Perhaps it's a message from Manny?" Bunnymund said as he moved to inspect the blue point closer.

"Has Manny told you anything?"

"No, he hasn't." North replied, looking up at the hole where Man in the Moon usually shone through.

"I think we need to take a look at it." Bunny said. "Who knows, it might be Pitch, creating another army of nasty nightmares or something more badly."

Hearing this, Jack's eyes suddenly widened and his hands started to clutch at his staff hard. Quickly he moved under the globe, pressing his finger at the light-blue point and starred at it intensely.

"Could it be...?" Jack whispered.

The guardians looked at him confused. "Could it be what Jack?" North wondered.

But just as North were moving forward to hear his answer, Jack was already outside, catching one of the fastest winds and flied straight to the direction where the lightning occurs. Confused of Jacks behavior, they all soon followed him by the help of Norths sledge. Except Bunnymund, who prefers to use the underground tunnels rather getting sick being hundreds of meters up in the high blue sky.

Back in Antarctica.

The first thought was an awareness of herself, and the second, awareness of the strange silver circle watching over her. She tried to walk, but couldn't because her short legs werent used to it yet. Wet and cold; the little head swam and the small body ached, but after a couple of clumsy slips she managed to crawl away from the dark hard object she had awoken from and wriggled onto a land of white strange, cold and very soft substance pressing down under her little hands and knees.

She took a handful and studied curiously at it, then licked it. The tongue felt the soft cold substance quickly melt away and disappear by her saliva. She took a mouthful and first the substance stayed intact but while moving it around inside her little mouth it became smaller and smaller, until it was small enough she could swallow it, together with a mouthful of cold liquid. Her little stomach welcomed the small portion of cold water, but that gave it a reason to start growling for more. There was plenty of the cold "food" around and so she started to eat it eagerly.

When she was done she burped out white thick smoke from her lips and crawled into a corner behind some stones to avoid the cold wind tracing over her bare skin.

Having her naked butt in the middle of an endless white landscape, with no one except for the white bright circle over her head, which seemed to be endless far away, and the snow falling over this small being, her little fists started to clutch. Tears starting develop in her eyes; the new little creation began for the first time in her life to whimper.

Once arrived, Jack knew before hand where the lightning came from and as he approached the very familiar scene. Seeing from the distance the very sharp features of his and Pitch creation, his eyes narrowed.

"I knew it!" He whispered to himself as he placed his feet on the white ground and walked up to the frozen darkness before him. A couple of seconds later other guardians arrived on the Norths sledge, except for Bunny.

"Gaaah! It`s even colder than the North Pole," Bunny shuddered after he jumped up from his rabbit hole behind Jack. Then with a surprised look in his face, he noticed at the strange scenery in front of him. "Oh Crickey!"

When the others arrived, the guardians stood there silently as they watched the strange looking master piece.

"Jack, do you know what it is?" Tooth said, looking at the sculpture nervously.

Jack took a deep sign. "After what happened at the Easter last year and you thought that I was guilty, I fled to this isolated spot. I was angry and so furious that you didn't believe in me, and in that weakest moment Pitch appeared and tried to lure me to join his side. Claiming that Cold and Dark are the same coin, and to join our powers together we would create cold and darkness all over the world... but I refused. We had a fight and by accident my power and his created this sculpture, a twisted symbol of what it could be. "

"So that kind of power is now preserved in that sculpture!? Bunny asked.

"I don't know, it doesn't look like the way it did before, someone has changed it!"

Jack remembered the earlier form like a wave, crashing against a rock or the side of a ship, the power when it forced to take another turn and let the tons of water splattering away in many different directions. This new sculpture looked like more it had been hit by something straight from the sky, like when clear water gets hit by a stone.

It was shimmering, glowing faintly with soft blue light, but still looked very haunting by the sharp edges pointing straight up to the sky.

"Why haven't you told us before?"

"Because I thought it wasn`t important and it is just a sculpture!" He moved forward and knocked his staff at it. " Look, only sand and ice!"

"Only sand and Ice bah! Manny contacted us for a reason and the reason is this!" Bunny scowled, while his arms were crossed over his chest to keep from shivering. "It could be bloody ticking Fear bomb. We need to destroy it before it anything bad happens!"

"I battled with Pitch before, and nothing happened except creating black snowflakes!"

"But never this solid!" Bunny shouted.

"It looks like it already has been destroyed, like a lightning must have struck it," Tooth said as she and her mini-fairies were flying in circles around it, "Maybe Manny already took care of it before we arrived!"

