White tiny specks sprinkling the foggy white sky. Everywhere is white. Unnaturally white. Unnaturally cold. Supernatural snow. Mai's eyes flickered opened as a white

speck landed on her face leaving the feeling of cold behind. It felt like it was burning her. Too cold to the touch.

" Where am I"? she was just in the SPR office sitting at her desk filling paperwork for her idiot scientist of a boss Naru…. and now she wasn't so sure where she was.

Mai suddenly realized she was lying down in the ground and that it was too cold of weather for the month of July. She sat up and gasped at the sight around her. Snow…snow everywhere. So cold and white.

"No way!" she cried. "But, this is July; there is no snow in July". She yelled to herself and realized that she was all alone here.

She was alone in the forest of ice and snow. She shivered as she wrapped her arms around her. She wore only a light jacket and a short skirt. She stood up and began walking towards somewhere. Her foot caught something hard and she fell flat on her face in the snow.

"Way to go Mai." she winced as she put her hands underneath her to push herself off from the ground when she looked at the snow under her.

Red splatters in the snow. She froze and she turned her head to look at what tripped her. A hand was sticking out of the ground. A child's hand covered in the red and white, covered in blood and snow. She backed away now shivering from the cold and from fear. She bumped into something. She turned and gasped. She had backed into a tree. A tree with a snow covered skeleton giving Mai a dead look. A skeleton with red and white splattered on it. She rose quickly and ran away from the bodies only to stop as she saw more bodies sticking out of the ground as the snow seemed to melt away. It seemed like the bodies were now moving and clawing themselves out of the snow toward Mai. Their flesh and cracked icy skin fell to the ground with a thump. They groaned and moaned as they crawled towards her. Her world started to spin and haze over as she heard the whispers of the words of many speaking to her all at once:

"Blood and snow!"

"Blood and snow!"

"HELP ME!" she cried…

Blood and snow!"



"Blood and snow"


She jumped from her seat as her eyes slowly flickered open, revealing the office around her and cold blue eyes glaring at her as her extremely handsome 17-year old boss sat on the edge of her desk. Naru glared at Mai but the glare softened as she saw the look on if face. Fear formed in her eyes and she blinked them away.

"Did something happen while you slept" he asked coolly.

Her eyes never meet his as she smiled cheerfully

"Nope!" " Sorry Naru, won't happen again".

He noticed her fake smile and glared at her. "Mai…"

"Yeah... I know make tea" She said before he could open his mouth. She got up and speed walked into the kitchen and began to make tea. She didn't notice the black clothed teen leaning on the doorframe waiting for her to turn around. Mai just stood there waiting for the tea to be done.

"Earlier, what was with that dream" she thought as her eyes were fixated at the window. It was sunny outside and hot. Not cold and raining down snow. Horrible blood covered snow.

"Mai"! His stern voice broke through her train of thought as she spun to look at Naru who was pointing at the kettle while eyes fixed on Mai. "The tea is ready, Mai".

"Oh... Y-yes" she stuttered as she raced to the kettle and turned off the stove. She opened the cabinet and picked out a cup. She hurriedly poured the tea in the cup and walked it to Naru. She tried to walk past him after she handed him his cup of tea but she felt the hoodie of her light jacket being tugged backwards. She turned to look at Naru who was sipping his tea while holding on to the hoodie of her thin jacket glaring at her.

"Is there something on your mind, Mai" he asked still holding on to her hoodie. He tugged it again when she didn't respond quickly enough.

"Oh...um…Nope… Nope, nothing at all" she said averting her eyes away from that dark blue pool that were his eyes.

If she did dare to look into his eyes, she knows that she will tell him everything. Her eyes were eventually drawn to his dark blue eyes. The office was silent for a while as the teens stood their making eye contact. Lin even stopped typing to look at the teens. They stared at each other like they were having a staring contest. Mai would have lost because she blinked away and she turned to look at the clock. 9:00 pm. She gasped and tugged away from Naru as he finally let go from her hoodie.

"I...have ...t-to go… bye Lin …bye Naru..." and she gathered her things as quickly as possible and hurried out the door.

Naru and Lin exchanged looks as Naru gave one last glare at the closing door and headed back to his office while Lin continued typing.

"Idiot" was the last word that was said in the office that day.