Crossover Fanfic between the Grim Tales and Powerpuff Girls Z

DR: I just got into Grim Tales and though to my self what would happen when Grim Tales collides with the world of Powerpuff Girls Z as different universe. I may have other cartoon network characters join the cast latter on, same with other franchises.

(takes place 2 years after the Grim Tales: From Down Bellow, takes place currently but I might use some things from the afterbirth like the twins.)

Paring so far in mind- JuniorXHarmen


Grim Jr. (Junior)- 13

Minimandy (Minnie)- 12

Mimi- 13

Momoko Akatsutsumi (Hyper Blossom)- 13

Miyako Gotokuji (Rolling Bubbles)- 13

Kaoru Matsubara (Powered Buttercup)- 13

Ken Kitazawa- 8

the rest I do not know or care this is only for setting the mood.

Chapter Prolog

************(In the sky above New Townsvile)**************************

As the iceberg was hit by the beam of Chemical Z, three rays of grey, yes neither black nor white but gray. The rays of gray light hit the world at the different points around New Townsvile.

***************(In a alia way)********************************************** ********************

The strake of Gray Light hit the ground creating a portal with a 13 year old boy covered in a black hoodie and black pants hiding his skin from view. The light fuses with the boy as he wakes up and looks around without any thing shown from under his clothes.

"Where am I?" Questioned the young boy.

"Oh Higura look what we's gots here." the young boy looked up to see a fat looking human with a Mohawk talking to a taller boy with stronger muscles and dyed red hair.

"Hey kid you trespassing on our truff." said Higura

"...You mean turf right?" 'wow mom wasn't kidding when she said humans were idiots.

"Oh yous don' coretor the big man like that. Higura is going to ice yo' fool!"

"...I have only one thing to say about that buy a dictionary and learn to properly speck you're native langue...oh and invest in some mints, they might help you get a date." 'That's if they are really desperate...' The young man in a hoodie turned away from them after standing up and walked away.

The red head grabbed him and turned him around, "Oh you's doAAAHHHH!" The thug screamed in shock as he started at the face of a skeleton with only one grey eye and a tuff of brown hair on his head. As he and his fellow thug ran screaming.

"Now that was rude...hmmm must be in the human world I better get a disguise." With that flesh grow on his bones along with skin making him look like a normal pale 13 year old boy with brown hair and his right eye light grey and his left bright blue. Looking into a broken mirror nearby he nods to himself that this would work at least for now. "I hope the others are alright mom will kill me if I don't find Minnie. And the girls will kill each other if I'm too late...sigh." Yep being the son of death and evil was tough at times.


He looked in the direction the sound came from and sighed. Why do they always have to get into a fight when they are left along. He ran towards that direction to see what is going on as he thinks the explosion is unusually big for just his sister and friend.

***********(Chapter End)********************************************** *******************

DR: I wanted to do more than Ranma fanfics and I just got into the Grim Tales only read GTDB, not the Afterbirth as the story is non-cannon (even for that fan fiction.) The Grey light will come into play later on. No Junior, Minnie, and Mimi will gain a new form later on. Also I have a poll on my profile for my Ranma Fanfic "Shattered Universe". My fanfics will be updated at least once a month as my summer is going to be busy.