So this is my new story. It is just what I think will happen in Avengers Two. There is a lot of Clintasha, this will also have the heroes I want to see in the next movie. I sadly do not own Marvel or the avengers.

"I shall get my revenge on you Captain, but you are not who I'm looking for. I'm looking for the widow and the hawk. They have what I want." Thanos muttered to himself "They have what I need. The thing I need to destroy earth and the nine realms, to rule all. How do I get them? You may ask. You will find out so enough. I shall get the widow first when she is at her weakest, when she is away from her hawk. The Avengers will have to assemble. When the hawk is angry enough I will take him. The Avengers will have to look for them, but when they find them, they will be dead. Then I will kill the rest of them. That is when I have time to destroy earth and the nine realms." He smiled an evil smile "Will the avengers be able to save earth. I think not! Let's look what the widow and the hawk are doing." He brought up a window portal thing.

Clint was sitting in Natasha's bedroom wearing a tux with a purple tie. Natasha came out of the bathroom talking and putting in ear rings. She was wearing a simple black dress that went barely past her knees. Clint came to her a put on her necklace. They grabbed their sunglasses and keys and headed out the door. "I shall have them both in some time." said Thanos he laughed his evil laugh.

I know this is short, it's just the prologue. One the good side Thanos just told you his plan, and we all know that is not going to work. Please review, thank you.