Chapter 3: If you know only knew... I don't care

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Tsukune's POV

A grim smile graced my face as he woke up to the sounds of Gin's girl that he picked up the day before made it through the paper thin walls of the dorm. It reminded me how much I had lost. As much as I made jokes about Gin's lifestyle; his girls never tried to kill him. They just used him a night or two just like he used them. My girls used me almost a full year and I got nothing other than my my blood sucked, nearly suffocated by a large set of breasts, frozen several times, nearly burned to death, nearly beaten to death, several bone breaking kicks, and my heart quite literally cut out of my chest. Then, the girls tried to exorcise me twice yesterday. First attempt, the reason why was Yukari thought I was imprisoned in my skeleton or so they tell me. I guess only Mizore knew the bones were me at first. The second attempt was that Moka was sure that I was still a ghoul. At least that was what they told Gin and now they regret their decision or so they told Gin. If they only knew how much I had cared for them. I'd sacrifice my beating heart before I'd lose my girls and I did. It's 4:03 and I can't sleep without my girls near me. I toss and turn like the sea. The only thing that I used to believe in was the girls, if they only knew. But here I am in my darkness, basking in the shadows brushing up on my arcane skills to keep my mind off of the girls.

I began that day with no sleep. I was at an all time low. I am trying to make through my life but I waited for them to come around. I tried to live through all these lies but I now don't care. At least that is what I tell myself. I won't try to fight it anymore. I guess I just have to just deal with it. I tried to make them see my side. I tried to stay in line with them. Their eyes looked like they just saw right through to my skeleton and that they did see me as anything else.

My thoughts were interrupted when someone knocked on the door and the girls who were out in the hall called out to me, "Tsukune come out of the room! Please!" I was just too shocked they would come to my room after trying to kill me twice the previous day.

"Don't say anything just go away.. I don't care. Just go and leave me behind because I swear I don't care. I am not changing everything because you won't remember me at all." I barely whispered to them. Judging from the sounds of sobbing from the other side I made my point. I was about to get dressed when Kurumu clawed through my door. I was stunned and more than a little angry but I continued to get dressed and completely ignored the girls. Kurumu made an attempt to kiss me. I gave her a sad look but made no move to stop her. She was shocked that I let her kiss me on the lips since, any living creature would have become her eternal slave at the kiss.

I looked at her, my face emotionless, and said, "I am not alive truly Kurumu. I am undead so your kiss holds no power over me and I am stronger in the magical arts than you so it would not work even if I was alive. Now leave me to be and go away because I don't care anymore." I finished dressing and grabbed my backpack before walking over to Gin's room to wake him up so he isn't late.

I knocked on the door. Gin shouted out to me," I will be to school on time Tsukune! Just whatever you do, do not open that door or you will be scarred for life!" I just smiled at that and started to walk to home room.

I on the way, Mikogami came up to me and asked, "Why didn't you forgive them? Why don't you smile constantly, anymore?"

I replied, "Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari murdered me in cold blood. Without any reason. I had just saved them. I had just saved Moka from the Outcast Ayashi and she rewarded my love and kind deeds with a blade quite literally through my heart and carved it out!"

Mikogami angrily glared at me and demanded, "Why can't you just take them back?"

I just looked off into the distance and said, "Would you take back people that killed you because they believed you were a mindless killing machine even, when you did not resist them? ... I dodged dodged the girls' attacks, did not fight back against the girls, I protected the girls from the Outcast Ayashi, I did everything I could to prove that I was not a ghoul and they still killed me! I just want them to leave me alone." I whispered the last sentence.

Then, Mikogami gestures to show me that the Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, and Ruby are nearby and Gin is in the brush right next to me with his growing harem of young women who are into werewolves. Gin glares at the headmaster and the six women with him do so as well before moving into a protective circle around me as my former love interests approached along side Ruby. I did not fully understand why Ruby was there since I barely know her.

Maybe she is with Yukari? I thought. Then, I shook head. Ruby is a very lusty woman with strange fetishes she probably wanted bondage with someone here for all I knew. My thought were interrupted when Moka said, "Tsukune, you have to believe me. I love you with all my heart. I am sorry for letting my fear overcome my judgment. We all are. Please, Tsukune take us back or at the very least take the other back. Can understand if you want to cut ties with me due to my Innerself killing you. The chance of you being a ghoul was drove us to kill. Fear blind and justified fear. Ghouls are absolute abominations and the epitome of all things that embody a vampire's raw destructive prowess with none of the thought..."

I was crying through the entire speech. Why did they have to make this so hard? I couldn't even bring myself to respond to the speech. I just stood there for a few moments then, Gin asked, "If that is true then why try to kill Tsukune the other times?"

Yukari answered, " To liberate his soul to pass it on to the afterlife over stay on the mortal plane for all eternity."

Gin just shrugged and said," He will be my eternal wingman then since Moka and the rest of you all screwed up his eternal vampiric life with all of you. Because of all of you Tsukune will eventually be like me"

I cracked a smile at that but the girls and Mikogami looked horrified. And then did the unthinkable Mikogami cast a spell so that the girls were engulfed in a purple aura. The girls immediately attacked against their will. Mikogami would not let me be myself unless I could prove that my way was still the strongest. Gin's girls moved back as he transformed grinning a truly wolfish grin and I grinned right back at him and we both shouted, "Black and Silver Brawlers: First Assault: Dark Moon!" A moon of pure darkness formed in the artificial sky of Youkai Academy Now with Gin all powered up we were not taking any chances with Mikogami clearly against us this time. So we unleashed our first actual combo attack, rather than an aura which boosted werewolves this was an actual physical attack. So before any fighting could begin Gin and I did our ace in the hole, Descend into the Shadows: Wrath of the Night!" Gin grew to be 10 feet tall and have half a ton of honed muscle and I jumped on his back sporting shields of darkness over my hands completely enveloping them. We charged forward at Mikogami, who forced Ruby to fight alongside him, as well as my former former love interests. Kurumu rushed forward crying as her body was forced to attack me, just like she was on the night I died. A light bulb flashed on in my head at that realization and I felt bad so I hit her unconscious with shielded hands. Moka who now held Belmont and was Inner was simply destroyed during the millisecond charge at Mikogami as she was forced to block the attack by him. Moka just crumpled onto the floor still breathing but otherwise immobile. Yukari launched tarot cards and dropped brass pans that did no damage to Gin or I. Gin just howled at her and she passed out. Then Mizore froze us. and everything when black for everyone around us. "Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" I laughed as Gin broke us out of the ice. Mizore screamed as she was knocked down by Gin and I slowly walked up to Mikogami and asked while throwing my voice," What was the point of this?"

Mikogami replied, " To see if the damage was repairable and it does not look so. Ruby finish him."

Ruby looks extremely conflicted and just stands there stone still off to the side not making any move to help Mikogami but at the same time not helping me. Mikogami got frustrated and since he did not wish to reveal his true power yet he simply returned to his office through a portal. The girls were all in a heap on the ground. I walked over to Ruby and put an arm around her and she slowly came out of her shock. Gin's harem ran over and jumped on him. They could not even wait to get to the bedroom and started their reverse gangbang right there in the woods. My former harem (if you could even call them that compared Gin's "real" harem) was laying on the ground groaning. I grimaced at the realization that some of what happened wasn't their fault. It changed things slightly but the only girl that had my affections right now was Ruby. And honestly I was too tired to speak so I just threw her over my shoulder and walked to my dorm. My former girls protested weakly but I really did not care.

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