Jack glanced up at the moon then back at the guardians. "Then why are we here then?"

That was when a sound rose above the wind- a whimper, high in pitch, followed by a weak cry. But only Bunny could hear it.

"Do you hear that?" Bunny said,

"Hear what?" North asked.

"I think I hear a cry!"

"A cry?"

"It sounds like-" Bunny's eyes widened. "-like a child!" His long ears moved fast over the area.

"Impossible, here in South Pole?! No humans live here, not even animals!" Tooth said with a pale face.

Looking around, neither of the Guardians could locate it. Bunny's brow furrowed as his ears turned in every direction. "It stopped, I can't hear it anymore."

Jacks eyes peered through the white desert climate, looking for the source of the noise. "If Pitch has the nerve to kidnap a innocent child to blackmail us I'm going to-"

"He's too weak to do anything right now, this is something else. I believe Manny sent us here to find something." North said as he took up his sword from the sheath. "But you never know…Listen, Jack and I will take a closer look at the sculpture, you Tooth will search down in the cliff over there while Bunny and Sandy will check the surroundings. Sounds good?!"

Everybody nodded and then began to search after any clues where the whimpering came from.

It was not easy; everything looked the same; Grey, blue and white. Bunny shivered while using his ears as radar to find the strange whimpering again.

And for Sandy, he squeezed his eyes hard to see through the swirling white snow. It created ghostly images and it was hard to tell the difference between the illusions and reality, but as the oldest of the guardians and really knowing how to beat up a bad nightmare; he was ready for anything.

Suddenly, he heard something. It wasn't loud but he heard it clearly, a small crack of ice. His yellow eyes swept over the area critically, searching for any small sign of danger. There had been a noise, he was certain of it. It wasn't a trick of his imagination or the Guardians.

Then, just a few meters from him, a pair of golden eyes popped out in the snow, starring up at him curiously. Before Sandy could see what it was, it disappeared and he saw nothing, nothing but whiteness and some vague shadows in the snow. Sandy blinked twice and moved down carefully to take a closer look where he saw it. He noticed a weird pile of snow and inspected closely, and before he was ready the golden eyes showed up again and blinked up straight at Sandy's golden round face.

Surprised and chocked, the Dream-man gave his eyes a rub and blinked a couple of times as he tried to make out the figure before him and completely understand what he really was seeing. Half expected to be met by hoards of angry nightmares under the snow or around the corners or in the shadows; sitting before his eyes was the most unpredictable thing he ever expected to see in this white cold desert.

Shaking but thrilled Sandy waved his hands wildly to get everyone's attention, signaling with big sand signs above his head.

North was the first to notice. "Sandy found something!" He yelled and quickly everyone turned their heads towards Sandy. They saw him picking up something from the ground and moving closer they noted that Sandy was now carrying a small bundle in his arms. Something wrapped in thick yellow blanket Sandy has created from his sand.

It wriggled and turned inside and Sandy looked very smug when he showed it to the team.

"What is it?" Tooth wondered, her eyes looking curious at the bundle.

"Is it a Nightmare in there?" Jack asked worriedly.

Sandy shrugged, still keeping the smug smile on his lips. His eyes were glimmering.

"Stop teasing us Sandy, what did you find?!"Bunny said, holding his boomerang over his head as he moved closer, staringnervously at it.

Suddenly, the thing finally plopped out from the blanket, revealing a white face with golden eyes under a messy snow-covered hair. At the sudden movement Bunny yelped and stumbled backwards.

When they saw what was in the short smiling man's arms, their mouths fell open at the same time.

His face, now white as a sheet, Jack stared at it in shock and disbelief at this small creature. "No…it can't be, it's impossible. Absolutely impossible!"

From the silence that settled in the air, except from a small gasp from Tooth, and from the way everyone had frozen where they stood, one would think that time had stopped moving.

But that was only temporary, after that, they were tackled by an ear piercing scream, nearly knocking them off balance and especially Bunny, who directly fell down on the snow in surprise. Tooth small hands pressed to her mouth, inhaled sharply as she started to babble.

"Oh my…why?!"

On his back, Bunny pointed at the screaming siren. "What is that?" He shouted.

Sandy's head tilted to one side in surprise, with an expression like "Don't you know?"

North rolled his eyes. "It's called a…baby!"

"I can hear that!"Bunny said as he covered his ears with his pawns. "But where in this icy Hell did it come from!"

