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Yakumaro Mako laughs over Tsukune's dead body. Tsukune may have been able to defeat his monstrels but even with his increased power when he turned into a ghoul. Moka did something he could never do. She carved his heart of his chest metaphorically and literally. He thought he would have to use his powers to control her to do so but she and Tsukune's other girls killed him of their own free will. Mako then noticed the vampire was coming his way and she was shedding tears of sadness and rage. Mako tried to run away but he never had a chance. Inner Moka silently caught up with Mako, snapped his neck with one hand, and dropped his crumpled body. Moka put her cross back on her rosary. Outer Moka, Ruby, Kurumu, Mizore,and Yukari ran to their dorms and crying heavily.

Mikogami arrived with the seal and saw Tsukune's corpse next to Mako's and was shocked that Moka had put enough blood to make Tsukune a ghoul and beat him with apparent ease. Mikogami picked up Tsukune's body, the experiment cannot end because of his own failure or he will lose his seat. Mikogami knew he had to think of something fast. So Mikogami did the one thing he knew would work he bound Tsukune's spirit to his skeleton. Mikogami, "Don't worry Tsukune I will get you another real body by your next break. Until then you are a monster, now that will never die again and when I give you flesh it won't matter if someone tears it off you. Because you are now a resembling skeleton. You are smarter than before by far and you are surprisingly stronger than an orc. also I am sorry that you cannot talk until you get your soul adjusted back because right now you are still "dead" and not undead. Once I get flesh for your bones it will regrow over them no matter how many times it is destroyed. Oh I will build a crypt here you must sleep there until I get flesh for your body. You will be able to know everything that happens around it and with in it. Go there and wait a couple of weeks. I will have your teachers give you perfect scores while you are gone."

Tsukune merely nodded his skull and walked over to Crypt and went in. Tsukune decided that he was cursed. There was no other explanation. Now, that he had no wish to live and was abandoned by his girls. He couldn't speak and even if he could there really was nothing left to say. And now, there was no way he could escape this agony. He was the closest thing to immortal that he had ever heard of. Tsukune was destroyed. They left his corpse their to be washed away by the rain.

It was raining the next day when the girls with an umbrella returned to the scene of the crime and they cried when they saw that his body had been moved and the bones removed. Tsukune just stared at the scene they had killed him when he was in his shinso state from when Moka gave him enough blood that the ancient bloodline of hers awakened within him which was why he could not bring himself to hurt tried to stay away from them but they killed him.

Flashback! Yeeeeeee Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Tsukune in Shinso form is about to bite down on Mako's neck and drain him dry after knocking out all of the monstrels. Then, his girls who had been stunned into silence attack him. Moka convinced them that now that he was a monster like them that he was some mindless killing machine. He was a vampire like her. The very hypocrisy of this made him furious at all of the. he had given them all a multiple chances. They did not even give him one. Tsukune shouted, "Girls, it is me! Stop! I can't fight you! It doesn't have to be this way! I am in complete control!"

The girls were crying and shouted in unison, " Lies!"

' It really is if I was a ghoul, then I wouldn't be able to talk!"Tsukune shouted exasperatedly.

"Hahahaha. I didn't even have to hypnotize them to kill you Tsukune!" Mako gloated.

"Moka, tell them the truth I am not a ghoul! Don't kill me. I saved all of you even though you at one point or another! Why won't you stop! Why? Why?Why Must it be this way? Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" Tsukune shouted and then howled in pain as Moka took the blade Saizo had earlier and cut out his heart.

"Know your place." Inner moka said bitterly and coldly with tears in her eyes.

Tsukune saw saw that face and look before he passes into the void for a few minutes to be pulled back by Mikogami.

Flashback end.

Tsukune saw that the girls were still looking at his corpse crying. He believed they felt nothing for him and they were shedding crocodile tears. He did not understand why they even came back he did not know. Then, he realized they never cared for him. They all merely used him and were using him. He was a meal to Moka, a power source for Kurumu, an avenue for getting Moka to Yukari, a man who could produce children to Mizore, and a possible bondage master to Ruby. He didn't actually matter to any of them. They just liked his actions and missed what he did for them. They could never like a human or want anything to do with one. Tsukune felt a rage that burned through his soul which he found also set his skeleton on fire. Another thing that pissed him off was that no one put what remained of his corpse in the damn crypt and that he forgot as well. Now, He couldn't because these wenches who had ruined him were refusing to leave.

The girls truly did care. They missed him so much. but they just didn't know what to do and had acted out of fear. Tsukune had done so much to try and save them never thinking of himself and they repaid him by killing him. They were truly sicken from their own actions but there was no turning back he embraced the vampiric bloodlust. Even if he would not kill them he would kill others. The girls stood there staring at his defiled boneless corpse as it was soaked in rain.

Tsukune waited until they finally left and pulled what was left of his corpse into the crypt. Tsukune stayed there with his mouth open trying to roar out his pain and rage for all to hear. But no sound came from him. He stood there frustrated but knowing that he would get his revenge. It was just a matter of time.

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