Five days later after being released.

Mai shifted slightly under the covers as she slept in her apartment. She murmured happily at whatever she was dreaming about. Drool slid down her face and landed on her pillow.

Suddenly a phone rang, jarring Mai from her slumber. She ignored the first couple of rings, groaning she reach for the phone on her bed table. It stopped as soon as she touched it. Her arm fell lazily from the table to the side of her bed as she drifted off to sleep again. Her cell phone rang again—much louder this time—and Mai's hand reached out to smack it like an alarm, like she was trying to turn it off. She grabbed it from the table, almost dropping it, and answered it, sleep still clouding her mind.

"Herro?" Mai murmured softly as she tried to say hello. She heard a deep chuckle and she looked at the phone for the caller I.D before narrowing her eyes and putting the phone back to her ear.

Naru was calling.

"Baka…are you still sleeping? It's almost eight; no wonder you are always so late when you actually have to go to work."

She could picture him smirking and she yawned. Sleep clouding her judgment, she murmured something along the lines of 'Go away, Naru' and then she hung up the phone. She was still on her recovering slash vacation week and she didn't want that narcissist of a boss to bother her. Her head plopped on the pillow, ignoring the puddle of drool on it, and she started to fall asleep when the phone rang again. She ignored it and turned to the other side of the bed with an irritated groan. It finally stopped and she sighed in relief from the quietness in her home. Her phone buzzed a couple of times meaning that someone had sent a text message. It buzzed again and again. More messages. After the tenth buzz she finally reached for her phone again. The bright screen glared at her face, making her squint as she read the first message sent to her by Naru.

"Wake up, Baka."

She scrolled through the other nine messages.


"Baka, Mai."

"Wake up, Mai."

"I want tea."



"I know that you are feeling better, Mai."

"If you don't reply or call me, I will personally come down there to drag you back to the office and then you will make me tea since I never received any during our last case."

"Fine, then I will come get you…hehe."

Mai glared at her phone and put it on the edge of her desk. 'There is no way that Naru would come here to bug me just for some stupid tea.' She thought as she drifted back to sleep.

20 minutes later.

Mai didn't here footfalls from outside, fingers searching for a spare key, or the sound of a key unlocking her apartment door, or the sound of it opening. She continued to drool on her pillow as the figured advanced silently towards her, softly chuckling at the sight of his sleeping assistant.

The covers were ripped away from her and the cold awoke her from her sleep. She opened one eye to see her handsome boss staring at her with a smile. She sat up slowly looking at her boss with an irate and sleepy expression.

"Sewriously…Naru?" Mai murmured loudly as sleep fogged her mind and her speech. She heard him chuckle and she saw his hand reached toward her. She tried to dodge knowing what was about to happen but her body wasn't fully awake. Mai felt Naru flick her really hard on the head with his fingers. The noise seemed to echo in her apartment. She huffed in annoyance and was now awake as her boss smirked at her.

"Come on, Mai. Everyone is at SPR waiting to see you and they won't leave until you come."

Mai huffed in annoyance once again and dragged her body out of bed, grabbed a change of clothes, and went into her bathroom to change.

Naru sat on her empty bed waiting. Their last case made Naru realize how close he was to losing his assistant, someone extremely close to him but would never admit it. It made him regret their fight hours before they found her. Her bloody and damaged body would still flash in his mind. The nightmares he had of actually losing her since that case had caused him to become softer towards her. Barely but it made him realize that he actually does have feelings for her—feelings he had never experienced before. He needed to keep her closer now or he may not make it in time. He suddenly felt annoyed. 'Well, she is still at fault.' He thought quietly.

The case was solved now. The bodies were found after the snow melted and properly taken care of. The families of the missing mourned and cried. It was on the news, though the names of the SPR were not mentioned, it still annoyed Naru. But the client and his wife moved back into their house. He was glad that the bodies were finally found, the father and the girl was cleansed, she was safe, and all was now back to normal, except for the earful of lectures Naru had planned for Mai.

Mai walked out dressed and all ready to go and they headed to the SPR office, bickering.