Jack looked a little bit nervous, rubbing his staff behind of his neck."Eeeeehh…From a human camp perhaps?" They all starred at him, with doubting looks on their faces.

The baby screamed, tears were streaming from the golden eyes and down her cheeks.

Sandy bounced a little to make her stop.

"Shhhh," Sandy whispered into the baby's small ear.

The Guardians looked at him with surprise, never before had they ever heard Sandy talk, whisper or even mumble, they believed he was mute; this small sound was...unbelievable.

And when the Dream-man stroked the soft cheeks to soothe her, the baby's mouth suddenly latched onto his finger and began to suck greedily.

Slowly, Tooth and her mini fairies moved forward to get a better look at the little spirit in Sandy'sarms. "He's adorable!" Tooth said with a goofy grin on her face.

North, kneeling before Sandman and the baby, brushed away some snow through the baby's hair, the guardians saw a strange mixture of black and white curls.

"Nice hairstyle! North giggled.

Bunny took a deep sigh and moved up from his sitting position. "Alright, does anybody know if there is a small Tribe of humans living here in the middle of Antarctica? Humans with white skin, golden eyes and strange hair color, not to mention with very loud vocals!"

"Oh this is a spirit all right; no human would ever survive in South Pole completely naked." North said.

Sandy made a small symbol over his head again; the symbol of Venus.

"And it's not an "It" or "he"; it's a "she," North replied, chuckling.

"SHE can't be a spirit, she's too young!" Bunny argued.

"But why then?" Tooth questioned, her gaze never leaving the child. "Did Manny contact us if not to find her?"

North sighed. "I don`t know but there must be a good reason for Manny doing this so we must-"

Suddenly, Sandy created two images over his head; Images of Pitch'ssilhouette and a snowflake, and then he smashed the images together and turned into a form of a baby. It wasn't hard to guess what this meant but Bunny's eyes widened in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding me!"

Then his eyes darkened and looked back at Jack who was standing a couple of meters away from this great discovery. "Jaaaack…"

"Well," Jack began with a nervous chuckle. "That would explain a lot!"

Everyone stared at him, both in chock and confusion

"A LOT?! Listen, Manny can be eccentric sometimes in choosing humans to become spirits, but this time he has went too far!" Bunny shouted, ignoring the baby's sniveling nose and the tears still dripping from her black eyelashes as she kept on sucking Sandy's finger.

"Tell me, why did he wish to combine yours and Pitch powers; Cold and Dark, into a tiny, tiny and whiny baby?"

Sandy looked like he wanted to argue, but instead he locked his small arms tighter around the baby.

Bunny moved his paws up defensibly. "No 'fenceSandy, she looks adorable but this is serious!"

"Everything happens for a reason," North said as he looked down at the baby tenderly, "and who says that this little fellow is not welcome to this world."

Nervously, Jack moved closer to the baby. The girl, still sucking on Sandy's finger stared curiously back at him. Slowly, he traced her cheek with his index finger, and then placing it into to her little hand. He watched with amazement as five tiny fingers curled around it and squeezed it slightly. The baby stopped sucking and then began cooing at him.

Encouraged, Sandy moved forward and placed the blanketed baby in the young man's' arms. Unused in holding a baby, Jack starred down at the baby's two golden eyes with wonder.

"Hi there!" Jack said slowly and gave very silly smile back to this charming creature.

Watching these two together North shook his head. "Do you know what it means Jack?"

"Means what?" Jack wondered as he glanced back to North. Seeing Norths now very bemused smirk. His face paled again, his mind jolted up like he had been hit by lightning too as he finally realized what he was really holding in his arms.

"Oh no, no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no! I'm way too YOUNG!" He said, shaking his head intensely.

"I think you passed one hundred a long time ago Jack!"

"I know how to play with children, not how to raise them! It's their parents' job." He said desperately.

"And now you`re a…Daddy!" North said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Daddy Jackie!"

After that North couldn't help it, the look on Jacks wide eyes and open mouth was simply too much. And not only him, all the guardians, even Bunny, started to laugh hard (as hell) at Jacks now very shocked expression. The baby stared curiously at this strange group surrounding her. Seeing this strange creatures laughing, she giggled back with her still toothless mouth.

Except Sandy. After carefully handing the baby over to Jack, Sandy's suddenly noticed the strange color on his finger where the baby's wet mouth have been. An color that looked strangely familiar- dark and blue.

Meanwhile back in Pitch Blacks lair, the Nightmare King was starring suspiciously at the light-blue point, shinning blue and bright in the dark bottom of his hollow globe.

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