Grim Tales World of Z!

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Let's say that this takes a different Rout 2 years more or less after Mimi's failed attempt to rob the vault.

Debating if I should add a character from the Grim Tales, or PPGD (both by bleedman), if I go with PPGD it is from before the possible future that Grim Tales is as the Grim Tales are set after PPGD.

List of Who I'm thinking of:

Mandy and Grim Reaper Sr. (Grim Tales)

Bell and GIR (PPGD)

Marceline (Adventure Time)- (her dad is in cannon Grim Tales)

Simon Petrikov (Ice King) and Little Marceline (Before Simon turned into the Ice King fully)

Billy (Grim Tales- as a Ghost or Spirit, having gone to a new world to have fun.)

Samurai Jack and Aku (AU Samurai Jack- AU Aku sends him to this world but is sucked in as well thinking a new world would mean more worlds to rule.)

Sensei Jack (PPGD)

Aku (Grim Tales)

Chi (Grim Tales)

HIM (Grim Tales) – He will show up to get Mimi and will act as a villain, also Jeff will appear if HIM shows up.

Jack Skeleton and Sally (Grim Tales)

Dan Phantom (Grim Tales)

Danny Phantom (AU Danny Phantom- after Ultimate Enemy if Dan killed his family but clockwork sends him to a new world)

Dani Phantom (Clone of Danny Phantom)

Daniel Phantom and Manny Phantom (Grim Tales)

Nergal Junior (Grim Tales)

Nergal Senor (Grim Tales)


Courage (PPGD)

Review the people you want to see top 5 or if the people you want are not in this list give a name and a place they can be found or at least a verson.

Chapter 5- Explanations

************************( Utonium Labs)*************************************

Everyone was gathered in the living room as the three new comers looked around.

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are sitting on one couch, while the Utoniums sat next to each other, Peach served drinks, and the Grims sat on a couch across from them with Grim Jr. (Human form) between Minnie and Mimi.

"Hello my name is-"

"Professor Utonium, creator of the Powerpuff Girls. Or that's what happened in our world at least." Said Grim Jr.

"What do you mean by our world?" asked Prof. Utonium intrigued

"You see good sir, we have observed this world thus far and while it is similar to the mortal plan connected to our world it is far too different as evidenced by whom is in this room." Stated Minnie

"What do you mean by mortal plan?" asked Ken

"Oh that? We live in the underworld with mine and Minnie's parents..." Says Junior, "Excuse me but we never got your names."

"My name is Ken Utonium."

"And I'm Peach" the robot dog said.

"It's good to meet you too, I'm Grim Reaper Junior, this is my sister Minimandy or Minnie, and our friend is Mimi or HER." Says Junior, after which everyone paled a bit, "What cat got your tongue?"

"YOU DEATH!" Shouts Blossom in shock and surprise, while Grim Jr. gives her a deadpan look, after all he did shout out he was the son of death and evil when fighting that monkey man in a robot.

"Not yet, however thee brother shall take over the job of Reaper one day." Says Minnie as Mimi nods in agreement.

"Wait a moment how can he be death, he's not even a skeleton." Says Buttercup

Grim Junior just looks at her as the flesh on his body becomes black and green and sinks back into once it came from leaving him a skeleton with brown hair and one grey eye in his right eye socket. "Does this answer your question…" He says in a creepy airy voice with a fanged skeleton grin as his grey eye turned green with a cat-like slit.

"Sigh, oh brother of mine why does thou insist on scaring people?"

"Simple it's fun. I can see why Mom loves to scare people now." Says Grim Jr smiling as the Powerpuff, ken, and Peach hid behind the seats shaking in fear

"Ss-Scary." Says Peach as the others nod in agreement

"Now can you explain why Mimi calls Blossom mama?" asked Utonium as he was more curious than scared

"That's because the Blossom of our world is Mimi's mother." Says Junior

"What happened to the other me?" asked Blossom as Mimi winces and looks away, Junior holds her claw in his hand.


"She died her and almost all the heroes of the mortal world fell in the Battle of Megavile." Says Grim Jr. in a defeated tone as Minnie looks down remembering what Horror's hand showed them all those years ago when Mimi tried to steal it for HIM to get Jeff back. "The event lead to nuclear war and ended the human race except for a few and they are far between while most were mutated."

There was a stunned silence in the room as they were talking about one of the greatest tragedy to happen while the Grims are indifferent to death and dying for the most part the only reason why they carried is because their friend was in that event and was forced to kill her mother as well as losing her hands. While the others were horrified that all the heroes died and the world almost ended.

They wanted to ask more but it was clear that this was not a subject to be talked about as it was a sore subject for them it seemed.

"So can you tell us about this world? Like how these puffs got their powers?" asked Grim Jr.

"There was an iceberg and I shot the iceberg with Chemical Z which is a mutated form of Chemical X that destroyed the iceberg white light and dark light came from the explosion. The white light turned normal girls into the Powerpuff girls while black light turned whatever it hit into monsters." The Professor told the Grim Clan members.

(Yes Mimi is in the Grim Clan now due to Grim Junior offering protection to her from HIM. If this doesn't happen in cannon remember this is AU after Grim Junior saves Mimi from his mother.)

"So are they related?" asked Grim Jr.

"Not at all." Says Bubbles

"Most odd mother always said that thee Powerpuff Girls were sisters when she once went to school with them." Says Minnie

"What!?" shouts the puffs in surprise except for Bubbles who just thinks it's an odd Alternative Universe thing.

******************Meanwhile in Castle Grimmore****************

"Now explain to me what the hell happened to my children." Asks Mandy the Wife of Death, and the Bitch Queen of the Underworld.

The cowering form of a skeleton guard answers in a tone of fear in the presence of a being more frightening than death himself, "Milady the young prince, princess, and HER were sucked into a portal to a different world." He found himself grabbed by his armor hosted up to face the full glare of his Queen.

"Take me there now!" says Mandy before pointing to different guards, "You get my husband, you get Doctor Frankenstein from Halloween Town with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. And you get Nergal Jr."

The guards ran away like headless chicken.

"What shall I do my lady." Asked Lord Pain

"You get to watch the twins." Said Mandy walking away as Pain looks for the twins…that can turn invisible and go through walls…But it is to serve the Mistress and this is a great honor looking after the youngest master and mistress!

A young baby crawled out one call and through the other in front of him.

"Maybe I need a bribe?" asks Lord Pain aloud

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY CHILD'EN ARE MISSING!" shouts the Master, Lord of Death, and the Grim Reaper of Souls and he was pissed off.

"Thank the mistress for not giving me that task." Said Lord Pain as he went to make cookies the kids love sweats almost as much as Mimi and muffins…Thank evil that they have more self-restraint.

****(End Chapter)********************

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